The Yankees Will Not Extend A-Rod’s Contract

March 22, 2007 – 5:54 am by Ryan Phillips

The AP released a story last night saying the Yankees don’t plan on extending the monstrous contract Alex Rodriguez is currently enjoying. A-Rod has the choice to opt out of the deal at the end of the season, but he’d be insane if he did, since he’s owed the GDP of Sweden over the next four years. He is owed $27 million in each remaining year of the deal. The Yankees owe him $50.7 million and the Rangers owe $30.3 million, including $9 million in deferred money.

Brian Cashman tried to be diplomatic: “Alex has a significant contract. The most significant in baseball history. He has a decision to make. It’s his contract. It’s a right he’s earned. If he exercises it, he’s a free agent. If he doesn’t he’s not. We’d love to have him stay.”

Yeah, I’m sure they’d love to have him stay, considering every report out of Yankee-camp is something about how he and Jeter just looked at each other the wrong way. This A-Rod thing has to be such a headache for Cashman and everyone involved. Look, he’s the second best player in baseball right now (as long as it’s not a clutch situation) but he can’t be worth the media scrutiny and lack of results that have come so far. Seriously, it has to suck.

Then again, these are the Yankees we’re talking about, so screw them.
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