Shockingly, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Talking Trash

August 3, 2007 – 12:15 am by Ryan Phillips

Just over a month ago I said that I would love to see a Ricky Hatton – Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, but I thought it would never happen. I thought Hatton’s trash-talking after his dominant win over Jose Luis Castillo would bring a response from Floyd, but that the fight was too risky for him to take. I was as shocked as anyone when Mayweather actually took the fight. But what didn’t shock me was the stuff he was spewing when the two fighters inked their contracts for the December 8th fight.

“He’s definitely getting knocked out. I am the best fighter in boxing today, and I’m prepared for any challenge my team puts in front of me. And Ricky Hatton, it’s already personal. He has talked and disrespected me so much in the past months that I can’t wait to get him in the ring and show him he is not even on my level.”

OK Floyd, I’ve got a few things for ya here. You realize that you are actually going to have to punch him if you want to score a knockout right? And you’re angry because he talked trash about you? All Hatton said was that your fights are boring. And he’s right. You prefer a track meet to a brawl, and Hatton is the exact opposite. Then he went on to say you disrespect other fighters (true) and that no one who’s met you has anything good to say about you (true). So basically Hatton said what everyone else was thinking, he was just being honest. People like honesty. Maybe that’s the reason he’s so wildly popular and no one likes you. The only reason people follow you – aside from your obvious natural talent – is because your family’s legendary feuds are so damn entertaining we can’t look away.

All of Hatton’s talk also came after Mr. Mayweather laid this gem on us all back in February:

“When I retire, I’ll get Ricky Hatton to wash my clothes and cut my lawn and buckle my shoes. Ricky Hatton ain’t nothing but a fat man. I’m going to punch him in his beer belly. He ain’t good enough to be my sparring partner.”

So yeah, Floyd, I think Hatton had a bit of catching up to do in the trash talking department after that little tirade. But the bigger question is, why are you wearing shoes with buckles on them? Is this 1675? Are you a pilgrim? What’s going on? I’m confused.

The best part about this whole thing is that Floyd doesn’t understand that Hatton said what he said to anger Mayweather and get him to take the fight. Then, when the talks for the fight died, Oscar De La Hoya began to circulate a rumor that he was going to go back down to welterweight and that he was targeting a fight with Hatton. As soon as Pretty Boy’s people heard that, they couldn’t let Oscar steal their spotlight and they jumped back in the Hatton sweepstakes. They then quickly worked out a deal … brokered by De La Hoya’s Golden Boy promotions. Hmmm, anyone else think Floyd and his people were getting played here? Oscar threatens to take his opponent for a mega-fight away, and all of a sudden Floyd’s people jump back to get it done. Frankly, De La Hoya never wanted Hatton, I think he’s angling for a matchup with Miguel Cotto sometime next year, he did what he did to entice Mayweather to take the fight. If we know one thing about De La Hoya, it’s that he’s a good businessman.

As for this fight, it should be fantastic. The 28-year-old Hatton (43-0, 31 KOs) has a habit of letting himself go a bit between fights, earning him the nickname Ricky “Fatton” but he’s already said that won’t be the case this time around. He’ll use his relentless, brawling, inside style to try and stunt Floyd’s speed. As his vicious left hook to the body that KO’d Castillo showed, he can body punch with authority and take away his opponent’s legs. Because of the way Hatton cuts off the ring and the speed he possesses, Floyd probably won’t be able to run from him. At least not for long. That will force the “Pretty Boy” to do what we all want to see him do: unleash his freakish ability in the center of the ring and actually beat someone up to win.

The fight will be the second huge bout in a year for the 30-year-old Mayweather (38-0, 24 KOs) and that could wear him down. But this time he’ll be fighting at the 147-pound welterweight limit, his natural weight, as opposed to the 154-pound junior middleweight limit that he was at for his close decision win over De La Hoya. He’s clearly in his prime and right now only a few people on the planet could compete with him in the ring, Hatton just happens to be one of them. This is an extremely dangerous fight for Floyd though, Hatton’s rough and relentless style will be like nothing he’s seen before and he will have to change his entire game plan from how he’s been winning recently. He will need to actually come to fight, not to run. Hatton will clearly be the fan favorite and Floyd needs to take him seriously if he hopes to stay atop the pound-for-pound rankings.

This should be a great fight and if Hatton – who will be moving up in weight for the fight – can carry the weight and still remain as active as is typical for him, Floyd could be in trouble. Mayweather is the best fighter in the world right now, but anyone who follows boxing knows he doesn’t like to brawl, he prefers to box. If he doesn’t change that mentality, December 8th will be a very long night for him.

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  1. 12 Responses to “Shockingly, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Talking Trash”

  2. hatton’s not moving up in weight my man. his dad said he’s going to fight at his natural weight of 140lbs. i hate floyd mayweather, but come on, hatton is going to get his ass whopped.

    By Daris on Aug 3, 2007

  3. Yeah, I saw a link to this on Deadspin, felt the need to comment.

    Do you actually think Floyd got “played” by the Hatton family?Please. This is an easy payday for PBF and an easy way to delay having to fight Shane Mosley or Miguel Cotto, the two toughest outs in the division.

    Hatton, quite simply, has no chance. He’s an ugly, ugly stylistic fighter (“Hook and Hold” Ricky Hatton, as HBO’s Harold Lederman called him) who throws one punch and then tries to grab his oppenent. His two big wins are over two shot fighters in Kosta Tzuyu and Jose Luis Castillo.

    And he’s moving UP!

    Did you seen Hatton’s last fight at 147? He looked good at best against a second or third tier welterweight in Luis Collazo.

    His victory over JLC was a little better . . . if Castillo didn’t already have one foot in the grave.

    I can understand why people hate on Floyd: yeah, he can be boring in the ring and he doesn’t always take the best fights. This is just another example of that.

    The fight should be Mayweather-Mosley, not this mess. Hatton’s a dead man walking. PBF stops him before 10, count on it.

    By Andy on Aug 3, 2007

  4. Andy,
    The thing about Hatton’s style is that he hits on the interior before tie-ups. My point was that people are tired of Floyd running away and Hatton is so popular that I personally feel like Mayweather will have to actually fight him and get a little dirty. Many people feel that he will have to clearly beat Hatton to get a decision. Crowds influence judges in even fights, it’s always been that way. And ok, maybe he didn’t get “played” but it just seemed like he was stalling, wanted to wait another few months before deciding who to fight and as soon as De La Hoya started making a move for Hatton, Mayweather jumped right back in and made it happen. And Hatton was pretty bad in that Collazo fight, but his team feels that 147 won’t be a problem now that they have that fight under their collective belts. Mayweather will be a big time favorite, but I think he’s gonna feel pressure to make it a fight after how disappointed people were in the way he fought De La Hoya. If he stands and trades with Hatton, he could be in serious trouble.

    And Daris, they are fighting at 147-pounds, I just checked again.

    By Phillips on Aug 3, 2007

  5. phillips,

    its a welterweight fight set at 147 lbs, but Hatton’s father said Ricky is going to remain at his more natural weight of 140lbs for the fight, just as floyd fought at 147 lbs even though his fight vs. ODL was at 154 lbs. its important to note because hatton is a natural jr welter (140lbs), and last time he tried to bulk up his small frame, he looked horrible against a middle of the road welterweight.

    By Daris on Aug 3, 2007

  6. Yeah I know all of that but I heard Hatton even say he was going to fight at 147 and that he wasn’t worried about moving up and putting on the weight. I never heard of his dad saying that.

    By Phillips on Aug 3, 2007


    By Daris on Aug 3, 2007

  8. Ricky’s gonna get his pasty face beaten to a pulp (even worse than when he wins). I don’t think his eyes can stay open through 12.

    I can’t wait for the buildup to this fight. Mayweather has so many ways to antagonize Hatton and his passionate fanbase. I’m hoping for another HBO 24/7 series.

    By Unsilent Majority on Aug 3, 2007

  9. Hatton is gonna get his ass handed to him, but on another boxing note, I just saw that Zab Judah signed to fight on ESPN2. I’m shocked, he’s not that bad yet, he looked pretty damn good to me against Cotto.

    By Buzzsaw on Aug 4, 2007

  10. Mayweather has no fans?

    He was the only reason to watch the Countdown to DLH/Mayweather on HBO.

    Mayweather will bring in fans just like he did in the DLH fight.

    And Hatton has no chance.

    What you call “running away”, I call “some of the greatest defense in this era of boxing”. Mayweather’s defense is a work of art, and he will win by a unanimous decision.

    Luckily, Hatton will bring in some of the white audience that will think he has a chance because he looks like them.

    By Anonymous on Aug 4, 2007

  11. this is probably buried by now, but your claim that mayweather was the draw during the ODL PBL fight is ridiculous.

    Oscar made 25 mil and Floyd made 10 mil. He isnt an exciting. Hes very skilled, but he doesnt entertain like others who go in the ring looking for a fight. Floyd will never make the kind of money Oscar made.

    24/7 was all about De La Hoya. He is the biggest draw in the history of boxing. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    By Daris on Aug 7, 2007

  12. All I have to say is one thing

    Luis Callazo.

    Remember him… Slick southpaw boxer, good defence fast hand natural welterweight. Gave Hatton fits and honestly if he did not fight so cautious early in the fight may have knocked Hatton out. Callazo is no Floyd Mayweather. Floyd fights best when people attack him, he is a counter puncher. The problem when he fought de la hoya was two fold. First he moved up fighting a bigger oppenet. And secondly Oscar De la Hoya is also a counter puncher style. When you have two counter punchers, you end up with a chess match, pure and simple. Ricky Hatton cannot straight out Attack Floyd for two reasons. First off Floyd is a very strong individual. Look at the De la Hoya fight. Oscar tried to bully floyd with no progress, and got stunned in the 4th round, which shifted the mommentum in the fight. Secondly if Hatton does try to go all out he will caught with punches he will not see and get stunned. I like Ricky Hatton great guy, great for boxing, but he is tailor mad for floyd

    By Michael on Aug 13, 2007

  13. Hahahahaha He got knocked the fuck out

    By Anonymous on Dec 19, 2007

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