Darn Those Rich Kids

April 19, 2007 – 4:35 pm by McD

Everything is coming up USC today. As if being an affluent, private school and football powerhouse in the middle of Los Angeles isn’t enough, now their basketball team has reached the level of happy distraction in the dead time between the bowl game and the spring game.

First, USC coach Tim Floyd lucked into O.J. Mayo and now he’s nailed down Master P’s kid (and one star recruit) Lil’ Romeo, er, Percy Miller Jr. too. Oh, and Romeo is bringing a highly touted recruit or two with him. It’s fairly obvious that four-star recruit Demar Derozan was USC’s real target, but it’s also obvious who the real big name of USC’s 2008 recruiting class is.

Is Floyd turning USC’s basketball program into a circus or what? The O.J. Mayo Show is only going to last for one season, but the light is going to shine very bright. Maybe Floyd figured the only way to compete with the football program consistently is to have some kind of big story going on every season. The sad part is that Mr. Miller won’t even be close to the richest kid on USC’s campus. But the real bad news is that Snoop Dogg’s kid Spanky is only like 11, so Pete Carroll and Tim Floyd are gonna have to wait.

Speaking of USC football, it’s raining quarterbacks in Watts these days. Former Arkansas player and Houston Nutt victim, Mitch Mustain, is headed to the Trojans. Mark Sanchez and his Vincent Chase hair aren’t going to stand for that!

Mustain going to USC doesn’t make very much sense. USC has several good quarterbacks behind starter John David Booty, who have already been in the system for a couple of years. Why not transfer to, say, Indiana, and be able to start right out of the gate in 2008? At least USC runs a modern offense, unlike Arkansas, who were running the single-wing for a lot of last year. But SC doesn’t run the hurry-up shotgun style that Mustain ran in high school and followed his prep coach to Arkansas to run again. There’s still time Mitch. IU would welcome you like a king. There’d be women, champagne, money, whatever you want…within NCAA rules, of course. What? It’s not like we’re Colorado or anything.

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  2. mustain who? we hoosiers will be fine losing with kellen lewis!

    By Anonymous on Apr 20, 2007

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