Kerry Wood is the New Rod Beck

May 15, 2008 – 1:41 am by admin

Those of us in the Midwest all remember Rod Beck fondly, God rest his soul. You may recall he past away last summer after many battles with drug addiction.

But before we all get too down, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Close your eyes and imagine with me. Actually you better keep your eyes open for that. Might be easier to read that way.

Anywho, you can already see the scene. Arm dangling, mullet flapping in the breeze as Beck tries to nail down the save. Then he loads up the bases, brings the tying run to the plate before striking out the side. Or some such nonsense.

There was always some shenanigan with The Shooter, but he nearly always got the job done. He had some good years in San Francisco and made his name there. But it was the summer of 1998 in Chicago that made him a star to those of us ’round these parts.

He saved 51 games for the Cubs that year as they won the wild card. That goes down as my favorite baseball season to this date.

Now to the point, Kerry Wood is no Shooter, but he’s been doing his best impression lately.

Let’s take Wednesday night’s 8-5 win over the Padres as an example. Wood entered the game with a 8-4 lead. He got the first out (like getting Khalil Greene is that hard) then Tony Clark singled. Josh Bard doubled to put runners at second and third with one out. Then that swag Jody Gerut walked. So, naturally, the tying run comes to the plate.

The Big Wood struck out Scott Hairston. Tad Iguchi then added a moment of trepidation by singling in a run, but Woody went on to strike out Brian Giles.

It was just a Rod Beck impersonation, folks. No need to worry. At least not yet. If he starts growing a mullet though…

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  1. 5 Responses to “Kerry Wood is the New Rod Beck”

  2. more like Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams. Every time he pitches it gives me a mild heart attack.

    By Anonymous on May 15, 2008

  3. Giles completely sucking didn’t hurt the situation either.

    By Red on May 15, 2008

  4. This blog was better before it was overrun by Cubs fans….Leon Durham forever!!!

    Oh yeah, that Steve Garvey guy was pretty good too…

    By MilwaukeeBooter on May 15, 2008

  5. Steve Garvey was pretty good. At least that’s what your mom says, Booter. Zing!

    By Hick Flick on May 16, 2008

  6. Passed, Jake not past

    By Anonymous on Jun 1, 2008

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