Once Again, Nice Trade

July 19, 2007 – 4:42 pm by McD

Since we’re Chargers fans, we thought we ‘d take a moment out of our tough day of sandwiches and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 to gloat once again about the 2001 Michael Vick for LaDanian Tomlinson trade between the Chargers and Falcons. In light of recent events, we’re feeling even better about this one, even though Tomlinson is already clearly the better NFL player.

Not only is LaDainian Tomlinson the best player in the league (4,612 rushing yards the last three seasons, with 69 touchdowns), he is also one of its best citizens. He and Drew Brees shared the Walter Payton NFL Man Of The Year award this past February. Basically, that award goes to good players who are also doing good work in the community (read the article if you want a list of all the charitable things Tomlinson does). Suffice to say, he’s a good guy, and he’s not currently had his signature shoe release put on hold.

So, for Tim Dwight and a bunch of draft picks including the one the Chargers used to take Tomlinson, the Falcons got a quarterback with a 75.7 rating who is now the king of NFL off-field problems. If this were baseball, we probably wouldn’t take as much time to gloat, but luckily it’s football, and we may never totally let this one go. Once again, good trade guys. Thanks a bunch, really.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Once Again, Nice Trade”

  2. haha, I thought the same thing. I had a buddy up until late LAST YEAR, still panned the Chargers for that pick.

    By NFL Adam on Jul 20, 2007

  3. I’m a huge Chargers fan and a huge LT fan, but in Vick’s defense, at least the Falcons have won a playoff game since they drafted him. Although maybe we can blame that on Marty! Speaking of that, have you seen that everyone is discounting the Chargers since they got rid of Marty? How is that a bad thing? It was painfully obvious that they weren’t going to win a playoff game with him around.

    By Tom on Jul 20, 2007

  4. Let’s not kick Marty. They were always in the play offs! Marty, I am sure was a good coach. Personality conflict!!!! MMMMMMMMM damn! Chargers are as good as the others. excepting a few chosen one’s that only wish they were good.

    By Donna Read on Aug 7, 2007

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