Ah The Raiders, God Love ‘Em

April 22, 2008 – 11:01 pm by Ryan Phillips

Whenever I’m depressed about the teams I love falling apart – the Chargers made a great run but lost to the Evil Patriots, the Indiana Hoosiers had Sampson-gate and my Padres…well let’s just say their offense is more flaccid than Bob Dole’s Bob Dole – I can always rest assured that somewhere, an Oakland Raiders fan is suffering is far worse.

And yet again, Al Davis and his merry band of jackasses are poised to ruin some more Oakland-based lives if you believe reports about their discussions concerning their No. 4 pick in this year’s draft. ESPN’s John Clayton and his garlic knot-like noggin are reporting that Al Davis has absolutely fallen in love with Ohio State’s Vernon Gholston. Davis is apparently salivating over Gholston’s speed and athleticism. Oye. Really Al? I hate the Raiders and I think this would be a terrible move. Especially considering Kiper and McShay have Gholston going 6th and 8th respectively. He’s obviously not a top 5 type guy, but Al is apparently in love with him.

Again, I hate the Raiders and would rather spend the night with Patrick Bateman showing me his knife collection than in the same room with an Oakland fan, but this is just too much. The Scouts Inc. take on Gholston says: He has top-end talent but hasn’t ever been consistent. And that he played in a rotation at Ohio State, which kept him fresh. A luxury he wouldn’t have as a top pick in the NFL. And finally they say he’s strong, but lacks the ideal height and bulk for his position. So basically he’s a total project. Yeah, that’s what the Raiders need, another project.

Last year they took the freakish JaMarcus Russell and then couldn’t get him signed until September 11. A little ominous yes? But because of that, he played in just four games last season as the top pick in the draft.

Right now it looks like Darren McFadden and Chris Long will be available when the Raiders are on the clock at No. 4. Now look, I don’t think for a second that they’ll pass on either of those guys, simply because they can’t afford to. But the fact that Davis is lobbying for Gholston at all, shows what’s wrong with that organization. Seriously, old man, hire people you trust and let them do the work. Leave it alone. Spend your time buying more hair grease, tracksuits and awful sunglasses and let the people who actually know something about football make the big decisions.

Aww what do I care? I hate the Raiders.

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