Goodbye, Archnemesis

March 4, 2008 – 4:12 pm by Hickey

From deep down in my stomach, with every inch of me, I pure, straight hate you. But goddammit, do I respect you! — Wes Mantooth

Ever since I was in fifth grade, I could count on Brett Favre finding some way to torture me. Such is the life of a Bears fan when No. 4 is facing you and you’ve got (insert number here) lining up under center for your team.

I’ll never forget that Monday night when he hit Robert Brooks for a 99-yard TD pass at Soldier Field, then led the Packers to the win after it seemed the Bears would make a miracle comeback (accentuated by the guy diving into the tunnel to catch a kick).

And I will certainly never forget when he ruined Halloween as I returned home from trick-or-treating on a soggy night and watched him tear up the Bears for about 900 passing yards and 100 rushing yards in one game. To this day, that remains the single most devastating game (Packers 33, Bears 6) that I have ever watched.

Even though I could always count on losing to the Packers — at least until Lovie Smith showed up on the scene — I could never bring myself to actually hate Brett Favre. There was just too much respect. Even though it was still hilarious to see him throw several ill-conceived interceptions (which appropriately enough was the result of the last pass he ever threw), there was too much magic in that arm to not hold him in some sort of awe.

I’ve been waiting for this day for so long I can’t even fathom it. I suppose I was probably in high school when I first hoped Brett Favre would hang it up, or find some other way to stop torturing me. Yet now that it has finally happened, there is no celebration. A quick look at the Bears roster certainly contributes to that lack of excitement for the future, but there’s more to it than that.

It’s kind of sad knowing that another link to my childhood has been severed. I grew up anticipating each match-up with the Pack, hoping the Bears would finally get Favre’s number. All of a sudden, I’ve grown up. Favre has grown old. And it is time for all of us to move on.

So, thanks for the memories Brett — even if most of them caused me to throw shoes or other nearby objects. You’ve been a worthy adversary. And because I’m feeling particular generous, I’ll send you off with a list of all the fine Bears quarterbacks who have started since the beginning of your Packers career, and a statistical analysis of how they’ve measured up to you. (Thanks to Wikipedia for having them listed nicely in order, other than Will Furrer, who I inserted by memory. Yeah, I was a messed-up kid).

We took a look at that list of quarterbacks and looked back on Favre’s career and his ridiculous numbers. Oh yeah, it’s comparison time. Favre vs. All the Bears’ quarterbacks since he first started for the Packers.

Favre: 5,377-8,754
Bears: 4,706-8,392

Completion percentage
Favre: 61.4%
Bears: 56.5%

Favre: 61,655
Bears: 50,892

Favre: 442
Bears: 268

Favre: 286
Bears: 292

QB Rating
Favre: 85.8
Bears: 70.6 (yes we computed it and yes it took forever)

Pro Bowls
Favre: 9
Bears: 0

Super Bowl titles
Favre: 1
Bears: 0

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  1. 18 Responses to “Goodbye, Archnemesis”

  2. How favre has less interceptions than all those bears qb’s surely is a result in statistical error on your part good sir.

    By Bill Belichick on Mar 5, 2008

  3. I wonder during how many of those seasons did Favre have a better year than the Chicago quarterback(s). That would be interesting to know as well.

    Uzo Ometu

    By Uzo Ometu on Mar 5, 2008

  4. Bill,
    Sadly, I painstakingly added each Bears qb’s statistics up one by one. Then figured their QB ratings after that. I even checked my work twice.

    I really need a hobby.

    By Phillips on Mar 5, 2008

  5. My young friend, I go back a few years more than you as I was out if college by the time Favre came to Green Bay.

    I could not agree more though. I am still traumatized from watching Favre personally deliver a beat down to the Bears defense on Halloween. I see him juking past our linebackers on slippery terf like they didn’t have cleats on their shoes.

    That said, I have trmendous respect for him as a player and even more so for deciding to leave when he clearly is still a top QB rather than waiting until his skills fail him.

    By D Palmer on Mar 5, 2008

  6. Didn’t Danny Awful start for the Bears too?

    By Anonymous on Mar 5, 2008

  7. Mr. Wuerffel (or Awful) never started or threw a regular season pass for the Bears. He’s listed as playing 1 game in 2001 but he has no passing stats for that game.

    By Phillips on Mar 5, 2008

  8. Honestly, worse than your startling amount of free time is the fact that your a Bears fan heading into next season.

    Let’s recap for a moment – in this offseason you extended Sexy Rexy AND Kyle Orton, lost Berrian and Muhammed to free agency and just yesterday signed MARTY BOOKER to start at wideout!! Good god…Marty Booker? When’s the last time that guy was good? 2001?

    I’d say you can look forward to more whippings at the hands of the Packers, with or without #4.

    GO PACK GO!!!!!

    By Anonymous on Mar 5, 2008

  9. Well, Hick Flick is a Bears fan, as is The Baker. Personally, I’m not. And to be fair, I added the statistical analysis, so feel free to ridicule me for my embarrassing amount of free time.

    By Phillips on Mar 5, 2008

  10. Another accomplishment to add to this impressive list would be MVPs (3) to Bears QBs (0).

    By Anonymous on Mar 5, 2008

  11. If you want the list in order you have to remember Grossman started before Orton and Krenzel…and possibly Quinn (I guess I blocked him out of my memory because I can’t recall him playing).

    By Anonymous on Mar 5, 2008

  12. All this talk about Favre… I think you guys are missing the most important thing here. How about the hair on that guy who caught the Monday night kick! And he was so proud to tell us all that he was from Chi-town! What a specimen.

    Seriously though great post and I don’t know if we’ll ever see another athlete play the game the way Favre did.

    By Optimus Prime on Mar 5, 2008

  13. That statistical breakdown makes me want to cry. What you should have also done is shown his ridiculous stats AGAINST the Bears. He went 22-10 (20-4 pre-Lovie Smith), threw 7,000+ yards and 58 touchdowns. OUCH. I too waited for this day for a long time, but also feel a little down at the loss of an incredibly capable rival. Enjoy retirement Brett, you deserve it. I’m sure we’ll have another 21 QB’s in 17 or less years with you gone too.

    By Charlie on Mar 6, 2008

  14. Packers fans are funny people. I can’t wait until their 3-4 start next year has them asking for Aaron Rodgers’s head. Yeah, one half of football vs. Dallas convinces everyone that Rodgers is the next star QB in Green Bay. I guess when you have nothing else to do in Wisconsin you tend to over-analyze the Packers.

    Oh well, good riddence to Berrian and Muhammad, they both suck.

    Wait, ESPN just reported Favre cured cancer this morning and walked on water on his way to the press conference. I love how his last pass cost his team a chance at the Superbowl…classic Brett Favre.

    By Anonymous on Mar 6, 2008

  15. Hey AnonamASS- Bears still suck. Packers may become a mediocre team for the next million seasons but last time you guys were the real deal guys sported short shorts and mustaches were cool. Have some cheese frys my friend and know that Favre whooped on you guys for so long and so hard I almost feel sorry for you. But hey good luck luck with Grossman he seems like an awesome clock manager

    By Andrew on Mar 6, 2008

  16. Hey Andrew its been 10 years since the Pack were in the Superbowl…next time they are in you’ll be telling your grandkids about the fresh green and gold Zubaz you wore while watching Elway beat Favre.

    By Anonymous on Mar 6, 2008

  17. Ha, Zubaz…1998 though? Well I guess everyone in Wisconsin is about 5-7 years behind.

    As much as I hate Grossman, Question: Who has been to more Superbowls in the last decade, Favre or Grossman? That must suck…

    By Jack on Mar 6, 2008

  18. So it’s come to this now, bragging about making it to a Super Bowl? If I recall correctly there is a relatively short list of QBs who have actually won a superbowl and Favre is on that list, Grossmeoutman is not.

    I also have to say it’s kind of sad that you brought the conversation to this level – bickering back and forth – when the original post was so good. Some people are obviously fans of their team but also fans of the game. Others are ignorant and seem PO’d at the world. Hey, it’s not my fault you spend half your miserable life stuck in traffic.

    On one hand I feel dirty for having engaged with you, but I felt the need to say something because if anyone were to even mention Sexy Rexy in the same paragraph as Favre again I might throw up.

    And yes, now I’m going to go eat some cheese.

    By Optimus Prime on Mar 7, 2008

  19. Great comparison between Favre and the Bears. I never thought of that! Man I will miss that QB. It will be the first time I see the Packers without Favre starting on their lineup. That´s gonna be weird.

    By Natxo on Mar 13, 2008

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