Well, Isn’t This Refreshing and Pleasantly Naive

March 31, 2008 – 12:17 am by admin

I had a few interesting conversations on this the penultimate weekend of the college basketball season. Most of them revolved around basketball recruiting, “dirty” coaches and the IU coaching vacancy. That all seems to tie together, does it not?

The consensus among two or three friends I spoke with about all these things is that some basketball coaches get labeled as dirty even though they, overall, don’t seem to be, IU needs a “clean” coach to take over and recruiting in general is a scuzzy business.

It all seems about right to me. Call me cynical, but nobody is clean in top-level, revenue-generating athletics programs.

Then there’s this: A college athlete transferring from an elite football program because the “family values” have eroded since a new coach took over. It’s kind of old news but came across the ESPN.com wire today and I thought, “Whaaa?”

New Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez is the man in question and now-former offensive lineman Justin Boren is the man making the charges. Apparently everything around Ann Arbor isn’t as cozy as it used to be.

You don’t say? Rich Rodriguez — a man that was embroiled in some kind of document disappearance after leaving West Virginia and a lawsuit over his contract — might be a little petty, shady and/or not the good ‘ol boy Lloyd Carr was? Noooo.

Maybe things have eroded since Rodriguez took over, though he refutes it. But I bet he’s doing everything he can to, ya know, win important football games. That’s a novel idea.

So what if Rodriguez recruits class acts like Noel Devine? He’d be the best player on Michigan’s roster. There’s some of that SEC speed you won’t find at Michigan Stadium.

All those smug Michigan people, including Boren, need to embrace the current college sporting scene. Coaches don’t get paid to recruit nice kids and keep everything status quo. Three years of that (cough Ty Willingham cough) and they’re out of a job. Hell, even Notre Dame recruits guys that solicit hookers in South Bend. Now, having been down those streets before (no, I didn’t) all I can say is there must not be enough good looking girls at Notre Dame to go around because, wow, he’s trying to get a hooker in South Bend. Just sad.

Anyway, it’s about winning, and the reason Lloyd Carr is no longer at Michigan is because he didn’t do enough of that. So, if the way Rodriguez went about his business bothered Boren then fine, transfer. He can go somewhere like Duke, where I’m sure they do everything “right” and have a wonderful little family atmosphere. You have to be close when you get the crap kicked out of you every week. It’s a bunker mentality.

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  1. One Response to “Well, Isn’t This Refreshing and Pleasantly Naive”

  2. Given their newest coach, I don’t think even Duke will be “clean” for long. That’s nice. Now they can be dirty and get the crap kicked out of them week in and week out.

    I don’t think Pitino is dirty. I just didn’t like the idea of him in Bloomington after all those years of kicking the crap out of Indiana in the perenniel IU-UK matchup.

    By the incomparable mjenks on Mar 31, 2008

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