NFL Draft Fall Out: Some Guy I’ve Never Heard of Is Unhappy

April 28, 2008 – 12:06 pm by admin

Get this: According to today’s New York Post, Jets tight end Chris Baker is pretty less-than-pleased that his team a.) traded up to draft Purdue’s Dustin Keller in the first round of this year’s draft and b.) signed free agent tight end Bubba Franks in the offseason.

Baker has apparently been trying to get a new contract for a couple years. Obviously he deserves one after that gigantic 41 catch, 409 yard, three touchdown year he had in 2007.

So, what does Baker do? He leaves the Jets’ offseason conditioning program in protest of his “below market contract” that will make him the third highest paid tight end on the team even though he was last year’s starter.

He’s pissed, I get it. Players are always pissed about contracts in the NFL. And more often than not they handle it like 2-year olds rather than grown businessmen. I wonder if Baker did the exaggerated stomp on his way out so Jets management would hear him.

Keller graded as one of the best athletes in the draft, has very good offensive skills (see, video) and will add a play maker that can stretch the field to one of the most stagnant offenses in the NFL. An offense that Baker was an integral part of in 2007.

Bubba Franks was solid if not spectacular for many years in Green Bay. And actually, when he was a younger an healthier man, was Brett Favre’s favorite option in the red zone.

Can anyone blame the Jets for doing what they think they need to do to get better? I don’t think so. Just poor Chris Baker.

Poor, poor Chris Baker.

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