Oscar Pistorius Disappoints

May 21, 2008 – 5:45 pm by McD

Oscar Pistorius doesn’t want to run against your world’s elite track and field sprinters yet. I wasn’t sure who Oscar Pistorius is, but then I found out I posted about him nearly a year ago and even went into some depth about his “situation.”

His “situation” is he has no legs, but is a sprinter nonetheless because he has these special paddle-thingies made which he uses to run. Not that it’s a surprise, but he’s quite a bit faster than I am, and I have two real, if skinny, legs.

Pistorius’ other “situation” is that he wants to compete in non-disabled track events against the world’s best sprinters, but people wonder if his paddles give him an unfair advantage. I’d have to say “no” because his best times are still a full second slower than the required Olympic qualifying times. Not that that stopped the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Monday as they decided Pistorius’ Lieutenant Dan Legs weren’t an unfair advantage and cleared him to compete in any competition he so chooses.

Then the 21-year-old Pistorius went out and…declined to run in a meet in Berlin, with his coach saying it was “a little early” for him to compete against the best. Pistorius also says he may not compete in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and that the 2012 Games might be a better target for him.

Man, talk about underwhelming.

The guy wins a major battle, the kind they make television movies about, just to do what he loves at the highest level, and then decides he might not be ready for it yet. He IS scheduled to run in a non-disabled meet in July, but everyone knows when a story is hot, you gotta give the press what they want. No one is going to give a crap by July 2. We (and by “we,” I mean America, the only audience that matters) don’t care about track and field except when it’s the Olympics and/or something noteworthy happens. Well, this is both, and we’re still not getting what we want.

I don’t care if this guy actually wants to do well at the world-class level or about his career. I want my damn Jimmy Roberts (or whoever does these things for TV now) sappy segment before the race! Then I want an American to dominate! Hell, I can’t even gamble on him now! That’s the only acceptable outcome of a track and field event in an Olympic year. Instead, Oscar Pistorius wants to “succeed” and “not look stupid” and “not be outclassed on international television.” Lame. I guess it’s back to hoping for more doping scandals for me. I’m still not as bitter as Tim Keown, though. Yeesh.

And it might be 2012 before you see two track and field posts in the same day on this site again.

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