An Offer They May Not Want To Accept

May 15, 2007 – 9:01 pm by McD

In the most disturbing story you’ll hear today, 72 year-old Sofia Loren has promised to do a strip tease if her favorite Italian soccer team, Napoli, get promoted from Serie B up to Serie A, the highest division. Napoli is currently third in Serie B and only the top two teams get promoted. They have five games left to get into the top two.

Not that they’d necessarily want to. Does Mrs. Loren’s promise to strip sound like a threat to anyone else? Personally, we’d play harder if what we won was the chance to miss the striptease rather than have to watch it. This isn’t exactly like the winning montage in Major League is it?

Then again, this is yet more evidence that Americans don’t take their sports as seriously as Europeans do. The call has been sent out to America’s celebrities and they need to answer! We’re looking in your direction, Jessica Alba. If the Warriors win, that is. Please God let them win. The competition should also be fierce for who gets to strip should a Los Angeles or New York franchise win anything of note this year too. We vote for Dyan Cannon. Hot.

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  2. Did you purposesly select actresses romantically connected to Cary Grant?

    By Anonymous on May 17, 2007

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