Blog Show XI: We Get Our Wings

June 4, 2007 – 12:04 am by Ryan Phillips

We thought we were having a good day Friday, when we were linked on’s “Hot Clicks” section and had our biggest single day hit total (for a non-Eric Gordon-related story). Then, we crunched the numbers and realized that May was officially the biggest month (hit-wise) in our seven-month history. We were pretty darn stoked. Then to top it all off, we settled in to watch “Blog Show,” one of the two or three shows we can’t miss every week. Seriously, other than “The Sopranos” there isn’t a show we look forward to more every week.

After creating “Blog Show: The Drinking Game” we figured we might get a mention, but we can’t thank Jamie, Dan and the crew over there for giving us our first “ding” and constantly referring back to the post. Talk about capping off a great day, week and month the right way. It was fantastic. We kick ass.

But, in all seriousness was great guys, thanks a lot, keep up the fantastic work over there. Oh, and just to be honest and lay it all out on the table, we were completely sloshed before the YouTube clip of the week was even announced. The Kwame Brown mention probably put us over the top. Check out the show above, and be sure to check it out every week, or watch past episodes over at Jamie’s site.

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  2. My Mom played your Blog Show drinking game this week. She said she could barely keep up, and finished just one beer. Obviously, she’s weak.

    By Jamie Mottram on Jun 4, 2007

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