Torre To The Left Coast

October 30, 2007 – 3:36 am by Ryan Phillips

Reports coming out of Los Angeles say the Dodgers have fired Grady Little (finally) and will likely announce sometime today, that Joe Torre has been hired as his replacement. While this move makes sense for the Dodgers by giving them a legitimate, proven winner in charge of an underachieving club, I have no idea what Torre is thinking. Reports also say that Torre was plan B for the Dodgers, plan A was Joe Girardi, but all indications have him taking the vacant Yankees post.

Did anyone else think that Torre was sick of being in charge of a bloated roster of overpaid guys who didn’t perform up to expectations? The 67-year-old Torre will take charge of a $109 million payroll, belonging to a fourth place team (82-80). The Dodgers are doing a crazy dance in which they stockpile young talent, but overpay for over-the-hill veterans who block the progress of their young talent. They had Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, two top prospects, and they went out and signed Luis Gonzalez and Juan Pierre. Therefore one of those guys would be stuck behind someone.

Then they gave three years and $47 million to Jason Schmidt’s worthless ass and he promptly got hurt. They threw $8 million at Randy Wolf for one-year, and owe Esteban Loaiza $6.5 million for next year. Obviously someone upstairs in the Dodgers front office isn’t thinking things through. Personally I think they’re sniffing large quantities of glue, or possibly gasoline before they make deals. Frankly, I don’t think they remember making the calls, the just show up at Spring Training shocked to see who they have.

I just didn’t see Torre stepping into a situation just like his old one. Completely incompetent leadership, who will expect too much out of him and scapegoat him when things don’t go well. Does anyone really think the Dodgers would have been better this year if Grady Little wasn’t the manager? Yeah, didn’t think so. All the manager of a baseball team does is manage personalities and occasionally call for a double switch. But other than Russell Martin – who, though it pains me to say this about a Dodger, is a stud – the Dodgers have no personality. This will certainly be interesting. Especially if the team gets involved in the A-Rod sweepstakes this winter.

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  2. Also interesting is Mattingly coming along for the ride. I can understand him not wanting to be around the guy that got hired instead of him, but won’t this further establish his reputation as a bench coach, and further tie him to the success or failures of Joe Torre? Seems to me like a bad career move for both of them.

    By Kevin Hayward on Oct 30, 2007

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