Mr. Irrelevant Does It Again

April 27, 2007 – 1:50 pm by Ryan Phillips

Whether it’s finding out who the 40 most blogged about athletes of 2006 were, giving blogs love on ESPN’s Cold Pizza, or creating a show completely devoted to sports blogs, Jamie Mottram (of Mr. Irrelevant and The Fanhouse fame) is always at the top of his game. And this week is no different.

Last week he sent out an email asking bloggers to give their favorite in-person sports moments. So far has covered moments from the NBA, Professional Wrestling, the NFL and college hoops. Today’s installment was Major League Baseball and McD and I both had entries. We totally recommend you check out the entire series (especially what we had to say because let’s face it, we kick ass) because all the entries have been awesome and a lot of fun to read.

In our estimation, Jamie and Deadspin’s Will Leitch have, almost by themselves, taken sports blogging from pee wees to the big leagues. Their work has made it possible for the sports blogging community to actually have a voice that matters, and their linking efforts are the reason most blogs get any readership at all. We know without those two guys we wouldn’t be here and can’t thank them enough for their efforts.

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