Mister Irrelevant Moves On

September 21, 2007 – 7:22 pm by Ryan Phillips

The Big Lead already summed this up as well as anyone can by saying that an earthquake hit the sports blogging community last night. The brains behind AOL’s FanHouse and The Blog Show, Jamie Mottram (aka Mister Irrelevant) has been scooped up by Yahoo! Sports. In the interview TBL had with Jamie, he says he’ll be quarterbacking a new project aimed at increasing the lead they currently hold on ESPN by developing blogging and community components.

Here is a quote from the man himself:

“I love FanHouse and would never leave for anything but a tremendous opportunity, and that opportunity is at Yahoo! Sports (I’ve already learned that the exclamation point is important).”

Here at R&R we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a good and long-standing relationship with Mr. Mottram, and anyone who has come into contact with him know he’s a great guy who truly loves his work. We wish Jamie nothing but the best of luck over at Yahoo! Sports and know he’ll do a great job over there.

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