Mayweather v. Hatton Live Blog: You Rat-Soup Eating, Honky Mother F***er!

December 8, 2007 – 10:00 pm by Ryan Phillips

Mayweather! Hatton! We’re live from the Rumors and Rants Luxury Suite bringing you most of the action from tonight’s clash of unbeaten champions taking place in Las Vegas. We couldn’t afford to go to Vegas, but at least the couches we’re on are comfortable. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the action as we bring you 12 rounds of championship boxing!

(if you don’t get the reference in the title, watch the incredible film The Great White Hype at least once before you die)

Phillips here. I know the post title thing down there says “Phillips” but McD will be guiding you through the evening as best he can while I make inappropriate comments in the corner. It’s our typical set-up for live blogs.

While this first undercard fight is on, we’d like to take a moment to mention the travesty that happened at the Heisman Trophy ceremony tonight. At first, I thought that maybe we had a Marissa Tomei situation, where the guy reading the name was drunk and read the wrong name, but maybe the voters really are crazy enough to give the award to Tim Tebow. Like it or not, the Heisman Trophy is college football’s Most Valuable Player and everyone has their own definition of that. But I think we can all agree that Florida could still lose three games this season without Tim Tebow. Arkansas, by contrast, and especially Hawai’i, could not have won nearly the number of games they won without Darren McFadden and Colt Brennan, respectively. Each of these guys is much more valuable to their team than Tebow was to Florida this year. They even had equally gaudy statistics.

But what this vote really shows is the voters only watch the ranked teams and the big-name players with reputations. They don’t watch every game or examine everything closely. It’s just like the polls that rank the teams. No one actually does their job, and it’s disappointing for all fans concerned (except Florida fans and Jesus, well, Tebow IS Jesus, so I guess he’s happy with himself). Another disappointing vote in a sport riddled with “tradition” and “people that don’t pay attention” and “an outdated system.”

We should also mention that, tonight, bloggers have their own card for this fight. We’ll be keeping score and so will Fanhouse and Epic Carnival. So we can put together our own decision, should the judges drop the ball in Las Vegas. Hey, maybe can even create our own title belt! Who’s with us?

Edner Cherry vs. Wes Ferguson
There was just a knockout in the sixth round of this fight and, besides not knowing which fighter is which, it wasn’t a very exciting fight until that last knockdown. Right now, Wes Ferguson isn’t sure which fighter he is, either. That was an Antonio Tarver on Roy Jones-style knockout and the announcers are all saying Ferguson shouldn’t even go into a gym until six months from now. Plus, it looks like his money is in trouble from Floyd Mayweather. Tough times. Can’t we just enjoy a knockout without feeling bad for the dude who just got fustigated?

Anyone else think “the cherry bomb” is the worst, most obvious nickname for a fighter whose last name is Cherry? That’s UFC-bad.

Fascinating discussion of the “A” and “B” dressing rooms at the MGM Grand. I had no idea so much thought had to go into assigning dressing rooms. Why not just have two nice rooms?

Tom Tancredo hates Lupe Contreras.

Eduardo Escobedo vs. Daniel Ponce de Leon
Outside of the NBA, boxers have the worst ink on the planet. Ponce de Leon is supposedly exciting fighter, so this might be good.

I’ve been told that we’re obligated to say that Tom Tancredo probably hates Lupe Contreras. We took care of that one ourselves, Booter.

Wasn’t Eduardo Escobedo the bad guy drug kingpin in Clear and Present Danger?

You know, Mexican fighters are a lot like Mexican food. Everyone says they love it, it’s great, it’s wonderful, but most of it ends up being underwhelming.

I’m fascinated by Ponce de Leon. He throws his punches and stalks the ring like he’s a heavyweight, not a 122-pound fighter. It’s fantastic.

We may need to keep Booter, our legal adviser, on call tonight.

Ponce de Leon is just a bully. And you know what you do with a bully? You throw mud in his eye and kick him in the balls, that’s what.

Christ, this fight got boring.

…And the Hatton fans seem to have made their way into the arena.

I suppose this is a good time to mention that America has much, much better sports as far as (watch me as I go Jay Bilas on y’all) watchability. Football and basketball and baseball are much more exciting than soccer on a game to game basis. However, English fans have American fans beaten soundly when it comes to commitment to the team and noise/cheering at the game itself. They even sing. We need songs at basketball and especially baseball games. This needs to be addressed.

Lampley made the “air out of the balloon” analogy, followed by this comment from the peanut gallery here: “is he going to have to swallow the balloon and come over the border to get another fight after this peformance?”

Oh man, we’re gonna get sued tonight. For sure.

When is this fight ending? Yeesh.

Winner: Daniel Ponce de Leon – Unanimous Decision. Even Larry Merchant thinks this fight sucked. And if anyone knows anything about sucking, it’s Larry Merchant.

Peter Manfredo vs. Jeff Lacy
I can’t resist…”They just do not stop having the mafi-er in Providence.”

Apparently, this is a Joe Calzaghe Recovery Group fight. Damn, Merchant beat me to it.

In case you want to sing along:
There’s only onnnnnnnnne Ricky Hatton.
One Ricky Hatton!
Walking along,
Singing a song,
Walking in a Hatton wonderland!

Is it me or is Hatton going to ‘goon it up’ tonight? His trainer kinda gave away his strategy tonight with that little speech to the referee.

Man, that knockdown by Lacy came out of nowhere in the fourth round.

Leave it to Larry Merchant to take the fun out of the Ricky Hatton song. “Is…only one…Ricky…Hatton…enough…to beat…Floyd Mayweather?” Some one turn off his microphone.

Still not seeing very many celebrities in the seats on the far side of the ring. Kinda disappointing.

We’re now openly rooting for Jeff Lacy to knock Manfredo out so we can get on with the main event already. This is just lame.

In case you took the Rams and the points tomorrow like the Sports Guy did, Brock Berlin is now officially St. Louis’s starter for tomorrow. Might wanna hedge your bets.

While we’re bored, go watch this video if you haven’t yet. James Franco and Mila Kunis do an excellent impression of, well, pretty much everyone in Los Angeles. And it’s informative too.

Finally, second to last round. I don’t even care if it’s a good fight anymore.

For you, Peter, for you.

Merchant just admitted he hasn’t kept “close tabs” on this fight. It’s only his job, no biggie. Then again, we’ve been watching the video of James Franco getting fired off the set of Knocked Up instead of the fight.

We swear we’ll update more accurately during the fight that matters…

Winner: Jeff Lacy. Woo-freaking-hoo.

If Floyd comes out dressed like a Minuteman or Apollo Creed in Rocky IV, I may be a Floyd fan tonight.

One fighter is “athletic,” one is “rugged and physical.” How many more euphemisms for white and black are we going to have tonight?

How many fighters have their own horn and drum section in the last row of the arena?

Finally, the entrances. It’s Tom Jones! That’s England’s music!

Wait wait wait, they get Tom Jones and we get Tyreese Gibson? They’re right to boo. Lame.

Looks like the celebs made their way in to the arena. Brangelina. Nice. How did Mario Lopez get in there?

Nice touch having the Dancing with the Stars guys carry the belts out. That’s what I love about America. We promote without shame.

Floyd Mayweather jr. vs. Ricky Hatton
for Mayweather’s WBC Welterweight title

Round 1:
The speed by both fighters is crazy. But Mayweather seems more comfortable at this rate. Mayweather is much more able to get shots in from time to time. Things seem awkward so far. Slip by Mayweather. Hatton won’t let him run.

Round goes to: Hatton 10-9

Round 2: Hatton goes right after Mayweather. Another big shot by Hatton. Good shot by Floyd. First warning about grabbing by both fighters. Tough right by Mayweather. Floyd is doing a lot more of the grabbing and fighting one punch at a time. He keeps catching him with one shot and then tying up. Good left by Hatton. Another. Yet another warning about dirty fighting. It’s Mayweather doing most of the holding. He may lose a point at some point.

Round goes to: Mayweather 10-9. Close round, though.

Round 3: More tie-ups. Good left by Floyd followed by more tie-ups. Good left by Hatton. Awkward fight still. Hatton is manhandling Mayweather on the ropes. Intense, close fight. Hatton is the aggressor, like the De la Hoya fight. Great exchange with Mayweather landing two good shots. Hatton is cut over his right eye. Hatton hits Mayweather with a couple of good rights.

Round goes to: 10-9 Mayweather. Hatton had some action, but Mayweather hit all the clean shots.

Round 4: “Ring generalship” is going to matter in this one. Great flurry again by Hatton. Mayweather is against the ropes more. Hatton is dominating the action more and more. More good punches in the middle of the ring by Hatton. Big left by Hatton. He’s totally dominating the ring. Mayweather finally lands a couple of good ones. Hatton is hurt. Hatton is bleeding again. Mayweather has absolutely dominated the last two minutes of the ring.

Round goes to: Mayweather 10-9

Round 5: Only a small cut above Hatton’s right eye. Hatton has a couple more big body punches. He’s dominating the first minute again. Mayweather against the ropes again. Mayweather can’t win if he’s on the ropes. Hatton is mauling him, but not landing a ton of punches. Floyd is playing good defense, but isn’t throwing. Couple more body shots by Hatton. Mayweather is elbowing and using his forearm on Hatton’s head.

Round goes to: Hatton 10-9. Mayweather is getting dirtier.

Round 6: More aggressiveness by Hatton. Floyd is doing his best to stay off the ropes, but he can’t stop Hatton from coming forward. Mayweather falls through the ropes and Hatton is penalized for hitting on the back of the head. Bad call, but it is what it is. Mayweather turned his back, but he called it anyway. Big action now and a big left by Mayweather. Floyd is running now that he knows he’s won the round. Another good left by Mayweather. Hatton is owning the ring, but can’t seem to do consistent damage. Mayweather is going to lose a point any minute now for elbowing. Mayweather hasn’t done anything this round.

Round goes to: 9-9 draw. Mayweather did nothing, but Hatton loses a point.

Round 7:
Hatton never actually hit Mayweather in the back of the head. He mostly hit the rope. Lederman agrees w/ us on the 9-9 round. Hatton needs to move a little more. Floyd is doing nothing but ducking and turning his back. Good flurry for Hatton. No solid shots for Mayweather at all this round so far. Hatton has owned the ring.

Round goes to: 10-9 Hatton. Hatton controlled the pace and the style of the fight. Mayweather did no damage.

Round 8:
These rounds are really tough to score even for Harold Lederman. Good shots by Mayweather including an upper cut. Hatton is in trouble. Hatton is really hurt after a HUGE right by Mayweather. He fell into Floyd or he would have gone down. Hatton has him against the ropes now. Floyd is shutting down because he knows he’ll win the round again. HUGE left by Mayweather. Hatton is in real trouble. More and more punches by Mayweather landing. Hatton is still throwing.

Round goes to:
Mayweather 10-9. That one was easy to score.

Round 9: Cortez warned Hatton to fight back even though he clearly was. Couple good lefts by Mayweather. Hatton is the aggressor again. Great jab by Floyd. Hatton is running out of answers and energy. Another good jab by Floyd. Hatton doesn’t have anything for Mayweather this round.

Round goes to: 10-9 Mayweather. Close round, but Hatton landed no damaging shots and Mayweather jabbed and punched cleanly.

Round 10:
Fans are singing louder than ever for Hatton. Tied up on the ropes. Good shots by Hatton there. Mayweather is on cruise control. He was 100% in round 8 but otherwise, he’s cagey and careful. DOWN GOES HATTON ON A HUGE HUGE LEFT. Never saw it coming. He’s back up but he’s shaky as hell. Another huge left, down goes Hatton and IT’S OVER!


What an amazing victory for Floyd Mayweather. I’ll give Hatton fans credit, they’re still singing. Mayweather is being gracious in the middle of the ring with Hatton. The announcers are right, Mayweather was forced to elevate his game and he is definitely the best fighter in the game today. No question.

Hatton was aggressive, tough, and a little dirty. So, he was Ricky Hatton. But Floyd Mayweather has fully stepped into the light as the best in the world, pound for pound. In the stats and in the end, Mayweather fully dominated the fight, even letting Hatton get off a few shots but never doing a ton of damage.

We had the fight scored: 86-84 for Mayweather through 9 rounds.

Nice of Mayweather to thank all the UK fans for coming. He’s being very gracious about the whole thing. Guess he’s trying to get the nice-guy image a little. Looks like he’ll move into the promoting business or something. Half of me wants him to go through all the other good fighters he can, but who knows. He’s even pulling Hatton over to Larry Merchant to interview him as well.

Nice hand from the Hatton fans for Ricky and a little bit for Mayweather. They still love him, which is also what makes them different from America. Mayweather wouldn’t exist to us if he’d lost. Hatton is also right about himself, he was a bit too aggressive. Does it feel like anyone else that Floyd wants to promote Hatton’s next fight? He was obviously going to come back after, I have no idea why Merchant asked.

The officials had it 89-81, 89-81, and 88-82 for Mayweather. That’s crazy. They showed way too much respect for Mayweather’s one-punching and didn’t give any credit to Hatton for being the aggressor and dominating the ring.

$50 million this year for Floyd Mayweather. Good year. It’s a shame that Mayweather is taking a year off. The 147-pound division is loaded with talent and would make quite a few great fights for him. Then again, he might not be able to make nearly this kind of money fighting Miguel Cotto, but MAN would I love to see that fight. Mayweather barely has a scratch on him, for God’s sake. He looks like he’s heading into the ring, not out of it.

In the end, Floyd Mayweather is, pound for pound, the best fighter in the world, and he doesn’t even have to try all the time to dominate. We should all be impressed tonight with Floyd Mayweather. Boxing has it’s great champion again, but he won’t be around for a little while after this dominating performance. And, as always, that loss is ours.

For Phillips, The Baker, and Hick Flick, I am McD. Good fight. Good night.

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