Knicks lick more taint

November 30, 2007 – 3:31 am by Hickey

I like to think of myself as a fan of solid, fundamental team basketball. Hence, I’m ten times more likely to be watching a college or high school game than an NBA matchup. But no matter how much I try to feign disinterest in the NBA, it’s no use — those crazy New York Knickerbockers find a way to bring me back in.

Keep in mind that the last time I wrote anything for this blog, it was a week ago. And it was about the Knicks. At that time, I figured that’s the last I’d be writing about them for awhile. But they managed to exceed even my expectations in grand fashion Thursday night in a 104-59 pounding at the hands of the Celtics.

Think about that — 59 points in an NBA basketball game. That sort of score is the reason the shot clock was invented in the first place. But despite the technology provided, the Knicks have still found a way to redefine ineptitude.

Even more impressive was the fact that at one point in the fourth quarter, New York was down by 53 points. That’s absurd stuff — you don’t see blowouts like that unless you’re watching women’s college basketball and Tennessee is playing somebody like Rider or Wagner. Unfortunately, the Knicks were able to cut the gap to a respectable 45-point margin, so it was only their worst loss since 1980.

This is a once in a lifetime brand of entertainment, which is why I am still firmly behind keeping Isiah Thomas. People who wouldn’t normally give a damn about the Knicks are now transfixed.

But if James Dolan decides to give into that overrated principle of “logic”, I have but one simple suggestion for the next Knicks coach: Whoopi Goldberg. Hey, it worked in the movies, right?

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