Joe Torre Is My Hero

October 18, 2007 – 6:00 pm by McD

Apparently, our warning yesterday was too late. Not only is Billy Martin not walking through that door to manage the New York Yankees, anyone they hire except for Casey Stengel is a major downgrade. No potential replacement has the experience or the temperament to properly deal with managing that team. This is yet another reason to hate the Yankees. They really do think they can plug whomever they’d like into the team and expect to win the World Series.

But we spent yesterday talking about how the Yankees are already a mess and that was IF they brought Joe Torre back. Well, today they insulted him with a one-year offer that included a $2.5 million pay cut and “performance incentives” should the team do well in the postseason. The Yankees didn’t even want to negotiate with Joe, they just told him to take it or leave it. So Joe left it.

I have to hand it to Joe, not only is he classy, he’s got balls. This is the most prestigious gig in baseball and he walked away and probably wont regret it. He could have decided to leave right after the season, but instead he waited until they offered him a deal and then walked away. Not to sound like Jim Rome, but that is awesome. Phe-nomenal. In-credible.

I could only think of five other moves throughout history that were as awesome/wonderful/ballsy as Joe leaving the Yankees like this, so I figured I’d share them with you. Feel free to add your own, these are just the ones that popped into my head.

George Washington refusing a third term as presid
When George Washington decided not to run for a third term as president in 1796, because he thought it was the right thing to do, even though he would have been easily elected. Washington thought if he stayed on, it would be no different than the United States having a king, which was a system they had just spent seven years fighting against. George instead removed himself from public office and issued one of the most influential public addresses in the history of our country, urging people to put aside their differences for the good of the nation.

Jesus’ crucifixion
When Jesus let himself be crucified despite having superpowers including the knowledge the event was going to happen in the future. He could have just flown out of there and used his eye-lasers, but he didn’t. Neither did Joe Torre. He saw this coming and waited it out, then dropped a Resurrection-like bomb on the Yankees’ brass. People should start putting up pictures of Torre shaking his head at Cashman, et. al.

Cash Warren making a sacrifice for men everywhere
Cash Warren cheating on Jessica Alba. That made Alba single and men everywhere could be heard yelling “GAME ON!!!!” Seriously Cash thank you. This was either the best or worst move ever. We like to think you were sacrificing your own status because you were looking out for the rest of us. I mean you had to do something, you insist on people calling you Cash for God’s sake. You had to find a way to redeem your douchey-ass and you did it (on a side note, What Would Tyler Durden Do is the best site ever). There are rumors that Warren and Alba are back together, but until she tells us personally we refuse to believe it.

Johnny Sack makes his move
When Johnny Sack decided to whack Carmine Lupertazzi because Carmine was getting in the way of profits on the Esplanade. It never actually happened because Tony backed out and Carmine had a stroke, but even telling Tony was ballsy. That scene in the car where Johnny lets Tony know what he’s thinking, is one of the all-time “Oh Sh*t!” moments in television history. Johnny made his play and though things were worked out in the end, New York’s family structure was never the same. When we read that Torre turned down the Yankees today, we had the same reaction as we did when Johnny made his move.

Nelson Mandela deals with some drama
Nelson Mandela spent 27 years of his life in prison, got released after the fall of apartheid, became president of South Africa, and then won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. Yeah, the guy has been through some stuff and came out the other side looking like a saint. Nice work Nelson. Seriously, think of another person in our time who has been through more and never given up. Imagine if after Andy Dufresne escaped he was elected president then won the Nobel Peace Prize. Then imagine he’s black. That’s roughly what Mandela has done. And after working for George Steinbrenner for the last 12 years, we feel like Torre has suffered more than could be asked of any man.

So here’s to you, Joe Torre. All I ask of you now is that you avoid signing with any NL West team.

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  1. 11 Responses to “Joe Torre Is My Hero”

  2. The lowball offer, in effect, was the Yankees way of firing Torre without actually firing him. I’m glad that everyone thinks Torre got to leave “on his own terms,” but the reality is that his tenure in NY ended with a slap in the face.

    By Kevin Hayward on Oct 19, 2007

  3. i have a whole new respect for Joe Torre now. Im a die hard Red Sox fan and what that man did to us for all those years has killed us, although im glad to see him go, i admire his courage to not take a deal that he know was not fair, and basically an insult so the Yankees organization could atleast say “well, we offered, he turned it down” Joe, if by some miracle you read this, you are a hero, you stood true to your honor and dignity, as you should have because you deserve better then what they were willing to give you. Good Luck Joe, Im sure youll land on your feet, and the hall of fame

    By Anonymous on Oct 19, 2007

  4. heres another ballsy move…. anyone signing who signs with the tampa bay devil rays….. you’re willingly giving up any hope at a championship to play in Tampa…. now that takes balls

    By Anonymous on Oct 19, 2007

  5. I think it was a totally fair offer. He didn’t perform to expectations, so they offered him a deal that STILL made him the highest paid manager in baseball, along with incentives to make more than he makes now if he did what he was supposed to do all along.

    By all rights, they should have fired him when they were near the bottom of the AL East mid-season. But they stuck with him, and then made an offer after his team got smacked down by a lesser Indians team.

    Honestly, Brian Cashman needs to go, too. He’s failed to bring anything resembling decent starting pitching in and instead relies on bats, which we all know do not win championships.

    By Justin on Oct 19, 2007

  6. And thus ends the tale of The Rise and Fall of the Evil Empire…

    By Anonymous on Oct 19, 2007

  7. Joe Torre is finally gone!!!! Most overrated manager in the history of baseball!!!! Please people stop bowing down to the Almighty Joe Torre!!!!

    By Anonymous on Oct 19, 2007

  8. Nelson Mandela? Really? A convicted terrorist responsible for multiple horrible deaths, and you imply he is a hero? Wow. Are you a fan of Osama too?

    By Anonymous on Oct 19, 2007

  9. never thought that George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Jesus and some human named Cash Warren would be named in the same article.

    By Anonymous on Oct 19, 2007

  10. He was convicted of treason and calling Mandela a terrorist is the same as calling George Washington a terrorist for committing treason against Britain. For helping to end Apartheid Mandela is a hero in the eyes of most of the world and certainly in S. Africa.
    The Yankees will continue to make the playoffs no matter who is managing them, even a terrorist like Nelson could lose in the first round to the Indians.

    By Anonymous on Oct 19, 2007

  11. Justin, i am an enormous yankees hater, but you are a complete idiot. i dont even know where to start with your comment. so im not going to waste my time. just know that you are unintelligent and an embarassment to sports fans.

    By Anonymous on Oct 19, 2007

  12. this is for the goof-ball who decided to bash Mendela, get your facts together because your way off….and….Osama fan comment, wow it screams look at me im an american.

    By Anonymous on Oct 23, 2007

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