Zito Finally Cashes In With A Win, Schmidt Lands On DL

April 18, 2007 – 2:11 am by Ryan Phillips

On Monday Barry Zito finally got his first win for the San Francisco Giants. I’m sure it was a huge relief for Zito and Giants fans. Some scouts had said that Zito just wasn’t a top of the rotation guy anymore and that San Francisco grossly overpaid for the seven-year veteran. The seven-year, $126 million contract the 28-year-old lefty penned in December was the richest ever for a pitcher, with an average of $18 million per season.

So, since we love analyzing horrible signings, we thought we’d examine what Barry has been paid so far this season for everything he’s done. These numbers are based on the contract’s $18 million average (we know he’s making less this season) and the assumption that Zito will remain healthy and make the 35 starts due a No. 1 starter.

Here are some numbers for you:

-Zito is making $514,285.71 per start.
-So far this season he’s made $1,542,857 before taxes.
-After three games, Zito has 10 strikeouts. That’s around $15,429 per strikeout.
-He’s only pitched 17 innings so far (5 2/3 per start). Or roughly $90,756 per inning.
-Barry has also gotten 51 outs this season. He has been paid about $30,252 an out.
-Zito was paid $1,148,571 while giving up 10 earned runs and losing both his first two starts.

So is Zito worth it? Hey maybe he will be, but one thing we’re sure of, Jason Schmidt was not.

Schmidt got $47 million for three-years from the Dodgers this offseason. That averages out to $15,703,946 a year. Yes, that for a 34-year-old who hasn’t been the same since 2004. Ah, the Dodgers, the people who gave you Darren Dreifort’s five-year $55 million contract. They never cease to amaze. Well, after starting the season 1-2 with a 7.36 ERA, Schmidt was put on the disabled list by the Dodgers yesterday. Sweet.

Here are some numbers on Schmidt for you:

-Schmidt will make roughly $448,684 per start.
-For the $1,346,052 he has cost them so far, the Dodgers have gotten 1 win, 2 losses, 11 earned runs, 3 homeruns and 1 MRI.
-He’s managed to pitch 11 innings (3 2/3 per start). That’s $122,368 per inning.
-How about $40,789 for each of the 33 outs he’s recorded.
-He’s thrown a total of 236 pitches so far. He’s been paid $5,703.61 per pitch.

So yeah, how’s that investment looking right about now?

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  1. 2 Responses to “Zito Finally Cashes In With A Win, Schmidt Lands On DL”

  2. That Zito signing was a total desperation move from the Giants. As for Schmidt, he could be done for his career, nothing but a soft-tosser from now on. Sucks for the Dodgers.

    By Larry Brown on Apr 18, 2007

  3. The moral of the story? Don’t have pitchers.

    By Anonymous on Apr 18, 2007

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