Bowl Picks Week 1: My God! That’s McD’s Music! What’s He Doing Here?

December 19, 2007 – 9:26 pm by McD

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but the college football picks are back! I’m putting my 55-54-1 season record on the line for a few more weeks so that I can do the impossible: pick bowl games. Picking bowl games is a terrible idea because it’s been too long since the teams involved have played, so they’re impossible to predict. So I’m just expecting to finish the season under .500 and pushing on ahead anyway. And on that melancholy note, on to this week’s games!

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl (San Diego, CA)
Utah (8-4) at Navy (8-4) (+7.5)
Two weeks ago, it would have been easy to pick Navy. They had a good coach and were going to be ending another fantastic season, in which they finally beat Notre Dame, in style in San Diego. Instead, Paul Johnson is at Georgia Tech and Navy has to deal with a new coach.

It’s hard to not root for Navy and their old-school offense. It’s like the option went from outdated when Frank Solich was at Nebraska to cool again when Urban Meyer updated it. So now Navy and the triple option are retro-cool, and successful too. I also loved the story this week about how Georgia Tech’s receivers were worried that their role would be diminished when Johnson installed his offense. Like they were so relevant when Reggie Ball and Taylor Bennett were throwing to them the last couple of years. Besides, Navy didn’t throw because they didn’t have a quarterback who could, not because Johnson is that crazy.

Anyway, I have to go with Utah here. There’s absolutely nothing spectacular about them, but at least their program is stable at this point.
Pick: Utah

Update: Utah 35 Navy 32. Questionable officiating in this one. So I hear. 0-1.


R + L Carriers New Orleans Bowl (New Orleans, LA)
Florida Atlantic (7-5) at Memphis (7-5) (+2.5)
Well, at least I already know what bowl I’ll be missing first this year. This is one of those games that begs the question: if an announcer swears on the air, and no one is watching, does it even matter? It’s also one of those bowls that really makes one question the point of having 50-something teams able to play in post-season games. Sure, it’s nice for the players and stuff, but is a month off and then a meaningless game really worth it for player or fan?

Florida Atlantic just became a Division I (no way in hell I’m calling it the ‘CBS’ or whatever acronym The Man wants me to) school a few years ago and is already in a bowl. Not bad. It’s the New Orleans Bowl and they’re still cannon fodder for the major conference teams, but good for them anyway.

Looking at Memphis’ statistics, you’ll find there’s nothing remarkable about this team. Then again, there’s nothing special about the game, either. Look, I have no idea who to pick here, so I’m just going to go with…

Pick: Florida Atlantic

Update: FAU 44 Memphis 27. Glad that one’s over. 1-1.

Season: 55-54-1

Weekend picks coming tomorrow!

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