Stadium Review: Lambeau Field

September 26, 2007 – 11:59 pm by Ryan Phillips

As mentioned in a post yesterday, McD, Booter (our resident legal expert) and I spent Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field, watching our beloved San Diego Chargers completely crap the bed defensively against the Packers. Anytime I visit a new stadium, I like to evaluate it on several levels to see how it stacks up against the others I’ve been to. Lambeau scored very highly on several aspects of my test but utterly failed on others. I really wasn’t expecting that. This was supposed to be hallowed ground. And while the ambiance did live up to expectations, many other factors simply did not. Here follows my review of Lambeau.

All ratings are on a scale from 0-10, 10 equaling perfection:

Atmosphere: 8.5

The stadium itself is much like you see on television. The fact that you’re in a big bowl, with fans packed tightly together makes you feel like you’re in an old school stadium. The Packers’ Ring of Honor also connects you to the former greats who have played there as well. But recent improvements aimed at modernizing the building do take away from the overall feeling that you’re in a historic building.

Facilities: 9
No complaints here. Other than the ridiculous walk up a circular ramp to our seats, the facilities were top notch. Everything from the two large, easily visible scoreboards, to the beautiful atrium as you enter made you feel like you were in a fully modern, state-of-the-art stadium.

Food: 5
Incredibly average. Nothing special here. The hot dogs were alright, the beer selection (Miller products) was disappointing and sadly the bratwursts were actually pretty bad. The only saving grace was a nicely priced chicken tenders and fries basket. But really we all got the feeling that the food in the parking lot at the tailgate was probably way better than anything in the stadium.

Seats: 3
The sight-lines were perfect and I really don’t think there is a bad seat in the house, but my back was killing me after the game because of those lame metal benches. While I’m all for the old-style benches making us all feel like we’re watching a game in 1955, the kind that have no back really suck. I refuse to pay for a ticket (ok, so I didn’t actually pay for my ticket) and then pay to rent a seat cushion with a back on it so I can feel comfortable. If you’re going to spend more money updating the stadium, how about fixing that huh?

Tailgate Atmosphere: 9

Not just the walk-up, parking lot area, but all the surrounding bars, parking lots and streets were flush with tons of people, activity and guys on PA systems yelling innocuous statements and encouraging people to sing karaoke. There were drinking games, mechanical bull riding contests, and tons of drunk middle aged guys trying to slur insults at passing Chargers fans. Basically it’s what I imagine Mardi Gras would be like if it was run by the YMCA and everyone was over 35-years-old.

Fan Support: 9
Bear in mind, this has nothing to do with fan etiquette which will come later. That said, the Packers fans were loud and they all showed up in their Packers jerseys. Boy did they show up in their Packers jerseys. Here’s a list of all the different players jerseys we saw, and these are just the ones we can remember: #25 Dorsey Levens, #34 Edgar Bennett, #52 Frank Winters, #88 Keith Jackson, #32 Samkon Gado, #12 Aaron Rodgers, #36 Leroy Butler, #42 Darren Sharper, #21 Craig Newsome, #92 Reggie White, #77 Cullen Jenkins, #50 A.J. Hawk, #15 Bart Starr, #5 Paul Hornug, #59 Wayne Simmons, #7 Don Majkowski, #89 Mark Chmura, #32 Brandon Jackson, #89 Robert Ferguson, #87 Robert Brooks, #66 Ray Nitschke, #88 Bubba Franks, #4 Brett Favre, #86 Antonio Freeman, #84 Javon Walker, #84 Sterling Sharpe, #93 Gilbert Brown, #82 Don Beebe, #56 Nick Barnett, #76 Chad Clifton, #96 Sean Jones, #34 Mike McKenzie, #85 Greg Jennings, #52 Abdul Hodge, #51 Brady Poppinga, #21 Charles Woodson, #74 Aaron Kampman, #80 Donald Driver, #59 Na’il Diggs, #94 Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, #30 Ahman Green, #33 William Henderson, #3 Tony Canadeo … like I said, those are just the ones we remember seeing. It was insane.

Eye Candy: -12
Guh. Seriously, Wisconsin has a serious problem when it comes to women. There was not a semi-good looking one to be found. Anywhere. At all. Even the Miller girls at the local bars were gross. There is not a quantifiable amount of alcohol I’d have to drink to nail the average chick I saw. I didn’t expect much from Green Bay, but this was atrocious. I figured there would be some token moderately attractive women somewhere. I thought wrong. The utter lack of “foaf” (yeah it’s my word, feel free to use it) at Lambeau really took away from the experience.

Fans: 2
This refers to the general attitude of the fans as we experienced it. Of course any time you’re a visiting fan wearing your team’s jersey in a stadium with rabid fans, you can expect to eat a certain level of sh*t. We were fully prepared for that and it didn’t bother us at all. It’s not the heckling that bugged us, it’s how freaking annoying and un-knowledgeable the fans around us were. So much so that the two long-time season ticket holders behind us were constantly apologizing for the way the other fans were acting. We didn’t so much as respond to one bit of the razzing we were taking. We purposely just sat there, cheered when our team did well but didn’t fire back. It’s fine to heckle but when the game is over, you don’t gloat or cat-call the opposing fans, you say “good game” and shake their hands/pat them on the back. Only one fan (not including the two gentlemen behind us) acted classy and didn’t try to rub it in. If the Chargers had won I think they would have started crying.

On the way to the exit and through the parking lot to the car we finally started responding because we were fed up. Here are two of the exchanges I had with them:
Packer fan #2 with ugly chick on his arm: “Go home!”
Me: “You mean San Diego, where the weather is perfect and the chicks are hot? Yeah I’m headed there right now. Enjoy the trip back to your duplex with your brutal chick man. We lost a football game, you lost in life.”

Female Packer fan: “Hey! Hey! Can you turn around, my boyfriend wants to take a picture of you and your friends being all sad because you lost!”
Me: “Hey, can you just hold on for a second. I want to take a picture of you because when I describe how ugly the women are here my friends won’t believe me unless I have photo evidence.”

Encounters like these prompted lifelong Vikings fan and friend of the program, Mike to say, “I almost forgot why I hate Packers fans.”

Another thing that constantly bothers me is when fans don’t fully understand the rules. Either someone needs to explain them to Packers fans everywhere or they just had “Pass Interference Tourettes.” Literally every incomplete pass (I’m not exaggerating here) resulted in two solid minutes of booing, whining and moans for PI calls. Ridiculous.

Final Tally For Lambeau Experience: 33.5/80

If having women to gawk at during a game doesn’t bother you, then Lambeau grades out at a 45.5/70, which is not too shabby. Just don’t go and look to have any fun after the game with some of the local ladies, you could break a hip.

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  1. 24 Responses to “Stadium Review: Lambeau Field”

  2. Sorry you didn’t enjoy your time at Lambeau. I was at that game too. It’s true that there are a lot of meat-head fans in the Packer faithful, but some of us do know the rules and bang hot chicks. Over the years I’ve gone to games with several friends that are fans of the opposing teams and they never seemed to hear too much of what you’re describing. I hope that’s not a trend that continues. Also, I was wearing a Travis Jervey jersey so you can add that one to your list.

    By Danny from Milwaukee on Sep 27, 2007

  3. Don’t let Green Bay fool you into thinking there are no attractive women in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee area has an ample supply of hotties, as does the Madison area (college coeds- booyah!). That said, there are a few 8+ girls around those parts, but with Packers tickets being so expensive and hard to get, as well as the population of old drunken pervs, they’re likely nowhere to be seen on gameday.

    By Anonymous on Sep 27, 2007

  4. Phillips and I were debating if we saw a Jervey jersey or not. I guess we did and it might have been you. Living in Milwaukee, I’ve been to two previous Packers games, and was rooting for the Pack. That being said, I don’t recall anything half as retarded as what was coming out of the mouths of the people in our section. I know not all Packers fans are retarded, but I felt bad that some dipshit soured the trip more than our beloved lightning bolts ever could. Let’s hope the Padres trip to Milwaukee goes a little better….

    By MilwaukeeBooter on Sep 27, 2007

  5. It’s not that there are no attractive women here, it’s that they waited 30 years to get their tickets and are now f’ugly. Packers fans are amazing because they literally own the team, and that’s something nobody else can say (except I think the Schaumburg, Il AA baseball team). I don’t go to football games for women (or chicken strips, for that matter), though, and I know no other Packers fan who has, so maybe that’s why we’ve won 12 championships. That also may be why Cubs and BoSox girls are so hot yet their championship records are so abysmal.

    By Good luck on your season on Sep 27, 2007

  6. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the experience, but maybe you were just sad from the loss, and things just bothered you a touch more then normal?

    I have ate numerous brats there and never was disappointed, was that your 1st brat and you were expecting more? But your right the tailgating is AWESOME!!

    And this is Wisconsin and the up north part too..Not to many places will serve Bud. Miller products is big around here.

    As far as the women, that does surprise me, because normally there are lot of good looking ones walking around.

    I have sat in many different areas, and been around fans from the other teams at those times. And NEVER once did I hear
    Packer fans giving them a hard time. Even 2 years ago with Pitt in town and their fans were there in bunches, no one gave them a hard time. They even said to me and others how awesome the Packer fans were.

    but the part that sticks in my gut is this. You claim the fans were rude?

    I mean a fan says go home, and you have the balls to say he lost in life and his g/f is ugly to their face?

    And the Packer fan was rude?

    Like I said maybe you were just upset the Chargers lost, to the PACKERS, who were SUPPOSE to be the bottom of the barrel.

    I guess if I were in your shoes I really would have been depressed and thinking the world is going to end. And just tiny little things would have set me off as well.

    By Longtime Packer fan on Sep 28, 2007

  7. Hey man…I’ve never read your blog before, but you were linked to, and since I’m a Pats fan living in Wisconsin, I figured I would check it out.

    Just be glad the Chargers didn’t decimate the Packers like the Patriots have done the past couple of years at Lambeau(once in preseason)…I was at both games in my Brady jersey, and if you think the fans are bad when your team is getting shellacked, try having the fans completely hate on you because the Pack were getting bum-rushed by the Pats.

    Thank god there were some Patriots fans in the parking lot who were steaming lobsters. Now that’s a tailgate.

    By Anonymous on Sep 28, 2007

  8. Fair comments – having gone to Lambeau since 1967, I agree on the concessions! I think you’re giving the “eye-candy” short shrift, but one of the big problems is that because there’s almost no turnover of season tickets, the age factor is probably higher than at a stadium where you can get tickets anytime you want.

    Besides, we’re loyal. I have a photo at my blog from the San Diego paper of a Chargers fan hugging Donald Driver after a Lambeau Leap. Some loyalty!

    BTW, I wear a No. 80 jersey to games, but it’s for James Lofton, not Driver.

    By DrBear on Sep 28, 2007

  9. “Longtime Puker fan demonstrates the typical level of pukers fans with the following:

    “I have ate”.LOL

    These idiots are so braindead and airheaded that they think a tree in fall which has both yellow & green leaves is cheering for the pukers.

    By Anonymous on Sep 28, 2007

  10. pretty easy to destroy a packer team at Lambeau when you know what they are doing before the ball is snapped huh there pats fans??
    if you can live with yourselves after three superbowls that you cheated to win thats great > go eat your lobster while you review your spy film
    as far as the lambeau feild critique i guess its pretty fair seats suck not a bevy of beautiful women at all>>> but if your at a game to see women then your missing the point of what makes lambeau great> not a better place to see a football game

    three and o

    By new york sam on Sep 28, 2007

  11. Having fled the Northern Wastes to live in Austin, TX, I hear ya on the lack of gawkable tail and general meatheadedness of the vocal fans. Even still, there’s a warm place in my heart for all those lovable rubes. I may be an uppity big city boy now, but them’s still mah peeps.

    I do suspect, however, that you probably got a bottom of the barrel experience with both. Sadly, that barrel’s kinda deep.

    By swilldog on Sep 28, 2007

  12. stick to reviewing the abaloni sissy charger fan

    By Anonymous on Sep 28, 2007

  13. If you got razzed while you were there, the answer is simple: It always happens to loudmouth assholes full of beer. Funny how young and stupid with a belly full of beer somehow makes you Mr. Smooth. LOL

    By Anonymous on Sep 28, 2007

  14. Just a note on the fans…the Chargers game is part of the “gold package”…aka former Milwaukee season ticket holders from when games were held at the Brewer’s stadium. After having attended many games over the years I can tell you there is a big difference between those fans and the regular season ticket holders. I’m generally disappointed in them also.

    By Anonymous on Sep 28, 2007

  15. Gee I thought everyone in San Diego was fit. Crying about a sore back. Now THAT’S funny. Come on back to Lambeau when you win your first title (we have 12). And why does it seem as if those who complain about the lack of hot chicks do so because it isn’t chicks they are interested in, if you know what I mean ;)

    By Anonymous on Sep 28, 2007

  16. Awesome breakdown of the game – Exactly what I thought Lambeau would be. Being a lifetime Viking fan living in Wisconsin, I feel your pain. Hell, I can’t even go to the local watering hole in town anymore, after the Vikings spanked the Packers a couple of years ago. What stood out in my mind, the last time they won the Superbowl many a year ago, instead of celebrating, the Packer faithfull showed their colors and came hunting after us Viking fans. To this day, my hatred for the Pack is strong. A good majority of Packer faithfull are good people, but a good 2 out of every 10 cross that line into obnoxious. I do like the parting digs! Well written my friend!

    By Scott on Sep 29, 2007

  17. I know this is just YOUR review, but come on, 2 encounters with fans being idiots somehow blows up the whole fan base? The ridiculous people that know very little about the game are usually the loudest, as well as the drunkest. And every fan base has stupid fans, up and down the lines. Ranking a football experience on presence of hot girls? Maybe this would be relevant if the Packers had more than 1 losing season in the last 15 years, because then there is something to do other than watching your team blow it, but not the case with the Pack.

    Basically, most of your rankings were pretty stupid and just looked like a reason to poke fun at the team that just hammered you. And if it wasn’t for some lucky breaks for the Chargers offense, this game wouldn’t have been nearly as close.

    By rhino_pack on Sep 29, 2007

  18. I am a Texas Native, and Dallas resident and the scary thing is, alot of these guys really do think they have good looking women. It is all they have and have no expectations of anything else. They think women look like men with saggy breasts….
    I have friends come down to Dallas from Wisconsin on occasion and they are basically paralyzed by the quality of the Dallas eye candy. I think they would have an accident in their skivvies if they were occasioned to speak to a top 30% Dallas chick.

    By Anonymous on Sep 29, 2007

  19. More sour grapes from a charger fan…Lambeau Field is all about tradition, something whiny charger fans will never understand.

    In short, losers like to complain about winners… This blog is a perfect example of that.

    By RaidrDave on Sep 29, 2007

  20. Sure sign this guy is a sushi eating cupcake who knows squat about football, he goes to football games to look at the women. I don’t care if a stadium is full of super models or knuckle dragging troglodytes, I’m there to watch the game.

    The gigantic pussy continues on with his sniveling because he got razzed and then chronicles his equally moronic retorts to idiotic jabs. What the writer forgot to add after his snappy retorts, which he picked up from “Cliche Retorts for Slowcoach Fraternity Boys”, was he promptly had his ass kicked by a 12 year old girl that overheard his remarks.

    Toughen up you delicate hot house flower. Your squad was beat like a drum. Next time, don’t wear your cheekless chaps and you might not draw as many comments.

    By Henry on Sep 29, 2007

  21. Oh, I will apologize for the lack of beverage selection. Wisconsin isn’t a big Boone’s Farm “Tickled Pink” spritzer state.

    Did you rush to get a high colonic when you got home to relieve the agony of having to sit on a bench? Once again, cheekless chaps not the best choice.

    Chargers fans must be the laughingstock of AFC West considering the fans in Denver, KC and Oakland aren’t a bunch of pussy bandwagoners. Just like Vikings fans in NFC North.

    By Henry on Sep 29, 2007

  22. I was at that same game. I wished some Chargers fan good luck (as you suggested) and was met with “we don’t need no effin luck cause the effin Packers effin suck.” Was that you?

    By reggiemay on Sep 29, 2007

  23. You saw a game with one of the finest Quarterbacks in the NFL at one of the most storied staduims in professional sports and you whine because the food wasn’t up to your expectations and the chicks weren’t hot enough! Then to complain because while wearing the opposing team’s jersey two people raz you?? Walk through the fans of Eagles, Jets, Bears or most other the teams while wearing the jersey of the oppisition and see if you LIVE. Man, you just don’t know what football is all about.

    I’m just sorry you don’t get “it”. Lambeau is pretty special.

    By Anonymous on Sep 29, 2007

  24. All I have to say is… Favre and company effin’ rock.. 4-0 baby.. Chicago is definitely gettin’ their asses handed to them on a silver platter.. Whoooooooooooo!

    By Anonymous on Oct 7, 2007

  25. No eye candy? And you’re a jfk jr look alike too right? As far as Mike from Minnesota, they should be the last people to bitch about ugly fans and an uglier stadium. Did Mike move out of grandmas basement yet, maybe find a job, a girlfreind, or a life? Probably the way, watched the game at qual-comm vs cheifs, sorry guy, not a lot of “eye candy” there either , hoep you got a good grade on this “report” Are planning to planning on being the editor of your Jr high paper next year? Idiot. As a G-MAN big blue fan I can only say this for the Pack and their fans, Gracious, beautiful stadium and even more beautiful people..grow up and Minnesota guy..please get a girlfreind or something…idiots

    By Anonymous on Feb 1, 2008

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