The Biggest Losers

October 24, 2007 – 12:00 am by Hickey

On Sunday night, something entirely predictable happened — hope gave way to crushing disappointment for a team from Cleveland. This time it was the Indians, who squandered a 3-1 ALCS lead with their two best pitchers coming up in the rotation and got clubbed by the Red Sox in three straight games. (And to think, everyone was expecting Joe Borowski to be the reason the Indians would fold this time around).

As has been well established, this isn’t the first time such a thing has happened to Cleveland. Don’t worry, I’ll spare all of you who might have grown up along the flaming shores of the Cuyahoga River all the sordid details of a past that includes no championships since The Beatles released their first album in the U.S.

And while Cleveland has suffered through a number of painful sports memories — think along the lines of that kid who gets his heart ripped out of his chest in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and then watches it light on fire — there is still some debate as to which U.S. city’s fans have suffered most.

Though Cleveland may seem like the hands-down winner, I feel it gets a run for its money from another member of the Rust Belt: Buffalo. Though Buffalo has fewer pro teams and a smaller population than Cleveland, one could argue that per capita there is no more painful place to call home.

So let’s break it down and take a look at which city has the right to call itself America’s Biggest Loser. (Don’t worry, that’s not a put-down. The first round is on us).


Cleveland: Blowing a 3-1 series lead to the Red Sox despite playing a potential series-clinching game at home with Cy Young candidate C.C. Sabathia on the mound. And in case you’d like some salt with those wounds, finding out that Paul Byrd, he of the 88 MPH heater and generally considered one of the most likable guys in baseball, is being labeled as the sport’s latest cheat. We’re still not sure if it was better or worse that all three of the losses to end the season were blowouts.

Buffalo: Hey, we got our first Monday Night Football game in 13 years! And the Bills are depantsing Tony Romo and shocking the world! Uh-oh, here we go again… but no, T.O. couldn’t catch the two-point conversion. Phew, this one’s in the bag. Wait, they got
the onside kick? The defense will hold. Romo’s got 39 turnovers tonight. A 55-yard field goal? Please. Ha! Dick Jauron called timeout. Let’s see you make that again. Oh. He just did. Is that Wade Phillips celebrating with the Cowboys? Didn’t he suck when he was here? Shit.


Cleveland: Red Right 88. The Drive. The Fumble. The Shot. Art Modell. Albert Belle. Jose Mesa. The damn Marlins. Those horrid uniforms with waves on them that the Cavs wore in the late 90s. The Drew Carey Show getting canceled.

Buffalo: Scott Norwood. Four straight Super Bowls… four straight disappointments. Thurman Thomas forgetting his helmet. Brett Hull skating through the crease. The Music City Miracle. Clint Malarchuk’s blood on the ice. Giving birth to the franchise that would become the Clippers.


Cleveland: At least you people know what it’s like to get to four Super Bowls. Not even the glorious sidewinding arm of Bernie Kosar could get us that far. And you know what’s the worst? Watching Bill Belichick being hailed as the coaching genius of his generation. All he ever did in Cleveland was run Bernie out of town. Where the hell were the spy cameras then?

Buffalo: It must be rough when faced with the prospect of watching the best player in the NBA for the next several years. We wish the Sabres could afford to keep their talent. Instead, guys like Chris Drury and Daniel Briere will seemingly always leave for greener pastures rather than bring the Cup to Buffalo. And now the very future of the Bills in our city is up in the air, since Ralph Wilson has stated that he won’t keep the team in his family after he passes on. Even worse times may lie ahead.

Cleveland: Excuse me, did you say something about possibly losing your football team? Let’s not go there. Call me back after they move, and then win a Super Bowl in their new city.


Buffalo: We share some common pain with Cleveland. Our baseball team is the Triple-A affiliate of — who else? — the Indians. But the way we see it, watching the Indians lose in the ALCS saved you from the more agonizing pain of losing on the biggest stage of all. You didn’t really think you would beat a team from Denver in the postseason, did you?

And at least your beloved Buckeyes are the top team in college football. Have you ever tried watching the Buffalo Bulls?

Oh yeah, one last thing. The greatest athlete our city ever saw is O.J. Simpson.

Cleveland: Wow. It really does suck to be you guys.


Our first trial resulted in a hung jury. As a result, Ron Jeremy was removed from the jury. Upon appeal, the case made it to the Supreme Court. In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled in favor of Buffalo as America’s most tortured sports city. In the majority, Chief Justice Roberts noted that “Scott Norwood’s miss often makes me think of the ‘Butterfly Effect.’ For instance, it is feasible that if he makes that kick, he is the one sitting behind the bench making this decision, and Buffalo would be the toast of the American sporting world while Jim Kelly ran for presidential re-election, largely a result of Darryl Talley and Cornelius Bennett personally hunting down Osama bin Laden.”

In his dissent, Justice Scalia called Roberts’ logic “a stretch.” He also asked “Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Cleveland lost a nonsense competition to determine which city is the bigger loser?”

The runners-up: Of course, we are not implying that Buffalo and Cleveland are the only two American cities to suffer an inordinate amount of sporting pain. Here are some honorable mentions.

Philadelphia: People in Philly often wonder why none of their teams has won a title since 1983. Maybe it’s because they’re assholes. Like my second cousin Earl Hickey says, it’s about karma.

Seattle: The only team that has won a championship is the SuperSonics, who are about to leave town. And take Kevin Durant with them. Also, try not to mention Super Bowl XL to a Seahawk fan. Or referees.

Houston: Perhaps it is a product of playing in the same division as the Cubs, but people tend to ignore the agonizing nature of most of the Astros’ playoff exits over the years. And losing the Oilers, and as a result the second-coolest NFL fight song behind “Bear Down, Chicago Bears” has not exactly been patched up by the presence of the Texans.

Chicago: The Windy City holds the two teams with the longest championship droughts in their respective sports: the Cubs and Blackhawks. (Funny how I ended up a fan of those teams.) And the mid-90s Bears were a frustrating mess punctuated by Dave Wannstedt stroking his mustache after each loss. But the presence of a certain No. 23, combined with the White Sox providing the South Side with its biggest celebration since the repeal of Prohibition, keeps Chicago from going higher on the list.

San Diego: At a time when half the surrounding area is on fire and my guy Phillips is worrying about his boyhood home being safe, it seems kind of inane to point out the Chargers and Padres haven’t won the big one. Here’s hoping they finally stop this thing so San Diegans can start focusing on sports again.

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  1. 50 Responses to “The Biggest Losers”

  2. nice work dork

    By BostonSucksMyBlog on Oct 24, 2007

  3. I think Cleveland wins by the pervasiveness of their ineptitude. There are very compelling reasons in three major sports. The Bills agony maybe the most intense, but who really knows about any struggles the Sabres might have had?

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  4. Being a NE Ohio native probably makes me biased but Cleveland wins hands down in my mind for two huge reasons — the general history of incompetence and most of all, the loss of the Browns. Both cities have an impressive list of ridiculously crushing heartbreaks (and the list you gave is only partial for Cleveland — I’d definitely throw in Carlos Boozer, MJ’s shot over Craig Ehlo, and a few other infamous Browns regular season moments like Dwayne Rudd’s helmet toss and losing to the Chicago Bears after being up 21-7 with about 60 seconds left to play).

    But the pain of Cleveland sports runs deeper than just those heartbreaking game moments. The 1970s to early 1990s Cleveland Indians might have been the most hapless and hopeless period for any sports franchise ever, filled with last place teams, trades of top players for garbage prospects in return, empty seats (I was at several games where the announced attendance of 7,000 seemed generous), ten-cent beer night, and just ludicrous moments (read Terry Pluto’s “The Curse of Rocky Colavito”). The Cavaliers in their days of owner Ted Stepien might have been even worse; the NBA instituted a rule that prohibits teams from trading away their number one pick three years in a row because of Stepien’s stupid trades.

    But the big reason is the Browns leaving town. Combine all the heartbreaks we’ve listed and then double it, and that’s what it felt like when the Browns left. The heart of the city was gutted and an entire fan base was permanently damaged. A part of Cleveland’s identity was killed. The Browns came back, but for many fans, it’s not the same feeling as it once was. The new Browns are not the old Browns, and the incompetence of the new Browns has just made it worse.

    I don’t think another city can even compare with Cleveland and Buffalo (maybe Philly, but Chicago? Puh-leeze. The presence of No. 23 means they should never even be considered). But when the Browns left… you don’t know how bad it was unless you were there and experienced it. This is the first time I’ve heard about concern over the future of the Bills, and I very much hope they don’t have to go through the same thing that Browns fans did.

    p.s. — Lebron’s a free agent after next year. I’ll believe he stays when I see it.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  5. one other thought to what I wrote above – Ohio State sports have been great the past few years but the following isn’t quite as strong in Cleveland I think. There’s a lot of Buckeye fans, but OSU has a much more feverent following in the rest of the state (other than Cincy and Toledo) while in Cleveland, they play second fiddle to the pro teams. It’s probably still fair to affiliate them with Cleveland, but the city loves their pro teams a lot more I think.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  6. Come on. That was a great blog until you wrote an easy out with philly fans are assholes. what makes philly fans any worse than Cleveland, Boston, Chicago, New York fans? They’re there for their teams every year. They may shit on their players, but they’ll never let OTHER FANS shit on their players. problem with Philly fans is they actually think their teams are part of their family. You say things to your family you wouldn’t say to other people cause you know in the end, you’re still stick stuck with each other.

    Otherwise — good stuff.

    Go Flyers.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  7. Being a Pittsburgh fan, I just laugh at the misery of these fellow Rust Belt cities. I have seen all my favorite teams (Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, and Panthers) win champoinships in my lifetime and I am only 34 years old! What a great article, enjoyed it thoroughly.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  8. OK, the fact that we are having this argument is the reason why Buffalo is the most tortured city. Our pain is brought up for comparison everytime another city/sports team suffers a crushing defeat regardless of relevance. So basically, Cleveland’s major league baseball team lost and because of this Buffalo becomes part of the story, even though we don’t have a MLB team and the only connection that could be drawn is that the Bisons are a farm team of the Indians? When another team loses and rips the hearts out of an entire city and immediately following, everyone starts talking about every time it happened to Cleveland, then and only then will I even ligitimise any argument against Buffalo’s plight. Oh and on a side note, has a Cleveland team ever lost in the play-offs due to an act of God, because it took a pestilence to prevent the Buffalo Sabres from beating the Carolina Hurricanes in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2005/06 season.

    By Mark on Oct 24, 2007

  9. How many lacross titles does cleveland have? ;)

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  10. Neither Buffalo nor Cleveland has four sports that constantly disappoint them. Cleveland currently has the best player in the NBA. Buffalo has an exciting hockey team and has had one for a few years now.

    What, exactly, do I have to look forward to in Philly? I can look back on 93 consecutive seasons of ineptitude, complete with a grand total of six attempts at winning a league championship over that time.

    By Bill on Oct 24, 2007

  11. What about New Orleans? Has anybody forgotten about the saints…talk about heart breaking. The first time they do anything in the playoffs in a long time and they suck again. Or the Hornets…playing in Norman, OK? and they don’t even have a hockey team. To me that city deserves at least a shot of contention.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  12. The river on fire? Seriously? You really went there? People make it out as if the river was engulfed in flames for weeks on end. It was a polluted river and at times debris and oil slicks floating through would ignite. Time Magazine paid some attention to it when it happened in 1969, which spurred the environmental movement. But people make it out as if it was something on par with San Diego’s second major wildfire in a couple of years. Please. The river has been cleaned up and there is now a $250+ million housing project going up along the east bank of the river downtown, and no the major attraction isn’t being able to roast marshmellows on the river.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  13. Cleveland should win. Not only did the Browns takes their ‘bones to Baltimore but the new Browns, nee Ravens, won the Super Bowl.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  14. Okay yes OSU has some very good teams and did win a National Championship back in ’02. However, don’t overlook the fact that the Buckeyes most recently lost the Nation Championships to both football and basketball…in the same year…..TO THE SAME SCHOOL!!!

    I feel for Buffalo, but Cleveland wins hands down. You make a list, Cleveland wins. Finally, Cleveland wins at something.

    By zach on Oct 24, 2007

  15. You mentioned that at least we still have OSU and get to watch LeBron…Well OSU lost two national championships this year (got blown out in both) and the cavs were easily swept aside in the finals followed by the collapse of the Indians. That’s only one calendar year. How could you even compare anything Buffalo as dealt with to us?? Granted the Bills are a heartbreaker…but that’s the only real sport you guys have…and no, hockey doesn’t count..

    By Jason on Oct 24, 2007

  16. Buffalo is the most tortured by far. Wide Right. No Goal 1 and 2. The loss of the Braves. Heart breaking loss after heart breaking loss. Cleveland can boast about LeBron James, Jim Brown, Ottow Graham etc etc. Buffalo can boast about…..OJ. Philly at least has won a World Series, some Stanley Cups, and even had Villanova upset G-Town. Buffalo, not so much. Until Buffalo finally gets a break and wins either a Super Bowl or a Stanley Cup, no other city can hold a candle up to what Buffalonians have had to endure their entire lives.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  17. Woah woah woah woah! Time out there buddy! I guess its time for a brief history lesson on Cleveland sports and this so called “inability to win the big one.” Every team goes through a period of a slump now and again, but the city of Cleveland has had its share of a world championship! More so than many other cities. Back to school you go:

    Bulldogs/Indians: 1924
    Rams: 1945
    Browns: 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1954, 1955, 1964

    Indians: 1920, 1948
    Buckeyes (Negro League: 1945

    Pipers (ABL): 1962

    Force/Crunch: 1994, 1996, 1999

    Barons: 1938, 1941, 1945, 1948, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1957, 1964

    Now, would you care to talk about Cleveland not being able to win championships…

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  18. How could you leave out Atlanta? One championship in the city’s history, and the Braves got that one in only 14 tries.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  19. “They’ll blow it in the playoffs… they will, they will.” -Randy Quaid, Major League (II?)

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  20. What no love for my state of Minnesota? I mean at the very least we’re in the top 5. Before the Bills came along, The Vikings were the poster child for futility in big games…4 super bowl losses, and I might add not just losses 4 BLOWOUT losses. We didn’t even have a chance. The bills darn near won a couple of those. Do I even need to mention fred smoot’s fun and denny green’s kneel down? Sure the Twins won a couple series’ but whom else in a 10 year span (mid 80’s to mid 90’s) can go from worst to first to worst to first and back to worst. That takes skill my friends. Hockey? don’t even mention to me the North Stars. Basketball? well we screwed up a franchise and let it go to LA and become the 2nd most storied team in history…nice job there. And that’s not even mentioning the T-puppies 0 for lifetime in the playoffs. How about big time college sports? Have you seen the Gopher football team or basketball team lately. Of course you haven’t since we just lost to 2 or 3 1-AA teams. So what do we have? Well the fishing’s nice…just don’t turn on your radio while you’re on the boat or you might hearabout the latest in a long line of screw ups.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  21. Must I remind everyone of a playoff game where Buffalo lost to Cleveland when Ronny Harmon dropped a pass that went right through his hands in the endzone. This was somewhere in the late 80’s but just another dagger in the hearts of Buffalo fans.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  22. How ironic… Another contest in which Cleveland finishes “oh, so close” to the top…

    Another day another near-miss defeat.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  23. You should come to an Eagles game and share your opinion about Philadelphia with the City of Brotherly Love…..


    By The Guru on Oct 24, 2007

  24. Nice sentiment you Jackass.

    By GURUisaTool on Oct 24, 2007

  25. Anonymous at 11:17 asked who knows any struggles the Sabres may have had?

    The people that count do: the people of Buffalo who have had to endure it. It doesn’t matter if other people don’t know about it, but we do, and it just adds to the torture of being a Buffalo sports fan.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  26. are you aware that Chief Justice Roberts was born in Buffalo? Talk about a homer!

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  27. Great article. I think Cleveland is the worst and that is only because I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan. And the fact that I feel bad for Buffalo. I still think Cleveland has had the most screw-ups. I hope Buffalo does something god before I die. Cleveland still sucks! If you asked any Pittsburgh person, they would say this is a syaing they are familiar with.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  28. Where is Minnesota on this list? We havent won a pro sport title since 91′ even though we have franchises in all 4 major sports. We lost our North Stars to Dallas. Thats right, a hockey team moved from Minnesota to Texas.

    The Timberwolves have fallen apart over the past 3 seasons and the Vikings? The Vikings? There is a team that makes their fans suffer. They have lost all 4 Super Bowls they have appeared in, which hasnt been since the 1970’s.

    Have you not seen the highlights of the 98′ NFC title game? Gary Anderson is a name that still makes Minnesotans shutter.

    By TwinsWin83 on Oct 24, 2007

  29. I liked the article. I’m Pittsburgh fan so it pleased me. I dont like the Pirates though. I also think that Cleveland is home to the biggest losers. They have had waY more screw-ups.I havent seen a world series or stanley cup but i know we will be getting a stanley cup soon. I feel bad for Buffalo with losing those super bowls. Ive been to Ralph Wilson staium and their fans get ticked when they lose. Cleveland SUCKS. All Pittsburgh people know that

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  30. Being a Cleveland sports fan, it is hands down no questions asked, winner for Cleveland!! Disappointment after disappointment! I don’t even see how Buffalo can compare to Cleveland. Sure the Bills lost 4 superbowls, but 4 seasons of finishing second is NO COMPARISON to even 3 seasons of NO TEAM!! Those 3 years without the Browns felt like the most empty time you could possibly imagine. Waking up Christmas morning and finding you had NO presents couldn’t even compare to losing the Browns… And for all you Sqeeeler fans, your time is coming.. Mike Tomlin is just riding the coat tails of Bill Cowher… Your decade of losing is on the brink!! Get ready for a long ride!!

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  31. I guess Salt Lake City doesn’t get mentioned. Maybe because everyone tries to forget the place actually exists. The Jazz have teased their fans with decent regular seasons only to flame out in the playoffs. And whats worse…spending 7 months waiting for the next season without anything to chear for.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  32. See, I have to go for Buffalo here, and it’s not just a sports matter. Living just across the border in Soviet Canuckistan, I know first hand that crossing the bridge into Buffalo is similar to crossing the Korean demilitarization line. The city, sadly, is left back somewhere in the 1970s. At least Cleveland still has a pretty sizable population surrounding it. Everything Western NY, as a region, does turns to shit. More than any other rust belt city, there IS NO HOPE for the area of Buffalo-Niagara. The Bills will leave, probably 140 clicks around Lake Ontario to Toronto, which I’ve always wanted but NEVER at the expense of Buffalo. I see Buffalo useful for cheap clothing and consumer products, and thats pretty much it. Americans see it useful for even less. The Sabres are doomed when (not if) Hamilton or somewhere else in the Toronto area gets an NHL team as per Jim Balsillie’s wishes, and barring a literal miracle almost as unbelievable as the Music City one, Buffalo as a city is finished.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  33. I’m really not trying to brag here (like anyone would), but give it a shot being from Buffalo which obviously equates to me being a huge Bills and Sabres fan. Then add on the fact that I’m a lifelong Indians fan as well. The only good thing I can see in my near future is the fact that I now live in Denver. I guess we know what’s gonna happen to the Rockies.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  34. Of course, Scalia practiced law in Cleveland.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  35. Phoenix is definately not on this list. D-Backs, Suns, Sun Devils, Mercury, and even the Coyotes. Maybe someday Arizona will get a professional football team.

    By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2007

  36. Also, the Indian’s Ray Chapman is the only Major League Baseball player to be killed during a game.

    By Shawn on Oct 25, 2007

  37. quick comment about osu included with cleveland: i don’t think that makes sense. if you are going to give osu to cleveland, at least give syracuse to buffalo. in fact, i think (if i have my geography correct), both akron and toledo are 1-A schools closer to cleveland than osu (columbus). re-work this with syracuse and your 5-4 decision might go the other way! (sorry, cleveland fans!)

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  38. I could make a pretty compelling case for San Diego. Luckily we have a near perfect climate, because our sports teams are dreadful. Consider the following:

    * Zero championships (unless you count the America’s Cup or indoor soccer).
    * The Padres are 1-8 in World Series games.
    * The Padres play at a place called PETCO Park.
    * Rosanne Barr singing the Nat’l Anthem.
    * The Chargers lost 52-28 in their only Super Bowl appearance.
    * God damned Ryan Leaf!
    * Remember Cleveland, Marty was our coach in the playoffs too.
    * We lost the Rockets to Houston and the Clippers to LA. (Okay, so the Clippers was more like addition by subtraction)
    * Good possibility we lose the Chargers to LA
    * Div I NCAA sports nearly non existent.

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  39. If your city won a championship during the Reagan Administration or after, you are not tortured.

    “What about Minneapolis? The Twins only won TWO World Series and the T-Wolves suck.”


    And yes, Minnesota you lost the North Stars. And yes, Cleveland, you lost the Browns. But you both got replacements.

    Show of hands of people who think Buffalo will receive a replacement NFL franchise when the Bills leave for Las Vegas?


    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  40. Philadelphia did’nt win anything in 1983. Check your history moron, the Orioles beat them 4 games to 1 in the World Series. Thats as close as they got.

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  41. I didn’t realize the 76ers either (1) didn’t win a championship in 1983, or (2) moved from Philadelphia during the 1982-83 season and then returned the next year.

    By the way, there is no such thing as an Atlanta sports “fan.” So, they shouldn’t be included on any list of sports futility. Maybe if they actually showed up to a playoff series, somebody will feel sorry for them.

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  42. Minnesota,

    You lost the North Stars, well in case you don’t remember the North Stars were the Cleveland Barons before they moved to Minnesota. Cleveland has not had an NHL team since then.

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  43. Atlanta,

    Your World Series win was against who else, Cleveland..

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  44. Cleveland Barons didnt move to Minnesota, the North Stars were already there. Their operations just merged with that particular struggling franchise. Still…I’ll put Columbus in Cleveland’s market and that oughtta continue the suffering…cuz damn.

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  45. furthermore, I think the Phoenix suggestion is entirely valid, minus the Dbacks in 2001…which was more the Yankees screwup than Arizona’s win. I mean…imagine being a Coyotes or Cardinals fan…damn. Almost as bad as being a Leafs fan

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  46. Four Super Bowls. We lost four Super Bowls!!!

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  47. Hmmm, no mention of Milwaukee in the runner up division. Someone needs to hit the books or the internet.

    Number of Brewers championship…anyone, anyone, anyone? Suds Series…Milwaukee soaked – Bud team wins.

    Number of Bucks championships…anyone, anyone, anyone? 1 – 1971

    Last memorable event in Milwaukee…perhaps Marquette’s NCAA championship (1974) or perhaps Hank Aaron’s final home run (755 – 1976) or perhaps Nolan Ryan’s 300th win (1990) – both at County Stadium…which is now a parking lot for Miller Park.

    Number of Wave (this is soccer – people) championships…anyone, anyone, anyone? 4 – 1997/98, 1999/2000, 2000/2001, 2004/2005…average attendance for 2004/2005 seaspm – a blistering 3,675…wow, that’s HUGE.

    If I recall correctly, this city lost its Arena football team….

    Okay, Green Bay is two hours north, but its not Milwaukee.

    Okay, Madison is one hour to the west, but again, its not Milwaukee.

    Give some props the the loser that is Milwaukee.

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  48. “The Bills agony maybe the most intense, but who really knows about any struggles the Sabres might have had?”

    Ummm, the million Sabres fans in WNY who bleed blue-and-gold certainly do. In Buffalo, you must understand, the Sabres are as big, or nearly as big, as the Bills right now. Many people, including myself, still seethe at the thought of Brett Hull with his skate in the crease.

    Maybe things are different in Cleveland, but in Buffalo, the NHL is a big deal, and no one gives a c**p about basketball. Many Buffalonians would give their firstborn for a Stanley Cup.

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  49. Give me a break, the Sabres as big as the Bills in your dreams maybe
    Buffalo has always been a football town first and foremost, and if the Bills do leave bet the bank the Sabres won’t be far behind,
    my vote goes to Cleveland

    By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007

  50. Cleveland Sucks. Period. Feel the Pittsburhg steel.

    By Shaun Spencer on Oct 25, 2007

  51. Cleveland sucks. Pitttsburgh rules. Myron Cope called them the Brownies for a reason.

    By Chauncey Bencer on Oct 25, 2007

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