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May 30, 2008 – 3:37 pm by McD

Flopping: as much a part of basketball as fighting is in baseball and undetected, unchecked performance enhancing drug use is in football – Bullets Forever

The 100 most valuable sports blogs. We aren’t on there because we sacrificed our statistics for the good of the team. Some one has to set picks so the pretty boys can get their points. That’s what we keep telling ourselves – Juiced Sports Blog

The Jamario Moon All-Stars for 2008 – The Grand National Championships

Kickball leagues getting a little crazy. Beware, Booter – Steady. Burn

Why would one want a picture of themselves with their arm around Erin Andrews when they could be leering at her in the background instead? This is why the blogosphere can’t have nice things. I bet she smells like spring rain…- DC Sports Bog

Looks like Chase Headley may be our only hope for a Padre that can take a pitch – Ducksnorts

An interview with Tony Kornheiser – The Big Lead

Mark Mulder may never pitch again – StL Today

The worst first pitches of all time. Mariah Carey throws like Nick Cannon – Fan IQ Blog

Mexico vs. Argentina at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium is going to set the stadium’s attendance record. Some one call Tom Tancredo –

Love for Eric Show (rhymes with “now” for you non-Padres homers) – Pink Hat Nation

The craziest football statistic/revelation you’ll hear today – Sports by Brooks

Will the Atlanta Hawks ever hire a competent GM? – The Sporting Blog

The top 15 most annoying sports fan types. I’m a bit of a number 2 and a lot of a number 4 – Epic Carnival

And now a special section of reaction to the Lakers closing out the Spurs last night:

Kobe is good. Really, really good – Empty the Bench

The Spurs weren’t a dynasty in the first place – The National Sports Review

That meaningless three-pointer by Sasha Vujacic may have cost betters $100 million – Sports Biz w/ Darren Rovell

Sasha Vujacic is an a-hole (also linked b/c there’s video of the shot) – Awful Announcing

…And the bitterness from Celtics Fan begins already, though the implied ties to communism in their blog title says all Laker Fan needs it to say – Red’s Army

*Photo by Associated Press

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  1. 2 Responses to “Links The Man Wants You To See”

  2. Thnkas for the mention on the huge MEX-ARG story developing…

    This is a case where they probably could have sold 80,000 tickets, had the stadium been big enough !

    Also expecting very high TV ratings nationally in U.S.

    By MVN Soccer on May 30, 2008

  3. Yeah, I’d say there’s a few Mexican Futbol fans in Southern California. As long as USA Soccer wins CONCACAF in qualifying next year, I don’t have a problem with it.

    By The MCD on May 30, 2008

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