Blog Show: The Drinking Game

May 30, 2007 – 12:00 am by Ryan Phillips

I’ve been out of the country and out of the blogosphere for about three weeks and I’m proud to say I came back to find our little blog here running like a well-oiled machine. McD studded out and kept things interesting around here, while I was off storming the beaches of Normandy with Dr. Chuck (my dad). I also came back to find Jamie Mottram and Dan Steinberg’s “Blog Show” going strong and as interesting as ever. The show is entertaining enough that we’re not even upset we haven’t been mentioned on regional television yet (single tear).

The boys had their 10th episode this week (watch it here), a benchmark for not only the show, but for sports blogging as a whole. We thought we’d show our appreciation for the show by giving it the one thing every successful TV show needs: its own drinking game. Because let’s face it, the only thing better than alcohol and sports, is alcohol, sports and blogging.

First, some advice for playing the game:
-Play with at least two people, for safety reasons.
-It’s about a Ten minute show, therefore, most of the drinking will be in rapid succession, so be on your toes.
-The show is on Friday nights, so if you play correctly and follow the rules, it should be a very cheap night out on the town.

Take A Sip If…
-A blogger gets his (or her) wings via a “ding.”
-Jamie refers to himself as Mr. Irrelevant.
-Dan swings and misses badly on a one-liner, bringing the show to a screeching halt.
-Jamie tries to talk his way out of said awful one-liner.
-They make references to their shirts.
-Dan mentions Gilbert Arenas or the Wizards.
-Jamie mentions Clinton Portis or the Redskins.
-They talk at the same time.
-Dan apologizes or shakes his head after making a comment.
-Jamie stares blankly at Dan after he says something.
-Tony Kornheiser is mentioned.
-Jamie looks at his card.
-A video clip is shown.
-Dan announces his arti(s)anal cheese of the week.
-They use the words blogging and basement in the same sentence.
-Jamie uncomfortably, yet smoothly segues into another topic. (Ex. “Speaking of keeping your groin in check…”)
-They show photos of athletes partying.
-They make reference to something involving homosexuality (Ex. “I think the sports blogosphere tends towards homophobia”).
-Dan makes a joke that could be considered dirty.
-They have video of mascots.

Take Two Sips If…
-FanHouse gets a ding.
-Deadspin gets a ding.
-DC Sports Bog gets a ding.
-We Are The Postmen gets a ding.
-Kissing Suzy Kolber gets a ding.
-With Leather gets a ding.
-The Big Lead gets a ding.
-You’ve never heard of the blog they reference.
-Dan mentions a former Wizards player.
-The YouTube clip of the week involves some sort of international competition.
-Hockey is a topic on the show.
-Joey Porter is a topic.
-Steve Nash is a topic.
-They mention the Washington Post (only the player on the left drinks).
-They mention Curt Schilling’s Blog (only the player on the right drinks).
-They show photoshopped pictures.
-Dan makes reference to how awful the Nationals are.
-Athletes (or coaches) and alcohol are a topic.
-eBay is mentioned.
-Pardon The Interruption is mentioned.
-They refer to how low-budget the show is.
-Dan speaks to his daughter via the show.
-Hairstyles (facial or head) are examined.

Chug If…
-Dan nails a one-liner (or as we call it, a “That gets a ding” moment).
-They have an in-studio guest.
-They discuss the birth (or spawning at full-size) of Greg Oden.
-Name of the Year gets a ding.
-Awful Announcing gets a ding.
-MJD gets a ding.
-Jamie works in a one-liner.
-Mixed Martial Arts is a topic.
-Dan asks if they can start the show over.
-Jamie doesn’t get one of Dan’s jokes.
-The word “shuttlecock” is uttered.
-Dan, and not Jamie, makes the transition between segments.
-An athlete’s MySpace page is referenced.
-Kwame Brown is mentioned.

…OK so that’s a start. If you’ve got any suggestions feel free to let us know, we’ll keep updating this list. Enjoy, and be safe, we don’t want anyone going all JaRon Rush because of this game.

And to Jamie and Dan, happy 10th show guys. We hope it’s just the beginning and people will be getting drunk to the program for years to come.

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  1. 6 Responses to “Blog Show: The Drinking Game”

  2. – Dan waves to the camera without moving a muscle above the wrist.

    – There’s a new figurine on the coffee table.

    – You hear the title quote uttered (“Phallic Symbology,” “No Gluing of Pubes Onto the Face,” etc.)

    By Jason on May 30, 2007

  3. Guys, this is simple incredible!

    Thanks for the love.

    A thousand Dings to you!

    By littles: on May 30, 2007

  4. Ha, no problem. We love Blog Show, had to honor it in some way. And what better way than with copious amounts of alcohol?

    By Phillips on May 30, 2007

  5. That is too f’ing funny. I thought it was going to end, but I just kept scrolling and laughing.

    By Awful Announcing- on May 30, 2007

  6. So, you take two drinks AND chug when AA gets a ding? Or is it the other way around? Why not just drink for breathing and blinking (lonly reasons I need).

    Great list.

    By Anonymous on May 31, 2007

  7. No I added AA again for some reason. Should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out, don’t want any deaths on our hands.

    By Phillips on May 31, 2007

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