Our Thoughts On The NBA Lottery Picks

June 28, 2007 – 8:17 pm by McD

A few thoughts as we watched the draft Thursday night.

First, couldn’t be happier for Greg Oden and his family. Being picked first overall is a great honor and he’s a great player and a good kid. Good feeling all around there. Really, good for him. However, all I can think is this: I hate Mike Davis.

Thanks coach for losing the two best prospects to come out of Indianapolis, Indiana in years and because they weren’t sure what Indiana’s situation would be, because you’re such an ineffective coach. You suck. And yu can have Robert Vaden.

What’s with this Celtics trade? They don’t need Ray Allen at all. But the best part about this trade, bar-none, is that everyone wondered at the exact same moment what Bill Simmons was thinking.

“Look how far apart his eyes are” is the first thing my girlfriend said about Joakim Noah. “Is he drunk?” was her second question once the interview had started. One thing we know for sure, Joakim Noah is a weird guy and now he’s a Bull.

Congrats Sacramento, in Spencer Hawes you have a center who was a honorable mention All-Pac Ten player in a conference with no good centers. Bilas just motioned that he’s “not a great shot-blocker and not a great rebounder.” So that should help Sacramento fan sleep tonight. Hey Spencer, Bryant “Big Country” Reeves just called to congratulate you. The kid already got booed for being a Republican by some fans at MSG. Get used to that sound playing for the Kings.

Taking Acie Law IV was a decent pick for Atlanta to go along with Horford. But those uniforms are ugly. They look very similar to the Houston Rockets jerseys when they went away from the Red Hakeem jerseys. Notice how Houston doesn’t wear those anymore.

It’s hard not to love this time of year. All the top picks are full of nothing but potential and it’s hard to see any negatives they may have because they usually dominated in college or high school. Yet six to eight months from now, probably half these guys will have proven to be much worse than previously thought. Gotta love the draft.

Mark Jackson’s assessment of the Clippers: They need a new team. Pithy, no?

Everyone at the ESPN desk should be forced to broadcast an entire segment while doing a Stephen A Smith impression. “EAT THE CHEESE DOODLE.”

Oh and just a piece of advice, don’t Google Shaun Livingston’s knee injury video, save yourself the life-long trauma it will cause you. Yeesh.

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