Sanchez And His Father Feel The Heat

October 25, 2007 – 12:37 am by Ryan Phillips

Last Saturday in South Bend, a star was born under center for the USC Trojans. Sure, the Fighting Irish didn’t pose much of a challenge, but Mark Sanchez looked great running the Trojan offense and his boundless enthusiasm and intensity won over much of the USC faithful. Throwing for 235 yards and four touchdowns against a hated rival will do that for you. His performance in the 38-0 victory was a big moment for Sanchez, but this weekend’s match up with No. 5 Oregon could be even bigger. It looks almost certain that he will get the nod over the still injured John David Booty. A victory in Saturday’s “Duck Hunt” would definitely bring USC back into the national title picture.

But you might have to excuse Sanchez if his mind isn’t completely on the game as the Trojans fly up to Eugene for this weekend’s game. His father, Nick, is one of the thousands of firefighters currently on the front lines in California, battling the devastating wildfires there. Apparently, Nick Sanchez has been called in to deal with everything from the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, to Katrina rescues, to simple tasks like getting cats out of trees, according to his son. Because of the fires, Mark’s father will not be in attendance at Saturday’s game. A strange situation, considering when he’s not on call, the 59-year-old drives more than an hour just to attend every USC workout.

“He’s always been in my corner,” Mark said. “It’s an awesome relationship, so it’s hard when he’s not here.”

Mark – who looks a lot like Vincent Chase – has a tough task ahead of him on Saturday afternoon, but it looks a lot less daunting when you put things in perspective.

That is really a great article about Sanchez and his dad I linked above. Very well done. As this has been a tough week for everyone from southern California, it has been hard to look at the positives. But honestly, the way the emergency services have worked together and the response from the government, Governor Schwarzenegger and the citizens has been amazing. I personally want to thank the brave men and women (like Mr. Sanchez) for everything they do for us. I really can’t thank them enough.

On a personal note, I also want to thank everyone for their comments and emails of support. I really appreciate it. My house was not lost to the fire, thankfully the winds died down before it could reach us. It got far too close for comfort, (within a few miles) but the evacuation order has currently been lifted and my parents have moved back in. But please keep your thoughts and prayers with the other families who were not as lucky as we were. Currently 1,500 homes and more than 700 square miles have burned, and 28,000 homes are still threatened.

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