Will It Demand To Cook Someone Else’s Steaks Every Winter?

March 21, 2007 – 5:50 am by Ryan Phillips

On a slow news day, this story gave me a headache. Manny Ramirez, you know the guy who makes $20 million a year, is auctioning off his fancy JENN-AIR grill on eBay. The bidding has not reached $20,201 and continues to climb. I think I’m gonna be sick again.

So this begs the question: how much would you pay to grill a steak on Manny Ramirez’s grill. Uh, well let’s see, how much does a good piece of meat cost? Let’s say $10. Um, well then I’d pay $10.

Who gives a shit who owned the grill before me? In fact, wouldn’t it be nicer to get a new grill? Forget Manny, I’m pissed at the people who are bidding on this thing. We should all inherently have a gene that makes us refuse to give large sums of money to incredibly wealthy people. Anyone who doesn’t have that gene should be left out in the wild shortly after birth.

Anyway, Manny claims he originally spent $4,000 on the grill, only used it once and will even include an autographed baseball with the order. If you want to throw yourself into the bidding go here.

Oh and just so you know, you’re also going to have to throw in $70 for shipping.

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