Dewey Defeats Truman Moment of the Week

April 4, 2008 – 3:14 pm by Hickey

Maybe you caught the story in the L.A. Times yesterday: BRETT FAVRE CONSIDERS COMEBACK!

The story, penned by Sam Farmer, cites an anonymous NFL source who claimed that Favre’s agent was talking to other teams about possibly playing for them. Oh really. I’m sure that a reporter for the L.A. Times, which is in a city that doesn’t even have an NFL team, has access to several top-notch sources in the league from working hard on his beat of covering nobody.

Why would it make any sense for Brett Favre to even inquire about coming back after all of the good will that was showered on him after his retirement, even from his biggest rivals? If there is anything that was obvious after watching him break down throughout his press conference, it is that Favre is a pretty sincere guy. And there would be nothing more insincere than ditching the sausage- and cheese-eating fans that have come to love him more than a case of Schlitz. (PS- You owe it to yourselves to click that link.)

It angers me that anyone would find any reason to publish this story, which reeks heavily of a “Hey, let’s publish something to make someone pay attention to us” piece if I ever saw one. I don’t doubt that this anonymous NFL source is real, but chances are he was just trying to stir a non-existent pot. Or playing an April Fools Joke.

But I guess being a responsible journalist — I would actually talk to Favre himself in a piece that says he’s trying to return — might explain why I don’t have a full-time job. Fortunately Favre’s personal mouthpiece, SI’s Peter King, did take that step today and we saw that the L.A. Times’ scoop was in fact a crock of shit. It’s just too bad that crock took King’s time away from eating steaks by seeing the light of day.

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