A Look Back: The Cowherd Incident

April 9, 2007 – 12:11 am by Ryan Phillips

We’re celebrating what we consider to be our sixth month of full-time posting this week (a post about that is coming later) and what happened to the guys at The Big Lead last week infuriated us. We wanted to let some of the other voices out there have their say first before we got involved, and we think it’s time to say something. If you don’t know what happened to TBL because of Colin Cowherd, read about it here on Deadspin.

Colin Cowherd, or Schrutebag – as KSK has expertly deemed him – is a guy who likes his minor level of fame far too much. He did what he did to TBL because he could. He crashed what we think to be one of the better sites on the Internet, not just the blogosphere, and we’re none to happy about it. When I called McD, who was off last week and enjoying San Diego, and told him what had happened, the only thing he could say was, “Shocked and appalled.” That pretty much sums it up.

Like I said we’ve been around for about six months and we know that without the guys at TBL and Deadspin, we wouldn’t be here. We certainly wouldn’t have any discernible level of readership and this would be a lot less fun. We owe a lot to them and we consider them part of our extended family online.

Mr. Cowherd, when you messed with our family, you messed with us. I believe most bloggers feel the same way we do and I get the feeling every time Schrutebag slips up, we’ll all be there to jump on it. Everyone we know has already agreed to boycott the show, we’ve written two emails to ESPN as well as one to Cowherd himself (we don’t expect to hear back).

All we can say is we fully support the guys at The Big Lead, and are glad they are back up and running. Those guys consistently kick ass on the highest level, and we can only hope this incident brought them more readership and leads to even more success. Good luck guys, we’re with you.

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