Yeah, Totally Couldn’t Use This Guy On The National Team

July 5, 2007 – 1:41 am by Ryan Phillips

Just some highlights of the US Under-20 National Team spanking Poland 6-1 the other day at the U-20 World Cup. Oh, and just to ram home my point about Freddy Adu a littler more, he’s had a hat trick, including a sick, repeat sick goal to put the US ahead. Nope, we totally couldn’t use him on the national team right now at all. Not at all.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Yeah, Totally Couldn’t Use This Guy On The National Team”

  2. I hope you honestly don’t think the US National team would have any use for Adu. The kid has amazing potential, but right now there is no way he could compete on a national-team level. He can barely compete in the MLS. Give the kid a few years, and pray that he can get a European club team to take a chance on him.

    By Brian on Jul 5, 2007

  3. contract year…..sort of

    By Rick Muscles on Jul 5, 2007

  4. The one thing the US was missing at the last World Cup was someone to create in one-on-one opportunities. Aside from Clint Dempsey, we look awful in those situations. That’s what Adu does best. And give him a few years?? Isn’t that what we have been doing? He’s 18 now, why isn’t he at least getting in to some friendlies on the national team? Give him a chance, see what happens.

    By Phillips on Jul 6, 2007

  5. Adu will get his chance, its just he hasn’t done anything yet to make himself a better candidate than some of the guys in front of him. Hat-trick aside, the kid hasn’t had anything to hang his hat on other than being young and given the chance to play on a field with guys a lot more experienced and older than him. And look what that’s resulted in… not too much (a career of 12 goals, 20 assists in 111 games).

    The U-20 world cup is his best shot at development right now, and that’s exactly where US Soccer put him. A few years was admittedly a tad harsh. But let him finish the U-20 World Cup, hopefully with great results, and possibly let him get a couple caps in October.

    By Brian on Jul 6, 2007

  6. I agree with you Brian, that he hasn’t had much to hang his hat on professionally, but he’s essentially dominated his age group for a long time. So I guess in my opinion, it serves him no good to just continue to dominate when he could be facing a new challenge. Just my opinion though of course. I think they should at least be getting him into some friendlies to see how he does. As of now he only has one appearance with the national team, and he came in in the 81st minute as an injury substitute.

    By Phillips on Jul 6, 2007

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