Still Not As Interesting As The Gay New York Met

July 19, 2007 – 4:17 pm by McD

Sergio Garcia is your leader after the first round of this year’s British Open at six under. Nice little round there to start things off. Could he be on steroids? Gary Player knows a couple of guys who are, but he’s not saying who. He took an oath, and if Gary Player doesn’t have his word, then what has he got?

It’s fascinating to think that there are golfers on steroids. Golf isn’t even a sport, it’s a skill. The guys who are the best at it are essentially the guys who have the most time to practice and get good coaching. We suppose it’s possible that the juice could help out with driving distance, but everyone on the tour is already hitting the ball really far. Oh, wow, that sounds bad. Hadn’t thought about that.

Despite the accusatory nature of the picture on the right up there, it’s highly unlikely that steroids could have much of an effect on a golfer’s game. You’ll also note that Tiger asked for drug testing on tour last year. Sure he or she could hit it further, but he/she’d still have to have touch and be able to putt well. There’s a lot of money in golf these days, and it seems logical that a golfer would try anything to get ahead, but steroids?

Maybe this is why Gary Player only knows two guys who are on the “stuff” and only thinks that about 10% of pro golfers are on it. Either way, to testing on tour, we say what the hell, go for it. It’s freaking golf but we’re all so paranoid about steroids these days, despite demanding more than ever from our athletes, everyone might as well be able to relax while they’re watching the British Open and all the other tournaments.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Still Not As Interesting As The Gay New York Met”

  2. Funny that all the golfers sound just like baseball players, track and field athletes and cyclists when you ask them about cheating. As for the fact that muscle wouldn’t help hit a golf ball, why the hell is Tiger Woods so big now? His percentage of muscle gained over the past few years looks to be about the same as Barry Bonds.

    By Tom on Jul 20, 2007

  3. Yeah but Tiger Woods isnt 38 years old.

    By Anonymous on Jul 20, 2007

  4. If you seriously think the no golfer uses steroids, you probably think that no one in the NFL is on them either since they “test” like the other sports.

    By Tom on Jul 20, 2007

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