Greatest Photo We’ve Seen Lately? Yes.

February 18, 2008 – 11:53 pm by Ryan Phillips

So this weekend there was a much-publicized postgame fracas following No. 1 Memphis’ 79-78 win over UAB. Above is one of the greatest action shots of a postgame fracas I’ve ever seen (sorry I really like the term “postgame fracas”). We love this picture for so many reasons, we thought we’d list a few. Note: you may have to click on and open the photo to behold it in all of its glory. That’s the biggest blogger would let us make it.

-You have to love the big “We beat Mempis not our girls!” sign. This, of course, is a reference to Memphis player Robert Dozier’s recent legal difficulties. Note to UAB fans: It’s a funny sign, but in the future, you might want to do some spell checking. Either go with Memphis, or Mempiss, but not something in between.

-Continuing with the physical abuse theme, we love the girl in the front row with the “I dated Dozier” shirt and a black eye. Bravo young lady.

-Then there’s the guy on the right in an orange vest getting slapped in the face by an unidentified Memphis player.

-Middle finger count: 13

-Cell phone camera count: 4

-Flying pompom count: 5

-Attractive female count: 2

-Angry white guy count: 60 (approx.)

-Guys in collared shirts and ties: 3

-Smiles: 2

-Lime green shirts: 1

At this point we’d like to turn this into an interactive exercise. Something like a cross between “Where’s Waldo” and the back of Highlights magazine. Click on the photo to expand it and see if you can find some of the things we spotted. And if you notice anything we didn’t catch, feel free to add them in the comment section.

Here’s your checklist:
1. A Che Guevara lookalike biting his fingernails.
2. A really angry guy in a red/orange hat about to do something that will surely lead to him getting his ass kicked by a much larger man.
3. A guy in a yellow afro wig.
4. The 10 painted faces.
5. A d-bag wearing a pink shirt.
6. A cop with a “bitch please” look on her face.
7. An Asian guy who apparently finds something to his right FAR more interesting than a huge fight.
8. A guy in a suit.
9. Guy in a white shirt and a grey hat who someone tells me looks like one of the brothers from Good Charlotte. Are they even a band anymore? Because that would help explain why he was there.
10. Three examples of Bama Bangs.

You guys have fun with that. Let us know how you did.

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  1. 47 Responses to “Greatest Photo We’ve Seen Lately? Yes.”

  2. Straight up from the top of Dozier’s head is a guy dressed like Bumblebee Man. Aye, chihuahua!

    This could be the most brilliant post on this topic that I’ve read.

    By mjenks on Feb 19, 2008

  3. dumb niggers

    By Anonymous on Feb 19, 2008

  4. very brave anonymous hero.

    this whole photo just screams class.

    By anderson on Feb 19, 2008

  5. You’re Photo Hunt did not include one key piece:


    Yes, Dustin Hoffman’s character from the movie Tootsie IS in attendance.


    By Anonymous on Feb 19, 2008

  6. I’m not seeing the Asian guy…a little help on where he’s at maybe?

    Also, there’s a bigger black woman that is in between the heads of Dozier and his teammate to the left that looks like she might just kill somebody…

    By Anonymous on Feb 19, 2008

  7. I wish there was a quote bubble above that country boy getting smacked–You could fill it with anything said by Yosemite Sam when Bugs pulls a fast one on him.

    By that guy on Feb 19, 2008

  8. Hey, yeah, I see Tootsie. I saw that person earlier, but couldn’t think of anything clever to name him/her/it. Well done.

    By mjenks on Feb 19, 2008

  9. Absolutely tremendous.

    By The Fan's Attic on Feb 19, 2008

  10. Can we get an answer key for this, I’m lazy.

    By Louis Lipps is my homeboy on Feb 19, 2008

  11. I see Sayid from Lost directly to the left of the ginger kid in the 2nd row with the green/yellow facepaint

    By Mike on Feb 19, 2008

  12. I think the Asian “guy” may actually be an Asian girl … he/she/it/shemale appears to be wearing a pearl earring.

    By Anonymous on Feb 19, 2008

  13. I’m pretty sure Chris Mottram is continuing his stalking ways above the 4 square facepaint guy.

    By twoeightnine on Feb 19, 2008

  14. Keep an eye out for Justin Timberlake about to point someone to death.

    As for the Asian guy, look above the yellow afro.

    By Anonymous on Feb 19, 2008

  15. I think Drew Barrymore is in the crowd also, in fromt of the guy with the painted-on green wife-beater…

    By Anonymous on Feb 19, 2008

  16. I lost track of the cell phone’s out to take pictures/video at around 6.

    By Y2K on Feb 19, 2008

  17. that is a pretty nice angle that guy got to take the picture from

    By Fadango on Feb 19, 2008

  18. The guy getting slapped is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. And I bet he deserved it too.

    By Sean O on Feb 19, 2008

  19. Good call on Asian man.

    As for Drew Barrymore…I was thinking Neve Campbell.

    By Anonymous on Feb 19, 2008

  20. Did anyone else see “Cameron” from Ferris Beuler’s Day Off? He’s 2 people and slightly to the right of Ginger Balls with the two-tone face paint. He traded in his red wings jersey for a light green polo.

    By Mez on Feb 19, 2008

  21. good one on the bama bangs comment. i hate memphis more than i hate Hitler.

    By James T on Feb 19, 2008

  22. Is that Denzel Washington in “The Great Debators”?

    By Chuck on Feb 19, 2008

  23. love all the people throwing their pom poms. Ooooh, those would hurt.

    By Commish CH on Feb 19, 2008

  24. I see a possible asian guy (the one above the yellow afro), but he looks more mexican/latino. I see another possible asian guy next to tootsie, but he looks more polynesian. Oh, and I think Eli Manning is below bumble bee shirt.

    By Anonymous on Feb 19, 2008

  25. Tootsie was a great spot. I totally missed that.

    By Phillips on Feb 19, 2008

  26. Guy showing his “O” face at about 2 o’clock from the head of orange cut-off sleeve shirt guy.

    By Jack Ptak on Feb 20, 2008

  27. Amazing photo.

    By Anonymous on Feb 20, 2008

  28. Heavy metal legend King Diamond is there also.

    See the guy at 12 o’clock from Dozier’s head in the tie and dress shirt? King Diamond’s about two people higher and slightly to the left from him.

    By Louis Lipps is my homeboy on Feb 20, 2008

  29. I still can’t spot the Che Gueverra guy.

    I also can’t find guy in a suit or guy in a pink shirt (which automatically earns him the “douchebag” label).

    By Louis Lipps is my homeboy on Feb 20, 2008

  30. Crap, I can’t quit this.

    Never found anything I was looking for, BUT above the “We beat Memphis…” sign there’s a guy with four fingers extended and his arm around what appears to be his severely mentally handicapped friend.

    Also we have on the far right of the picture, about 2/3 of the way up, is a guy with goatee that looks entirely too stoned to be doing anything but sitting in his dorm and playing Mario Kart.

    Are Cameron from Ferris Bueller and Eli Manning two of the examples of ‘bama bangs?

    Also, the asian in question is definitely the guy above the yellow afro wig guy. The other person people mentioned doesn’t appear to be quite as interested in looking to their right as he does, and may not be asian or even a dude.

    And wait, I think I just found Gueverra. Is he right above the guy with the painted on green tank top with a “Beat Memphis” shirt on?

    This picture is the best thing I’ve found online in years!! A true high water mark for the photography profession.

    By Louis Lipps is my homeboy on Feb 20, 2008

  31. does anyone notice just the yellow and green striped shirt floating at about 7 oclock from bumble bee man?

    By Anonymous on Feb 20, 2008

  32. OK, to answer a few questions:
    Yes Che is above a guy with a painted on tank top on the left side of the photo.

    -The guy with the suit is on the right, right next to the guy getting slapped.

    -The pink shirt is directly up from the space between the two Memphis players’ heads.

    -There are probably more than three Bama Bangs examples, but bottom left there’s a Kyle Korver lookalike, then lime green shirt/Cameron from Ferris Bueller has some and…hell I don’t remember where the other guy I saw was. I’m sure you can find one, it’s Birmingham.

    By Phillips on Feb 20, 2008

  33. John Kerry is there in a lime green golf shirt

    By Anonymous on Feb 20, 2008

  34. Is that Ryan Dunn from Jackass in the orange shirt getting bitch slapped? Also when did Ray Lewis of the Ravens start wearing glasses and coaching BBall?

    By Anonymous on Feb 20, 2008

  35. Not Ryan Dunn, it’s Larry the Cable guy getting his face slapped.

    By Anonymous on Feb 20, 2008

  36. That pic is a poster for the next Jerry Springer Spiritual Revival. The esteemed black men need to go back to the projects and sell crack to each other, and the ignorant rednecks need to be confined in their trailer parks so that respectable people can watch sports for wins, losses, and stats (not criminal statistics).

    By Anonymous on Feb 20, 2008

  37. Found a new one. Far right, about a third of the way down, hat on backwards, hidden behind the elbow of green-and-yellow-paint guy No. 2. It’s Jimmy Fallon’s Sully/Boston Teen character from SNL. Boy, I bet he feels “retahded” about how things getting so “wicked weird.”

    And as 3:23 noted, there’s Justin Timberlake right in front of Jimmy Fallon. The Barry Gibbs Talk Show is about to come on, so Fallon and Timberlake are gonna break into a Bee Gees song in hopes that music will soothe the savage UABeasts.

    Absolutely hilarious blog entry! I linked to it on my blog and emailed to everyone I know.

    Have a good one!

    By All Things Memphis on Feb 20, 2008

  38. Another note to UAB: when you are making fun of the way others treat girls, it helps when your own football team hasn’t gang-raped children at the athletic dorm.

    By Anonymous on Feb 21, 2008

  39. Re: 10:57 about a floating shirt.

    …I’m pretty sure that a black man is wearing that shirt.

    I think I can make out his face…though it looks very distorted.

    By Anonymous on Feb 21, 2008

  40. Hey I know that Che lookalike!!!!!
    Yeah the whole “Mempis” spelling error is pretty embarassing as a fellow student. Hopefully when the blazers go up to Memphis we’ll not have biased officals. Who am I kidding this is CUSA?!

    By Anonymous on Feb 22, 2008

  41. great pickup on King Diamond and the stoned dude playing Mario Kart.

    Is it just me or does the guy about to throw the pompom behind the “I dated Dozier” look a little bit dainty?

    To continue with the SNL theme, the guy in the row in front of the pink shirt at 8:00 throwing the double bird might be Chris Kattan.

    By Anonymous on Feb 22, 2008

  42. now I remember, the guy in the orange hat about to toss the pompom is one of the guys who beats up Seinfeld on the street and steals the armoir.

    By Anonymous on Feb 22, 2008

  43. what about the brunette chick two rows up directly from Sayid (Lost) who hasn’t yet grasped the fact that her team lost.

    By Anonymous on Feb 22, 2008

  44. Is that OSU/GB Packers linebacker AJ Hawk in the dress shirt and tie to the upper right of the picture with Ugly Betty? Ray Lewis in glasses looks like he is ready to say ” I don’t play this shit!” ANd I still say that looks like Ryan Dunn from Jackass in the orange getting bitch slapped.

    By Anonymous on Feb 23, 2008

  45. This is pretty funny stuff, but…

    it’s sad that people can’t figure out two things: Larry the Cable Guy/Orange-Jump-Suit-Guy was dressed like that, not because he is a typical Alabama redneck (that would mean he would be wearing crimson), but because he was simulating the prison jump suit that most of the Memphis players are accustomed to wearing.

    And, the “Mempis” spelling was an attempt at a slap at Mem-Piss, except, as I understand it, the security made them remove the sign that had two S’s so they made another one shortened to Mempis. Again, if it was someone at the campus west of Birmingham (where academic standards are not as high as they are at UAB), then the spelling error would have been understandable.

    Isn’t clarity fun?

    By Anonymous on Feb 24, 2008

  46. The 2nd comment is complety uncalled for. What would you do in his situation? The guy that said that it was supposed to be spelled that way is crazy. If Dozier or anybody had of went into the stands they would have probably been suspended. What is happening to the guy that wrote the sign? Nothing. They know nothing about Doziers personal life and have no right to judge him. They know he is a great player and they tryin to get under his skin but it did not work cause Memphis own the game anyway so they got the last laugh. They guy that got slapped got what he deserved. Niles didn’t slap him for nothin. Something was provoked. What happen to that country boy that provoked it? Probably nothing. That is not right. Players should have the right to defend themselves. Why is the fans the ones being protected? The players should be. Memphis played USM on March 1 in Hattiesburg Mississippi. I think Carter Blackburn on CSTV said their was only one officer on the floor when both teams had an altercation before the game. We need better security at games to keep unruly fans in line. Now unlike the racist who posted the 2nd comment i will leave my name. Brad Craft. If you got a problem with anything I had said feel free to email me at He is a coward like all racists

    By Anonymous on Mar 3, 2008

  47. There are more future Jerry Springer show people in this photo than any I’ve seen lately. UAB must be a real classy trailer park

    By Anonymous on Mar 8, 2008

  48. Good Job! :)

    By Markus on Jun 15, 2008

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