Bears Souring On Benson?

March 25, 2008 – 2:18 pm by Ryan Phillips

It seems the Bears are finally coming to their senses and realizing that Cedric Benson is not, in fact, any good at football. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Lovie Smith spent Monday having lunch with Arkansas running backs Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. The Bears, who have the No. 14 pick in April’s draft, are apparently showing lots of interest in both the Razorback ball carriers. The problem is, if they really want McFadden, they’re going to have to trade up into the top-five to get him.

The larger point is that the Bears have finally realized it was a huge mistake to take Benson with the No. 4 pick in the 2005 draft. With players like Demarcus Ware, Shawne Merriman and Jammal Brown on the board, the Bears grabbed a straight-ahead running back with no burst and lots of mileage on his legs. He then had a protracted holdout before signing a five-year, $35 million contract ($17 million guaranteed). They already had Thomas Jones and Adrian Peterson (the other one), and had plenty of other holes, but they went with Benson. Interesting choice. Shockingly, they’re now disappointed with the pick. It’s not hard to see why.

In three injury-riddled seasons, Benson has had just 420 carries for 1,593 yards (3.8 average) and just 10 touchdowns. He’s touched the ball just 447 times in the NFL and gained a total of 1,773 yards. In 11 games last season as the “feature back” he ran for just 674 yards and four touchdowns while fumbling three times. That was good enough for a robust 61.3 yards per game. He also has just two career 100-yard games.

If you only consider the $17 million in guaranteed money, here is what the Bears have paid Benson for so far:

– $10,671.68 per rushing yard.

– $40,476.19 per carry at a 3.8 ypc average.

– $38,116 per touch.

– $1.7 million per touchdown.

Yeesh. Now I understand why Chicago fans are so angry all the time. Looks like Benson is about to go the way of the other stellar offensive players the Bears have snagged in the first round. Here’s a little list for you: Rex Grossman (2003), Marc Colombo (2002), David Terrell (2001), Cade McNown (1999), Curtis Enis (1998), Rashaan Salaam (1995) and Stan Thomas (1991).

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  1. 9 Responses to “Bears Souring On Benson?”

  2. I have hated that piece of shit Benson since the day we drafted him. We needed a receiver that year, but looking at the first round, after Braylon Edwards went 3rd, all of them ended up sucking ass (see: Troy Williamson, Mike Williams). Merriman sure would have been nice (a trio of Urlacher-Briggs-Merriman anyone?). But no, we got Benson who held out the entire training camp, then stupidly said he’d be the starter by Week 2. Then he whined about playing time to the point that Jerry Angelo traded Thomas Jones in a SWAP of 2nd round picks with the Jets 2 months after we made the Super Bowl with him. Then as you stated, he was completely horrid last season helping us set franchise futility records in rushing. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a Bears player any more (except maybe Brian Cox). He can’t run, block, or catch a simple screen pass. He is just an all-around turdmuffin. We had a chance and cap room to sign someone like Michael Turner or Julius Jones, but we did NOTHING, not even have them out for a steak at Ditka’s Restaurant. Woe is the Bears.

    By Charlie on Mar 25, 2008

  3. My first Blog.

    My Kris I am from Edmonton Ab.

    And I Hate Cedric Benson

    Let down does being to tell the story of this Guy. Holding out, getting hurt and oh yeah not being able to hold on to the rock. You throw in for good measure no real speed and the fact he got Thomas Jones ran out of town it just time to cut your loses. I am disapointed that more has not been doon in the offset in free agency. There are okay o line still out there and Kevin Jones gets the mind going because he has shown he talent his lone issue being durialbilty. I would have liked to see more effort for Faneca and Turner but that alot of money for a 31 year old guard and a RB the never started. But never the less with the pick from the 49ers I think the best moves for the draft should be package up your 4th, Panthers 5th, 49ers 5th for a high 3rd round pick should be step 2. The first step even though I have not being a fan of it in the pass is to move down in the first round. Exchange first round choices with someone and get another 3 round choice out of it. Giving the bears 6 picks in the top 90 selections. Picking a OT like Baker(usc) with the later 1st round pick, Then a Guard like Pollack in round two, and then with the 4 third round choices a QB like Booty because can you really trust Rex to get it done, another O lineman like Brown from VTech who did well in the combine still leaving room for a RB a FS and DT

    By Anonymous on Mar 26, 2008

  4. To all that hate Cedric Benson and think the Bears can’t pick an offensive player in the early rounds, All must consider the entire playing field that is… Who if he stays on the track he is blazing will surely go to the hall of fame is ? Thats right the second round pick that is feared by every coach,GM,owner, and fan of the other teams we play each week, who is the great DEVIN HESTER, if this guy is not the most complete BULLSEYE pick then no one is and who picked him? thats right Mr. Angelo. Take a look at Mr. Angelo’s genius since he came… Lance Briggs-3rd round money player, Greg Olsen-1st round money player to be, Tommy Harris-1st round money player, Mike Anderson-5th round money player, Robbie Gold-free agent Pro bowler, owe and these guys, Vasser, Tillman, Wolf, and the next wave of stars, Payne, Williams, Devorcheck, Bradley, Bazuine, Hass, Okwo,. See the problem is the morans that trash the Bears front office have selective amnesia and don’t remember we were in a Super Bowl a little over a year ago.. Remember the Wannstat days?, Cedric Benson will shine and that will happen, as hard as it is to wait the front office deserves the respect and the jury is still out on this guy so shut up and focus on this years draft, were gonna have a great one… The General……….

    By Anonymous on Mar 26, 2008

  5. I’ll always remember how the Bears passed on Drew Brees and took Marc Colombo. I was stunned. Turns out I was right.

    I was also pissed when they took Benson. I wasn’t impressed with his highlight tapes from Texas. I also wasn’t impressed with his comments about how he would rather win the Heisman than beat Oklahoma. Turns out I was right again.

    Jerry Angelo is a moron. He is the opposite of good and should take some draft lessons from Bill Polian and the Colts.

    By Purdue Matt on Mar 26, 2008

  6. General,

    Perhaps you should spell “moron” correctly.

    By Purdue Matt on Mar 26, 2008

  7. Hey Anonymous!! Yeah you, the one that thinks that Angelos a God. Stop sucking Angelos bird!! You act like we made the playoffs or something last year. Like we have a QB or something. You shouldn’t say nothin’ until a offense at least ranked in the middle of the league. I guess you’re all fro the ticket prices going up too huh? We cant score!! Hellllo!!Angelos a genius?? Come up for air dude!! The lack of oxygen is effecting your thought process.

    By Anonymous on Mar 26, 2008

  8. Purdue Matt, Drew Brees was picked in 2001, when the late Mark Hatley was drafting for the Bears. Colombo was picked in 2002.

    By Rob Kozlowski on Mar 27, 2008

  9. Purdue Matt…Great job with the hind site being 20/20. How bout you make the cant miss picks for this year ? Oh wait you’ll wait 5 years and tell everyone how right u were when the dust settles. Fact is no team has a perfect draft. Grossman was the QB in the Superbowl right ? Angelo has made some great picks and some head scratchers but all clubs do. GO BEARS

    By Anonymous on Mar 27, 2008

  10. Outside of the fact that he is 1)fat 2)slow 3)has no heart 4)his definition if team starts with I and 5)now a step slower, I really respect him. No way Angelo/Smith/others could have known that he had no heart. Oh, I forgot, he is just ‘quiet.’

    By Anonymous on Apr 3, 2008

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