LS-Who Cares?

January 8, 2008 – 2:25 am by Ryan Phillips

For most of America, last night’s BCS “National Championship Game” had all the importance of the GMAC Bowl from the night before. And half of the excitement. Crow all you want LSU fans, very few people outside of Louisiana think you won an actual national title. Sure you got your crystal ball by beating a vastly overrated Ohio State team (they lost to Illinois at home for Christ’s sake) 38-24 in the Superdome last night, and hey, maybe you guys would have won a legit title if you had faced one of the other best teams in the country. But you didn’t.

Right now, virtually everyone in the country agrees that USC and Georgia were playing the best football of anyone in the nation at the end of this season. LSU should drop to their knees and thank Les Miles’ thinning hair that they didn’t have to face either one of those teams. For those who say LSU’s losses were “better losses” than USC’s I say who cares? A loss is a loss. Besides, both of USC’s losses came with multiple injuries at key positions. Four-fifths of their offensive line was missing in the 24-23 loss to Stanford, they were down to their fourth-string corner back and quarterback John David Booty had a broken finger which caused him to throw four interceptions. Then they dropped a road game to a fantastic Oregon team (at the time with Dennis Dixon), with their backup quarterback.

As for Georgia, they lost to South Carolina 16-12 on September 8 and fell at Tennessee 35-14 on October 6. That’s the same Tennessee team that almost knocked off the nominal national champs in the SEC title game and probably would have if not for Erik Ainge’s utter incompetence. That guy better get a championship ring from LSU, they owe him big time.

Let’s also not forget that LSU lost to Arkansas 50-48 at home in the last week of the regular season. Yes, the same Arkansas team that got blasted 38-7 by Missouri in its bowl game and ended the season with five losses. The loss to Arkansas came on November 23. Georgia’s last loss came on October 6 and USC’s was on October 27.

Look, I’m not saying Georgia or USC deserved to be in the “title game” more than LSU, what I’m saying is they have a valid gripe and don’t have any less of a claim than LSU did. And, I’m sorry, after watching the Tigers play last night, I’m not really that impressed. Great D-line, nice secondary and solid linebackers, but that’s really it. I still have no idea why Jacob Hester gets the ball more than Keiland Williams, who is one of the most physically gifted running backs I’ve ever seen. And, to paraphrase Mark Cuban, I wouldn’t trust Matt Flynn to run a Dairy Queen, let alone my offense.

Basically what I’m saying is that last night LSU essentially won just another bowl game. There was no more significance to it than any of the other BCS games. Pretty much everyone knows the Tigers came out on top of a flawed system, and to the people who say “well it’s the system we have…” shut up. We shouldn’t just be OK with something because it’s all we have at the moment. The mythical national championship is exactly that this year, mythical. No one cares. So to LSU fans, we know you love to gloat and ignore the things that really matter – like, say common sense – but this year, you might want to tone it down a bit. You really haven’t won anything.

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  1. 10 Responses to “LS-Who Cares?”

  2. Ok, first of all, you are all so wrong. Stop making up silly excuses on why USC and Georgia should have played in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP last night. We’re not going to talk about injuries and stupid crap like that. If we are, then you should have done better research and realized that LSU had just as many injuries as that. Trust me, we would love nothing more than to play USC. It would finally put an end to their whining selves. They whine like freaking little babies. No, it’s not that we like to gloat about our victories, its that we are the best, we know it, so take your no good, northern butts back to where you came from, and sit back and try to come up with silly excuses of why you think you all should be in the championship and blah blah blah!! NOBODY CARES!! Keep talking about us down here in the south, WE LOVE IT. We really love how much time you spend on dogging us, which means you probably don’t have much of a life. Keep on dogging, while we sit back and enjoy our life as southerners, and love watching our tigers be the best team in the land, and don’t care if you agree, because we have the national title!! Maybe if you spent more time enjoying where you live and your team, instead of trying to be like us, you might actually be worth something, but until then, you are the dirt beneath our feet. Thank you for letting us have something to laugh at.

    By LSUFAN on Jan 8, 2008

  3. Not sure why you’re dogging on LSU when they’ve beat the two teams that Georgia lost to and both of their losses were in triple overtime and far more impressive than USC losing to a 41 point underdog. If anything, Ohio State’s credentials were weaker since they lost to an overrated Illinois team and otherwise had a cupcake schedule that would make only Hawaii jealous.

    It’s perfectly valid to criticize the horrible BCS system and as an LSU fan there’s nothing I’d have liked better than to have participated in an 8 or 12 team playoff. (Don’t know if they would have won the whole thing, but it certainly would’ve been entertaining and there wouldn’t be all of this whining.) You crown a champion in the system you have, not the system you wish you had. And in this (flawed) system which evaluates the entire season instead of how much momentum you have in the end, LSU came out on top.

    By Anonymous on Jan 8, 2008

  4. The sad part about the system is that a championship is won by a combination of both endurance and skill. With the exception of the 72 Dolphins and maybe the current patriots, all of the great NFL teams lost a game during the regular season, most more than one. Even the 85 bears, the monsters of the midway dropped a game. What a playoff does is actually let the teams determine who, in the end, is the best team. In the intrest of full disclosure I am a USC fan, who was greatly disappointed by the stanford game. Would USC win a playoff — I don’t know. Maybe West Virginia would win. They looked great against Oklahoma (but who dosen’t in BCS games). The point is with a playoff (a real 16 team playoff not a lame +1) a season would be defined by how you finsh, and come together as a team, not triple overtime against Kentucky or the last one minute against Stanford.

    By Anonymous on Jan 8, 2008

  5. Kansas for national champs! The Jayhawks are the best one-loss team in the country.

    By Hick Flick on Jan 8, 2008

  6. KANSAS??!! haha! Thats a joke!!

    By LSUFAN on Jan 8, 2008

  7. This entire season, and last night’s pretend ‘national championship’ game, have been one long confirmation of the fact that big-time college football is a joke until a real playoff system is instituted. Forget, who was best. Fact is, you still have about six teams in the argument and it was not settled on the field.

    By ETVal on Jan 8, 2008

  8. No really, good for LSU. They beat a team that made the game because they only scheduled one out of conference game outside their home state (against Washington) and survived in a crappy year for their conference. This year, more than any other, none of the major questions were resolved. So good for LSU. All they did was make us wonder if they could beat an actual good team instead of a mediocre one.

    My solution: USC vs. Georgia vs. LSU in a triple-threat match at Wrestlemania.

    By McD on Jan 8, 2008

  9. It’s hard to blame LSU for showing up in a bowl they were invited to and playing dominating football. If you’re going to rant on this one, rant on the BCS selection committee and their refusal to adapt a playoff system.

    By Kevin Hayward on Jan 9, 2008

  10. Wow, you’re hatred for LSU really shows in that piece. I’m no LSU apologist, but if you want to bitch and moan about something, do it about the system which, I remind you, they all agreed to. Need I remind you that this is a system that doesn’t take into account how strong someone finishes, but how they played over the course of an entire season.
    If you are USC and want a shot at the title, how about beating an awful, 41-point underdog Stanford team AT HOME. Did I mention that Stanford was using a 3rd string qb as well? If not, let me just mention they were using a 3rd string qb at the time. Also, how about beating more than 3 teams that had winning records, that would also be a good start.
    As for UGA, I’ll skip the part about not even winning your own division within the SEC, let alone the entire SEC, and skip to the fact that you were shalacked at home against UT and lost to a 6-6 SC team. Want to talk about finishing strong? If by finishing strong you mean beating Vandy on a last second field goal and squeaking out a “W” against the powerhouse of Troy, then yes, you did finish strong.
    Now granted, LSU could have easily been a team with 4 or 5 losses, but the fact is they played a complete season winning the toughest conference in college football. They lost to a then-top 20 ranked UK team in 3ot and to an Arkansas team in OT that finished the season with 8 wins. They beat 8 teams that at the time they played, were ranked in the top 20. If you didn’t think LSU dominated tOSU in the NC game, then you were obviously not watching it. Yes, the BCS is an imperfect system, but LSU was the team most fit to play for and win the title.

    By Anonymous on Jan 18, 2008

  11. Folks, I was in the Dome for the National Chap game. One team walk away winning it all – you may not like it, and it may not happen again for a long time – but, take a look at what LSU will be putting on the football field for the next several years. You might be swimming in Gumbo for years. – Lots of great teams out there and the Tiger will stumble at times. However, get use to Purple and Gold and funny talking football fans ’cause they’ll have something to yell about for a long time (or I could be wrong).

    By Bayouboilermaker on Oct 1, 2008

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