Hoover Is ‘F’d In The ‘A’

October 25, 2007 – 7:50 pm by McD

I’m sure most of you remember MTV’s reality show “Two-A-Days” about Hoover, Alabama’s high school football team and their uber-stereotype of a coach, Rush Propst. The show’s first season depicted Hoover winning their fourth straight state title and, among other things, the show introduced us to ‘Bama Bangs and the absurdly attractive young women who date personality-less football players, not that we really needed re-acquainting with the latter. The second season was more of the hot chicks, but less on the winning state titles: the Hoover Bucs lost in the championship game. In the interim, it’s hard to calculate how many times we wondered aloud how long it would be before a major controversy enveloped Hoover regarding their football team.

Well, it turns out Hoover High School Football was as corrupt and scandalous as we, and pretty much everyone else, thought during the show’s airing. Maybe even worse. And it took less than a year after the show ended for the Bucs to land in a steaming pile of controversy. A short list of the issues surrounding Hoover football this season:

The Quasi-Accidental:
-The Bucs were forced to forfeit four games because they used Tristan Purifoy in practice, an ineligible player, who transferred in from another school. The team now must win this Friday’s game to be eligible for the playoffs. They were also fined $500.

The Expected:
– A 67-page investigation led by a retired judge found numerous instances of grade-changing for football players (hence the insanely creative little grade pun in the title of this post). One student was allowed to retake an economics test three times without the teacher’s consent. I’m really more disappointed that the players couldn’t just figure out a good way to cheat. Getting the administration to help is just lazy.

The Bad:
-Propst apparently had an “inappropriate relationship” (but not in a sexual way) with an assistant principal who would pressure teachers and other staff to give extra benefits to football players. The assistant principal has since resigned.

-Propst knowingly used two ineligible players in a JV game against a hated rival. It’s freaking JV and they’re still cheating. That’s the very height of pathetic.

-An assistant coach went to another school’s practice to spy for Hoover. Insert Belichick joke here. Hoover was fined a whopping $250 for this offense. No word on whether Gregg Easterbrook will make Hoover the subject of his next six Tuesday Morning Quarterback columns (which are excellent, by the way).

-Propst may have failed to report thousands of dollars in income from television broadcasts of Hoover games and football camps. Any of this income would be illegal for him to obtain. The guy already makes over $100,000 a year and gets a free car from a local dealership, how greedy can he be? Nevermind.

The Capper:
-The investigation also found that Propst may have a second family whom he supported in another town. Propst allowed the investigators to examine his bank records and they found he “has been providing financial support for this family.” Well, if Propst wanted a way to make all the other improprieties surrounding his team seem somehow less important, this little piece of gossip got the job done, unlike John Parker Wilson’s little brother. That kid was terrible. Aww, I’m kidding. Stop being so sensitive.

In the end, this could cost Propst his job at Hoover, but it’s doubtful it’ll change the culture surrounding the team all that much. It’s not like the Hoover Bucs are an isolated case. There is so much pressure placed on high school programs, coaches and especially players these days that things like changing grades are a fairly common form of cheating. For kids that are good at sports, the emphasis is often to remain good at sports and keep school second. The football-player-as-hero culture is nothing new at high schools, but some schools and fan-bases take things way too far. And then create a reality show about the caricature that their affluent suburb has become. Maybe being on television isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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  1. 14 Responses to “Hoover Is ‘F’d In The ‘A’”

  2. Never watched the show, but this school sounds like a complete and total mess. Athletes at every level need to stop expecting a free ride, and coaches, administrators and fans need to stop giving it to them.

    By Kevin Hayward on Oct 26, 2007

  3. Speaking of hero-worship of high school football players, rumor has it that former Congressional Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr was on campus at Warren Central sniffing around…

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2007

  4. I don’t care what this story says. Rush Probst is one fine American. I would want my son playing for him any day of the week. He is one of the greatest scumbags ever to walk the halls of Hoover High.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2007

  5. that one girl with the dark hair was just ridiculously hot. it almost broke my heart that she was involved with some 17 year old moron football player who wasn’t even good at football. yes, I am 27 year old. I am not ashamed.

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2007

  6. Players getting a free ride?? First of all nothing is free, everything comes with a price. As soon as something happens with athletes, its a big deal. God forbid anyone ever investigated other kids grades. Im sure you would find the same thing. But no one wants to hear about a teachers pet who needed a higher grade in chemistry to get into a college of their choosing. No one cares about that, only if its an athlete which some people are either jealous of, or have some personal vendetta against. Grow up

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2007

  7. what athletes getting a free ride? people cheating? what world do you live in loser? hoover football rules

    By Anonymous on Oct 26, 2007

  8. As a Hoover graduate I can honestly say, people saying this school sounds like a mess need to get a reality check, albeit my friends and I agree that under their former principal, this would have never been allowed. Hoover is a good school, even if it’s obsession with football is unhealthy.

    (In my time there)Football recieved extra funds, the best football players were allowed to misbehave by teachers, and the track team always got drug tested instead of the best football players, who announced in class that their weekends consisted of drinking and drugs.

    I graduated right before the show started being filmed, but I was at work at the local movie theater when MTV brought the players up to fake going to the movies for the pilot episode. I had to pretend to sell them food. This show is so obviously fake, just like any show I’ve seen on MTV, why bother taking it seriously? I just know that the current administration must have been so money hungry they didn’t care at what effect it may have on the students and their reputation.

    By Sadie on Oct 26, 2007

  9. There are many coaches, of many sports,in this country missing the same key elements as Rush Propst.
    He was hired to BUILD a football program at that school. The city knew of his dirty past when they hired him. He was run out of Eufalah Alabama for many of the same reasons.All they were focused on, was to be winners.The best,at all costs.
    well…the addage, Be careful what you wish for…”,is a haunting reminder of what was truly lost by their willingness too look the other way. By running off honest educators within the school,only to replace them with those who will play along and keep it hush hush. Even well placed board members ,those who’s job it is to OVERSEE teachers,administrators,coaches,finances ect. Secretly knowing all , cowardly keeping mum because his kid is the kicker for the team.
    WOW we’re on television, is’nt this great? Thanks Coach Propst.

    Well he delivered, and what goes up…must come down. I wonder if integrity and honesty will ever play sports again.

    By Leesa Trull on Oct 26, 2007

  10. Leesa, I really wished you had used spell-check before you posted your comment. It might be easier to take you a little more seriously.

    First, it is Eufaula, Alabama not Eufalah. And Coach Propst did not come directly to Hoover from Eufaula. He had two coaching jobs in between.

    Also, it is adage, not addage.

    By the way, I don’t the kicker is Coach Propst’s son. His brother does have two sons who play for Hoover, Simon and John. Coach Propst’s son is Jacob, who is 16 and not listed on the roster.

    Before anyone completely condemns Coach Propst for what he did, I think they need to take a good look in the mirror. There is a huge network of parents and supporters involved in Hoover football and any of them could have, and should have, stopped the wrongdoing a long time ago. Also, the bad things that went on at Hoover didn’t happen overnight and are not limited to just Hoover and probably not to just schools in Alabama. Oxford and Huffman both have to forfeit games for some of the same violations as Hoover.

    Most importantly, the deluge of negative press and gossip affects a lot more people than just Coach Propst, particularly his wife and three kids whom I know are very, very nice people. I am in no way condoning what went on at Hoover, but I have noticed that when things go wrong, many times we all are too eager to add insult to injury when maybe we should be offering solutions and support for everyone involved.

    Here’s a link to Coach Propst’s bio with a great picture of his family.


    The man didn’t just fall into the job he has today, he obviously earned it with a lot of hard work. Maybe the fame and power did go to his head, but I don’t think it’s a death blow or anything that he could not learn from going forward.

    By Anonymous on Oct 27, 2007

  11. Well, I suppose it is easy to critique someones mispelling from afar while posting in anonymous form.

    so,since this has become a grammer class let me quote your mistake as well before I continue to why I came back today.

    **Anonymous said… “By the way, I don’t the kicker is Coach Propst’s son.”
    Enough said on this I believe.

    here is a link to update this story for those NOT in the know…


    By Leesa Trull on Oct 31, 2007

  12. Also, Just for the record. My first post was NOT refering that the kicker was propst’s son. The kicker is Andy Craig’s son, The head of the Hoover Board of Education. Hence the term,Administrators turning their heads and looking the other way.

    By Leesa Trull on Oct 31, 2007

  13. I’m amused that we are arguing over grammar and spelling mistakes.

    First of all, I watch two-a-days on mtv when I can. It’s a great show, despite the fact that these types of “reality” shows are ridiculously scripted.

    Secondly, as a recent graduate of high school, I know for a fact that this type of scandal goes on not just at hoover, but all over the country. The summer after I graduated, the principal and assistant principal were both investigated for grade changing and the vice principal was investigated for having an affair with a student. How’s that for scandal? That only reason that Hoover High’s scandal is making national news is because of the tv show. Stick any good high school, like Maryville High School in Knoxville, TN, in front of cameras and the inside scandal is sure to surface.

    I was embarrassed to know that I too graduated from a school that contain so much scandal. The truth of the matter is that almost all high schools have some sort of similar scandal. I feel sorry for the alumni and current students at Hoover High for having to deal with these issues in the public eye. Kudos to them for being as proud and supportive of their school in this time of turmoil.


    By Anonymous on Dec 8, 2007

  14. wow i dont even know where to begin. lets start with the question on why the hell do you people think that ya’ll have the right to judge a high school when you have never even stepped foot on their campus?!?!?! thats not right at all, or mature. Hoover High School is one of the GREATEST high schools in this nation. I’ve grown up in Hoover ALL my life and not once have we eveer been involved in a scandal until now. We realize that there was a problem in our school and we fixed it, maybe instead of bashing hoover all the time out of jealousy, ya’ll could be so kind as to go check our school website and see that we fired propst a long time ago. And as for calling the whole suburb of hoover a bad place, that is completly uncalled for. my mom is actually the chairman of the board of trustees and i know she and the whole hoover chamber of commerce has done a great job at maintaining hoovers prestige title as one of the best places to live in the state of alabama. So next time ya’ll are thinking about bashing someone, why dont ya’ll start with the arrogant, jealous, idiotic high schools that dont even come close to accomplishing the stuff that hoover high school does on a regular basis.

    By Anonymous on Jul 28, 2008

  15. oh and by the way whoever left the comment about correcting someone on their spelling. i just wanted to tell that person to shove it, cause coach propst con is NOT named jacob. its bryan, and hes one of my good friends.

    By Anonymous on Jul 28, 2008

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