21st Century Reporting: It’s All Very Futuristic to Buzzy

May 1, 2008 – 3:36 pm by admin

A quick note from the baseball world. It looks like John Smoltz, who went on the disabled list Tuesday with inflammation in his right (pitching) shoulder, will return from his stint in the trainer’s room as a reliever — and possibly the Braves’ closer.

Yes, it’s pretty mundane news unless he’s important to your fantasy team. But in light of all the new media debates that have been going on in the last couple days, I deem it noteworthy.

Why? Because Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter David O’Brien confirmed this information via a text message from Smoltz himself.

Ha! This went from text message to reporter to the AJC Web site to print to Rumors and Rants. Reporters and players exchanging text messages. That’s so 21st century. And now this information is posted on a blog that isn’t credentialed.

I bet Buzz Bissinger just let out an OMG. Except he probably understands text speak about as well as he understands blogs and new media on the Internet.

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