Racist LSU Fans? No Way!

January 18, 2008 – 6:10 am by Ryan Phillips

Above is a clip of LSU fans being interviewed prior to the BCS National Championship game in New Orleans on January 7. They are being asked about the decision to bulldoze public housing in the city, and they give their opinions on the matter.

I have to admit this video shocked me. I never for a minute thought the gloat-happy, rub your face in it, myopic morons who root for LSU could possibly be racist. I figured they were too dumb to come up with even a semi-coherent opinion on anything, let alone the delicate socio-economic situation in New Orleans. I guess you learn something new every day.

I bet the Harvard of East Baton Rouge County is proud to have these gentlemen as fans.

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  1. 11 Responses to “Racist LSU Fans? No Way!”

  2. Seriously keep your stuck up northern self up where you came from. We dont care about your opinion, you are another northerner that continues to prove the fact that you have no other life than to talk about us in the south. Keep doing it, WE LOVE IT!! haha!

    By lsufan on Jan 18, 2008

  3. Wow, these guys are idiots.

    Sure, that’s fair though, for implying that they’re representative of all LSU fans. Like saying this video tells you all you need to know about Penn State, its fans and students, and University Park, PA in general.

    Btw, even a cursory knowledge of geography would’ve been sufficient for you to know that Louisiana has parishes, not counties.

    By Mike on Jan 18, 2008

  4. As an avid SEC fan, and UF grad, I’d say those dudes are about par for the whole league.

    By Anonymous on Jan 18, 2008

  5. Seriously, for those of us who grew up near New Orleans know that this type of stuff is not just ignorant racism. It is more complex than that. Louisiana’s population has the second largest proportion of black Americans (32.5%) in the United States, behind neighboring Mississippi (36.3%). The political corruption has pitted the citizens of Louisiana against each other for years. Louisiana with its oil companies and it ports should be one of the most wealthy states in the Union. The people of Louisiana have incredible work ethics, have strong families, and are very religious. But through the years the economy has been raped by the local governments and corrupt politicians. People are truly angry with each other over this kind of stuff. It seems to most people that the harder they work to improve their economy and their schools and their way of living, the more certain parts of the society still from the “average” and give to the “rich” and use the “poor” do it. So the poor become despised by everyone.

    For example: The Port of South Louisiana, located on the Mississippi between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, is the largest volume shipping port in the Western Hemisphere and 4th largest in the world. It is the largest bulk cargo port in the world. But the per capita personal income in LA is US$30,952, ranking 41st in the United States.

    Most of you may think that racism bred the hatred and ignorance that you heard on the video. But as someone who lived for over 25 years in Louisiana, I know that hatred and frustration has bred racism. I have noticed that people aren’t born racist, they learn it. And it seems the political machines of LA has continue to create and promote racism and then use it to divide and conquer the citizens.

    And if anyone thinks this is an LSU issue then they are more ignorant than the men in the video. LSU is known for its diversity. You should research this and you will be surprised. No, this is more of a Louisiana-politics issue.

    By the way, the residents of LA just voted in a NON-WHITE governor. So much for racism being as big as some who dislike LSU would like to portray it to be with such a video.

    And those who think this video is a “Southern” thing are also completely ignorant. I currently live in the West, Southern California no less, and I have seen the same type of talk among cultured, educated Californians about Mexicans and illegal immigrants. So lets not lose focus on what this video really proves and that is this: the men in this video are highly frustrated, simple-minded, racist (especially the one who used the “N” word), and just happen to be LSU fans. But if the camera-person would have done a little more research she would have found African-Americans would were just as frustrated, simple-minded, racist in many ways, and were also LSU fans who probably love Miles, Flynn, and Hester!

    By the way, the US is only 12% African American. But nearly one quarter of the student body at LSU is of a minority. So don’t try to make a case that LSU fans are racists — that is just ignorant of the facts. The only case that can be made from this video is there are four or five drunk LSU fans and some of them are racist. I would dare say there is more evidence on the internet of racist, ignorant bloggers.

    By Jason E. Robertson on Jan 18, 2008

  6. I have to say I agree with them….why rebuild rundown housing with taxpayer dollars when the same problem of drugs and crime will result. Why continue to rebuild housing in a floodplain just so it can flood the next time there is a hurricane. This isn’t a racsist issue its a commen sense issue

    By osufan on Jan 19, 2008

  7. While I don’t agree with the racial slurs, I do agree that the projects should be dynamited. Living in New Orleans for 8 years and working in a job that took me to the projects on several occasions showed me that they are merely pits of despair. They prevent their residents from re-entering normal society. They are a plague on the city (and most cities). See also South Bronx; Cabrini Green / Robert Taylor in Chicago; etc.

    By Brady on Jan 19, 2008

  8. For those of you who had the opportunity to ever travel to Death Valley (that si what LSU calls its beloved stadium), there is a purple and gold REBEL flag.
    Incidentally, I attended law school in Baton Rouge (Southern University Law Center), which was opened in 1954, because LSU would not admit black. But I digress, when I was in my last year at school in 2001, during a local football game, some tilgaiters were spotted on LSU SCHOOL PROPERTY sporting a purple and gold rebel flag. Of course the minority stuednts were offended and when the students protested near the tailgaiters, one of them was CAUGHT ON THE NEWS saying “n- go home.” So, this video does not surprise me. We’ll see if Oprah has the guts to go there or Mike and Juliette???? White Male LSU grads who are born in bred down here have the mentality that blacks are all the same. They have a wishful thinking mentality that the South that once was will be again. I tell you one thing, if they could screw black women with impunity, you know, that old “tool shed action,” they would. I have no sympathy for these morons. The SOUTH LOST GUYS. Additionally, how would LSU fare if all of the excellent BLACK athletes who make their athletic programs all left that school. I don;t advocate that idea, but it just shows how foolish the whole scnario is. These guys are losers and those talented athletes will go on to greater fame and glory.
    As for the rebel flag in LSU colors which hangs on the stadium, well, you just think about that and consider the justification for THAT FLAG, not an AMERICAN flag. What do you think the message is? So, not all fans are racist. The players have families and friends who support them and attend games… These drunken guys are simply miserable drunken finger-pointers. Teh fact is, the poorest of the poor have not returned to the city. And quite frankly, before the Hurricane, who worked in the lowest paying hotel and tourism jobs…blacks! Now, these positions are filled with Mexicans who live in the abandoned homes of the black homeowners in different parts of the city. Even in homes where black mold spores are prevalent. But I digress. Check the history of the city and you’ll see that the slaves worked the fields, built the buildings, and made the South strong (UNDER THE HAND OF WHITE SLAVEOWNERS), but people like these losers want forget the contributions of blacks. New Orleans culture would be nothing without the contribution of blacks. You can disagree, but I am proud to be black and the worse nightmare of these guys is an educated black person (stealing their jobs). And I am here to say, there are a lot of us here in this city who aren’t leaving.

    By Anonymous on Jan 23, 2008

  9. I think the larger point here wasn’t the social argument about getting rid of the projects or not, it was that using racial slurs and screaming about how an entire group of people has “never worked a day in their lives,” really overshadows any real discussion that might have been had. Of course not every LSU fan feels or acts that way, but these guys are just allowing themselves to be portrayed as stereotypical racist idiots.

    By Phillips on Jan 24, 2008

  10. The Black Mayor of New Orleans said he wants New Orleans to be a Chocolate City so why not focus on that Racist bull.

    By Anonymous on Jan 26, 2008

  11. The context of his statement was that N.O. was losing most of its black residents, incidentally because whites forced blacks out of housing and built expressways through their neighborhoods. (The Quarter for instance had a large black, and especially Creole population that were forced from their homes.)

    The black population was forced into low lying areas. And this wasn’t the end. Well connected white construction firms pushed to have blacks kicked out of the housing that they owned in the 50’s-70’s so they could get federal money to build this crap, using eminent domain and unfair tax liens.

    Blacks don’t want to leave because they feel a great sense of distrust, not just of whites but upper middle class blacks. N.O. has a large number of well to do blacks (especially Creoles) who hate poor blacks but use their vote. In the end they all screw over the people.

    This episode, where blacks are being told to leave, and their property is being bulldozed, and entire blacks segments of the city are being put to pasture with a “promise” of housing is just another installment in a continuing story.

    And compliments to Jason E. Robertson for his very insightful comments.

    By Anonymous on Jun 28, 2008

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