D-Bag Of The Week: Charlie Weis

September 1, 2007 – 2:44 am by Ryan Phillips

How incredibly idiotic and arrogant (and fat) do you have to be to claim that you’re not revealing who your starting quarterback is, despite the fact that you’ve already chosen him? I guess we could just ask Charlie Weis and get the answer from the Manatee’s mouth, or we could let Stewart Mandel tell us. We were afraid Weis would attempt to smear us with butter and eat us, so we chose to check out what Mandel had to say.

Weis decided that no one outside of himself or the team would know who his starting quarterback would be until the season opener, today against Georgia Tech. The candidates – junior Evan Sharpley, redshirt freshman Demetrius Jones and true freshman (and future D-Bag Of The Week) Jimmy Clausen – would battle it out during Fall camp, yet their position would be the only one on the depth chart not announced. Why? Because Weis said he didn’t want to give extra information to the Georgia Tech coaching staff. Huh? Mandel’s take on this was spot on:

“That’s interesting, considering numerous other coaches who seem to know what they’re doing – Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops, Florida State’s Bobby Bowden, Nebraska’s Bill Callahan – apparently did not see the same harm in publicly announcing similar decisions over the past week.

Georgia Tech has had nearly eight months to prepare for this game. Does Weis really think Jackets defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta hasn’t watched every available high school tape (or in Sharpley’s case, those two collegiate pass attempts) of the three QBs by now? Furthermore, Tech just played the Irish last season, so it’s not like Tenuta isn’t familiar with Weis’ offense (which is far more important to know than the identity of the QB himself). And while the athletic Jones does present a potential wrinkle with his running ability, I’m guessing the Jackets aren’t unfamiliar with the concept – considering their last game was in the Gator Bowl against West Virginia speedster Pat White.”

I don’t think I can improve on that analysis one bit. Chunky Chucky came out and said he wouldn’t announce it, but then said he’d actually known “for a week or two” who the guy would be. What’s the point in revealing that information unless you just want to play coy with the media and drum up speculation and get people talking about you.

Weis’ own former player, Justin Tuck claimed he seemed arrogant. But the kicker was when earlier this spring he got pissy when asked about widespread reports that Clausen was suffering from bone spurs in his throwing elbow and would have to have surgery. Despite the fact that Clausen’s father even admitted to it, Weis had this to say, “He’s full-go, contrary to recent reports. Just so we clear that one up, the only one who will answer for the health of our players will be me.”

Last week Clausen spoke to the media for the first time and contrary to what Weis had said, he admitted to having the procedure after spring practice.

Mandel and I agree again when he says you have to give Weis credit for managing to create more intrigue and attention about his decision than is merited for an unranked team, in full rebuilding mode that hasn’t won a bowl game since the 1994 Cotton Bowl, and have lost nine straight post-season appearances.

Over the past two season, Weis has done a nice job recruiting, and has made the program relevant again, but it hasn’t changed the fact that they haven’t really done anything that impressive on the field. In 2005 they beat a truly awful Michigan team, Pittsburgh and Purdue and took USC down to the wire. They finished 9-3 after being trounced by Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. Last year, after much preseason hype the Irish had two decent wins, over Penn State and UCLA, while getting hammered by USC, Michigan and LSU. So in his two years at the school Weis is 19-6 and is 4-5 against ranked teams. Tell me again why he’s regarded as a genius again?

I don’t need anymore convincing, congratulations Chuck, you’re our Douchebag Of The Week. Oh, and in case you were wondering, we all now know that Demetrius Jones will be the starting quarterback, thanks to The Facebook and Fan House. Take that fat man!

Update: Notre Dame got absolutely spanked by a totally average Georgia Tech team, 33-3. Wow, good thing Charlie kept it a secret, imagine how badly the Irish would have gotten spanked if he had let Georgia Tech know who the quarterback was going to be.

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  2. I guess Charlie Weis and Nick Saban must talk to each other a lot–ask Nick Saban about his “depth chart”! Sounds to me like Charlie Weis is trying to control just how much dirt the media wants to publish and Nick Saban is no different!

    By Anonymous on Sep 13, 2007

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