On Death, Horses and Politics

May 5, 2008 – 11:39 am by admin

As you all know by now, the only filly in this year’s Kentucky Derby, Eight Belles, finished second to Big Brown, then broke both her front ankles and was euthanized at the track.

We here around Rumors and Rants take death pretty seriously. Even when it’s a horse. So, against my instincts, I won’t make any glue jokes. It’s just too soon and is poor form.

I do have the decency (a blogger with decency?!) to respect the horse and its owners. Though anytime PETA gets involved in something, my instinct is to tell them to shut up. I digress.

Now for news of another horse race: The Indiana Democratic Primary is tomorrow and that has us Hoosiers all excited. Our primary actually matters! Yay!

Word on the street is Hillary and Barack are neck-and-neck down the back stretch here, but things don’t look good for Billary.

Turns out, she urged supporters to put money on Eight Belles to win the Derby. That’s very touching. Hillary is the only woman, Eight Belles was the only woman (horse). What a metaphor.

We all know how that ended for Eight Belles, however, so where does that leave Hillary? And how does she possibly spin this now that Eight Belles and Barbaro are lamenting their deaths in horse afterlife?

Not to mention that Obama beat her in Guam on Saturday (bet you didn’t know that). That’s like winning, um, some precursor to the Derby right? Sorry, I’m all out of horse racing knowledge.

All I’m saying is if you pick a horse that finishes second then dies, it can’t be good.

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  1. 2 Responses to “On Death, Horses and Politics”

  2. I think the lesson here is Chelsea looks like a horse?

    Oh no I di’nt.

    By Hick Flick on May 5, 2008

  3. Oh yes you di’d. Hey we were all thinking it, you’re just the one who said it.

    By Phillips on May 6, 2008

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