Millen, Lions About To Do It Again

March 14, 2007 – 6:49 am by Ryan Phillips

Somehow, Matt Millen still has a job. It baffles pretty much everyone involved with sports on any level, but the man still has a job.

That said, it’s been a productive offseason for the Lions and their embattled general manager. They added two running backs in Tatum Bell and T.J. Duckett, a solid offensive tackle in George Foster and shored up the defensive line by signing Tampa Bay’s Dewayne White.

So we started thinking maybe Millen is on a roll, finally coming into his own or simply not making moves after a night of coke and jager-bombs. Then we read an amusing item today from ESPN’s resident NFL Draft guru, Todd McShay.
Apparently Millen and the Lions brass aren’t sold on offensive lineman Joe Thomas at the No. 2 pick because “his arms aren’t the ideal length for an NFL tackle,” and Detroit is now seriously considering taking Brady Quinn with the pick.

OK, can we just put this out there for all the NFL executives we know read this blog: Guys, you want to know how to tell if a player is good or not? WATCH THE GAME FILM!!!

Christ people. He doesn’t have long enough arms? That’s all you can come up with? Let’s ask all of the defensive lineman he faced in college about that … Oh right, they’re all still recovering. Thomas and Calvin Johnson are universally regarded as the only sure things in this draft, whereas with Mr. Quinn, well we don’t need to tell you what we think of his abilities (or lack thereof).

I don’t care what you think Quinn’s hermetically sealed workout at Notre Dame’s indoor practice facility told you, he’s not worthy of the No. 2 pick. The fact that the kid completed some passes in a t-shirt, tennis shoes and shorts, with no defense around, in a pre-scripted situation means absolutely nothing. Hell, two years ago scouts raved about how great Aaron Rogers’ workout was. Nevermind the fact that he never threw a pass longer than five yards in college.

Here’s the long and the short of it. The Lions are a bad team. They won’t get better because of one draft and a few good decisions in free agency, so they need to unload this pick and let someone else make the “Quinn mistake.”

They did this song and dance in 2002 when they took Joey Harrington with the No. 3 pick. My only explanation is that it went so well the first time, Millen wants to do it again.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Millen, Lions About To Do It Again”

  2. Oh sweet Jesus I saw that on the blog too. I swear to God, Matt Millen has no penis. If a team has a great O-Line, even a shitty QB can play decent. If a team has a shitty O-Line, even a great QB plays like hell. If they draft that ninny Brady Quinn, I am picking another team. Can we burn some torches, grab some pitch forks and march to Millen’s house?

    By Kid Keith on Mar 14, 2007

  3. The Lions are not going to draft Brady Quinn, despite what some draft analyst “thinks” and “has heard.” Having said that, it’s Matt Millen, so, yeah, I guess maybe Quinn WILL be a Lion. In fact, what the fuck am I talking about? THIS IS MATT MILLEN! Of course Quinn will be a Lion!

    By Brian on Mar 14, 2007

  4. As a die hard Broncos fan, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that George Foster is quite possibly one of the most inept offensive lineman playing today. If they gave gold stars for every play where an offensive lineman harmlessly punches a defensive player in the back as said defensive player makes his way unabated towards the quarterback; George Foster’s worthless fat ass would be solid gold.

    As for Tatum Bell, if you are a team looking for a RB who will run head first in to his offensive lineman on 9 consecutive plays before popping out a long gain (and subsequently fumbling on the same play), he’s your man. If I was the coach and my team was facing a fourth and goal from the one, and my two choices were Tatum Bell and a Wet Nap, I would go with the Wet Nap.

    Thanks for the second shut down corner Mr. Millen. Enjoy the two sacks of crap you got in return. Viva.

    By A.R. on Mar 14, 2007

  5. Hey a.r. don’t be so quick to run T. Bell out of Denver. Check out your new RB’s 2002 stat line: 11 total fumbles and 8 lost fumbles. All in one year!

    By Anonymous on Mar 14, 2007

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