A Million Little Hits

February 14, 2008 – 12:25 am by Ryan Phillips

I was able to awake from my flu-induced haze for about 25 minutes earlier today to notice two things: first, Kelvin Sampson is continuing to test my patience and second, this here little site passed a major milestone. That’s right folks, at 6:37 p.m. eastern time, Rumors and Rants received its one millionth hit all-time. Now we don’t know if that’s actually a lot, but it feels like it, so we’re celebrating.

In just over 17 months we’ve had one million people check out this site. Or we’ve had 10 people check it out 100,000 times, either way, we feel pretty good about ourselves right now. Except for the fact that I still feel like I’m on my deathbed, everything is wonderful right now.

And thanks to the creepiness that is SiteMeter, we know loads about the man/woman/child/centaur who made that milestone click. He/she/it was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was using Internet Explorer 6.0 on Microsoft Win2000 and he/she/it hung around for about five minutes. And of course, the referral came from Deadspin.

Honestly, I never thought we’d be around this long but I have so much damn fun doing this that I don’t know what else I’d do with my free time. I definitely want to thank everyone who comes by to check us out and of course my co-writers McD, The Baker and Hick Flick. They keep me constantly entertained and are all really good at what they do.

Lastly – and before this gets longer than a Kanye West acceptance speech – I really want to thank the people who link us or have supported us over the last year and a half. There are tons of you but two have stood out for the personal advice they’ve given. So to Will Leitch at Deadspin and Jamie Mottram at Yahoo!/Mr. Irrelevant/Blog Show/every other damn thing that kid is up to, thanks for all the help, support, advice and thanks for all you’ve done to make blogs relevant in the sporting world.

Thanks again, everyone. Here’s to another million and the NyQuil shots are on me.

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