International Bowl and GMAC Bowl Previews: Because We Have To Kill Time Before The BCS "Championship" Game

January 3, 2008 – 5:10 pm by McD

I’m sure there’s some incredibly important-sounding reason for the BCS to play its championship game on a Monday instead of Saturday night. You know, because the BCS is a bastion of logical decision-making. Instead, we get to wait through the entire weekend and watch a couple of utterly meaningless bowls while we wait for the “championship game.”

Couldn’t the powers-that-be have at least scheduled a couple of good bowls for us to watch over the weekend? That’s a silly question because the answer is: of course not. The “championship” game needs as many news cycles as it can get, which is why they make us wait two extra days for no reason. They need the hype to build that much and having to watch these to stinkers in the mean time will only make us long for a real “championship” game.

Bowl Season Record: 11-18

International Bowl (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Rugters (7-5) at Ball State (7-5) (+10.5)
A bowl game in Toronto, huh? REAL international, guys. And do we really want the international representatives of college football to be Ruters and Ball State? They both represent the very height of mediocrity this season, especially Rutgers because of how huge a letdown their 7-5 record really is. I wonder if Greg Schiano is wishing he’d taken the Miami job while it was still available.

Anyway, one of the Bowl Gambling Rules that hasn’t come into play yet (due to our homer-ism) is this: never bet on a team from Indiana in a bowl game under any circumstances. That includes IU, Purdue, Ball State, and especially Notre Dame, though we ignored the rule for the Insight Bowl. As crappy as Rutgers was this season, they’re still a class above Ball State (who lost to Indiana this season). It’s really great for the Cardinals, or whatever they are, to get to a bowl, given how far that program had fallen. It’s just also hard to see how they’ll have an answer for Ray Rice. As long as Mike Teel doesn’t totally screw the pooch again, this is Rutgers’ game.

Pick: Rutgers
GMAC Bowl (Mobile, AL)
Bowling Green (8-4) at Tulsa (9-4) (-4.5)
I can’t think of a less exciting bowl game this side of that Florida Atlantic game. And hopefully this one will at least be more entertaining than that snooze-fest between Mississippi State and Central Florida. Maybe they (and by “they” I have no idea who I mean) think any football is good football, but we all know they’d be dead wrong.

Anyway, the last Bowl Gambling Rule comes in to play here: never gamble on a game in which you know nothing about either team. Luckily for me, this doesn’t involve real money, so I’m making a pick anyway, but I’d be 10,000 miles from this game if real dollars were involved. And since I know nothing about either of these teams….

Pick: Tulsa

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