Luke Walton Does Not Want Sloppy 87ths

April 12, 2007 – 11:02 am by Ryan Phillips

Earlier in the week, a story scared me to death. In fact, I was so afraid it might be true that I refused to even post on it. Go over to With Leather to read about it. Well, according to the Los Angeles Times, Luke Walton and Britney Spears are not dating.

Thank the freaking Lord.

I grew up with Luke, went to elementary school with him, was even in Ms. Richey’s home room with him, and I’ve been praying all week that this wasn’t true. He’s a good guy, and I wish nothing but the best for him. And frankly, I’d rather fall on a porcupine crotch first, than bang Britney Spears. I mean look at her.

A few years ago there was a rumor going around that Ms. Spears had a crush on him and that he was going to invite her to a game or something, so there seemed to be something to this whole hubbub. But, Walton quickly put the rumors to rest: “The rumors aren’t true. I’m sure Britney is a great person, but I don’t even know her. I have a girlfriend. I’m very happy with my relationship.”

Luke is apparently dating Bre Ladd, a former volleyball player at the University of Arizona, who happened to be sitting five seats down from Spears at one of the games she attended … awkward. Apparently, Ladd was amused at first but then got irritated. And Walton claims he’s been hearing from friends who haven’t called in years because of the situation.

Now who would do such a thing? Calling an old friend just because a rumor pops up about him. For shame people. What’s that? Oh. No, it’s none of your business what I’m doing with my cell phone. No you cannot see my recent calls list. Back off.

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  2. Britney Spears circa ’02 may have been acceptable

    By on Apr 13, 2007

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