Bucs And Lions Swapping First Round Picks?

April 9, 2007 – 2:58 pm by Ryan Phillips

ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are leaning towards trading up to the No. 2 pick to get Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Apparently the Bucs, who currently hold the No. 4 pick, are concerned that other teams may try to jump ahead of them to snag Johnson, who is widely regarded as a sure-fire star and the draft’s top player. Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden is known to be enamored with Johnson and appears willing to do whatever it takes to draft him.

The Bucs have been trying everything possible to make sure the Raiders do indeed plan to take JaMarcus Russell at No. 1. If the Raiders trade for the Lions’ Josh McCown, which has been rumored, they could then take Johnson.

Tampa has been in constant contact with the Lions, who hold the No. 2 pick and are desperate to unload it for more picks. The Bucs have an extra second round pick as a result of dealing Anthony McFarland to the Colts last season. So in all likelihood, if this deal does go down, the Bucs would send the No. 4 pick, one of their two second round picks and a pick in next year’s draft (likely a 3rd rounder) for the Lions’ No. 2 pick.

Man, this would totally get Millen off the hook. Can’t you just feel that he wants to take Johnson at No. 2 but just can’t because that would be four receivers in the last five years in the first round. God, we’d love to see that, but there’s no way William Ford will let him do that. Although, we thought there was no way Ford would keep him around this long, so who knows what’s going on up there. We’re gonna go ahead and assume it involves a lot of LSD.

Chances that Millen pulls this move off and actually strengthens his club? We’re gonna put it at around 1 in 8. We think he’ll end up not working the deal out, he’ll be left confused, depressed and delusional. He’ll hit the bottle really hard and end up taking Brady Quinn to be his second quarterback of the future.

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  2. Personally, I think the Lions are really screwed here and Millen would love to get out of the second slot. and I do think he should take Quinn — http://bigblueview.com/story/2007/4/16/115141/315

    By Ed Valentine on Apr 16, 2007

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