Immune System Difficulties

February 12, 2008 – 12:42 am by Ryan Phillips

As you may have noticed – judging by the hit counter maybe you haven’t – there was a decided lack of posting today. I have to sincerely apologize. Right now McD and I are both laid up with the flu, Hick Flick is off chasing actresses from late 90s sequels and The Baker is locked in a basement somewhere. Why don’t I help The Baker get out? We’ve been through this, I have the flu and I ain’t leaving my room for no one. Plus, I’m so hopped up on NyQuil, I swear that last night I had a 45-minute conversation with Joseph Pulitzer concerning the merits of showing boobs on this site.

We’ll try and pick it up again on Tuesday, I’m not covering much this week for the day job so it’s not like I’ll have much else to do.

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  2. Free the Baker—and NyQuil is definitely better on the rocks

    By Anonymous on Feb 12, 2008

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