Kobayashi Gives Up Hot Dogs, Picks Up Save

May 14, 2008 – 12:04 am by admin

Did you know world class competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi is now a relief pitcher for the Cleveland Indians? Me either.

Turns out he isn’t. I love inaccurate headlines. But they did have me going there for a second.

It’s actually some guy named Masa Kobayashi that pitches in Cleveland. He is a 33-year old from Japan and he signed with the Indians in the offseason after compiling 227 saves over eight years playing in the Far East.

He recorded his first Major League save last night in the Indians’ 4-0 win against the A’s on Tuesday night. How he got a save while pitching 1 2/3 innings of a 4-run game I’m not sure. We’ll have to get back to you on that.

Anyway, many well wishes for you, Masa. Just know every time your name comes across the ticker I’m going to think of a frankfurter.

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  1. One Response to “Kobayashi Gives Up Hot Dogs, Picks Up Save”

  2. If I remember the rule correctly…he faced enough batters (5) to match the lead he was given (4). I think you can get a save if you are brought into the game in the fifth and pitch the next four innings while winning 10-0.

    I think that’s how it works, but I could be wrong.

    By the indefatigable mjenks on May 14, 2008

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