Dude, Weak

May 31, 2007 – 1:24 am by Ryan Phillips

We’re usually not fans of the Bob Brenly school of “unwritten rules” and all, but this story kind of made us rethink our stance. Mitch Hilligoss, a 21-year-old third base prospect for the Yankees, had a 35-game hitting streak going into Wednesday night’s game. That tied him for the second longest minor league streak in the past 20 years.

He started the game 0-for-3 with a walk and it appeared he was down to his final at bat of the night, in the seventh inning. With his team leading the Columbus Catfish 7-4, and the streak in jeopardy, Hilligoss totally bitched his way into continuing the streak. He dropped a bunt down the third-base line on the first pitch, reaching first base without a throw.

Now here’s the funny part. Charleston blew the lead, falling behind 8-7, which allowed Hilligoss another plate appearance in the ninth inning. He grounded out to third and Columbus won 8-7. Ain’t karma a bitch? Come on man, get and keep a hit streak the right way, not with a cheap bunt when your team is up by three late in the game. You don’t bunt for a base hit to extend a hitting streak when you’re up three runs, just like you don’t steal bases when you’re up big. I mean look what’s happened to Ben Davis’ career since the whole breaking up Curt Schilling’s perfect game in 2001. We think what he did was fine in that instance, but you can’t argue with what karma has dished out there.

So now this kid has the second longest minor league hitting streak in 20 years at 36 games. Joey Cora had the longest, 37 games in 1989, for Las Vegas in the Pacific Coast League. This kind of thing isn’t as bad as say cheating to beat one of the most hallowed record in sports, but it still irks me. I hope this kid hates himself for what he’s done. In the same way I hate myself for thinking Avril Lavigne is hot all of a sudden. Seriously, I can’t stand myself for it. Her new song is so annoying I want to fall on a grenade when I hear it, but I can’t change the channel when the video is on. Someone please help me.

We wondered where a douche like this could have come from and what kind of education he received growing up. We looked into it, and now we totally understand. Hilligoss played college baseball at Purdue. He went to Purdue and is in the Yankees farm system? It all makes perfect sense now. Man we really hate this kid now. Puck Furdue and screw the Yankees.

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  1. 18 Responses to “Dude, Weak”

  2. Pete Rose bunted for a single in the 9th inning during his 44-game hit streak. That worked out well, too.

    By Anonymous on May 31, 2007

  3. Hey now! Don’t drag Purdue into this!

    By J Money on May 31, 2007

  4. He’s learning how to be a classless cheater so he can smoothly make the transition as the Big League Club’s next Third baseman

    By g.m.s. on May 31, 2007

  5. Since his team ultimately fell behind and lost, doesn’t that negate the “up three runs” part of your argument? The idea is, you don’t steal bases or bunt for hits when the game is no longer in doubt, but obviously, this wasn’t an especially insurmountable lead, right?

    By Anonymous on May 31, 2007

  6. This argument shows a serious misunderstanding of baseball. How in the world is a measly 3-run lead suddenly in “mercy-rule” territory. Getting on base did his team a service–more power to him if it extended his streak.

    By Anonymous on May 31, 2007

  7. So when you’re up by a big lead you swing for the fences? Or you start trying to hit the ball directly to fielders to end the game quicker? Stolen bases might be another matter, but I don’t see how a bunt single is a cheap hit – if you can bunt your way on, use it.

    By Eric on May 31, 2007

  8. Not a big deal.

    By Anonymous on May 31, 2007

  9. Don’t bring Purdue baseball into question. There are many great men who have come from the program and infuriating and demeaning them (us) is not a good idea. The program produces sound character individuals and obviously some pretty good ballplayers.

    A 3 run lead is not insurmountable as proven by the final score and him bunting for a base hit is not uncommon in the first place. Find something else negative to write about! Mitch did nothing wrong and more power to him for extending his streak.

    By sean on Jun 1, 2007

  10. hey buddy, fuck yourself and your “hatin” ways….unless you’ve achieved any competitive sports feat (your recreation frisbee golf championship trophy doesn’t count) feel free to pop off…until then, keep sitting your lazy ass in front of your computer writing these idiotic and time wasting jabs. and btw, HAIL FUCKING PURDUE!

    Glenn Robinson

    By Anonymous on Jun 1, 2007

  11. are you serious with this comment dude…You have no clue about baseball and I’m sure you’re one of those guys who failed in gym class, couldn’t climb the rope, and still haven’t figured out how to coordinate the “step and throw” philosopy.


    circuit member founding father!!!

    By Anonymous on Jun 1, 2007

  12. Obviously you’ve never sniffed a record, won a championship, or accomplished a goal in your life. Unless you count beating off to Avril with a bag of Cheetos in one hand, your dick in the other, and still being able to write a piss-poor rant a goal… No one cares if the bunt is the second, third, or tenth hit in the streak – a hit is a hit and as earlier posts suggest, the lead was not insurmountable, but well within reach. Maybe crying about Barry Bonds soon-to-be record would make more sense – why did his hat size go from 7 to 8 between the ages of 35-40? Shoe size from 11 to 13? Roids? Probably worse than laying down a bunt to continue a hit streak – if you’re that concerned wiht records. Next time take your buck, and instead of the Cheetos, try it while eating a clue burger.

    By SteveandBob on Jun 1, 2007

  13. I didn’t call it cheating, just thought it was a weak way to extend a streak, that’s all. And actually I did break a record in high school. I set the league record for technical fouls in a season during my senior year of basketball (that’s not a joke). I also set the school record for hits in a game during my senior year of baseball with six – none of them were bunts. OK, now that I feel like Al Bundy, I’m gonna go enjoy my weekend.

    By Phillips on Jun 1, 2007

  14. Phillip’s are you serious right now? First you pop off and hate on a guy’s 37 game hit streak and then you try to give credibiltiy to your statement by spouting off your records. All you’ve done is made yourself sound more clueless and set yourself up for more ridicule. Since we’re talking about records I’m a 4 time winner and current defending champion of Rumble on the Hill; Purdue Tailgate 2007 is approaching!

    By Texas Jack on Jun 1, 2007

  15. Texas Jack,
    You obviously didn’t get the tongue-in-cheek way I was touting my own records. Dude, I WAS KIDDING. Yes, I think a high school record is totally on par with essentially dominating an entire minor league circuit. Definitely. No question about it. Come on man, lighten up.

    Oh and for the record steveandbob, I don’t like Cheetos.

    By Phillips on Jun 1, 2007

  16. in the minors, you’re out there for yourself–trying like hell to make a name….everyday is a battle and any pub or recognition to the big club you can get is a plus….Hilligoss is the biggest story in minor league baseball right now and guys by the name of steinbrenner, torre, and cashman are taking note….Bottom line, Hilligoss is a gamer and Phillips is jealous….

    Archi Cianfrocco

    By Anonymous on Jun 1, 2007

  17. I bunted for a hit to extend my college hitting streak to 23…got a problem with that Phillips?

    Jermaine Allensworth

    By Anonymous on Jun 1, 2007

  18. I’ve known Hilligoss for years. I’ve played with him and watched him since we were kids. Great kid and class act. You however have successfully presented yourself as a complete ignoarnt ass.

    By Anonymous on Jun 12, 2007

  19. what the hell would you have done in that situation you low life that does nothing but look for reasons to bitch about something

    By Anonymous on Jun 14, 2007

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