Quinn’s Stock Dropping?

February 14, 2007 – 4:00 am by Ryan Phillips

Scouts Inc. NFL draft guru Todd McShay’s most recent column (for you non-ESPN insiders) lists the combine participants with the most at stake. No.1 on that is everybody’s favorite over-hyped quarterback, Brady Quinn.

McShay says that after losing his final two games – blowout losses to LSU and USC in big games – and opting out of the Senior Bowl, NFL teams are taking a second look at Quinn. LSU’s JaMarcus Russell has taken over the top spot on almost everybody’s NFL draft boards. If Quinn decided, as expected, to opt out of some of the combine drills next week, it could make matters worse.

Hmmm Brady Quinn on a big stage, having to perform well to make us all believe the mountain of hype surrounding him. I wonder how he’ll do? Maybe this or this will give you some insight into what to expect.

Let’s face it, Quinn isn’t exactly the guy you want in charge with something on the line. When you need him, the guy is harder to find than Jimmy Hoffa. Seriously, you’d have an easier time locating the missing Watergate tapes than footage of Brady stepping up in the clutch.

On the bright side, he has his own creepy fan site whose patrons are ripe for some serious ridicule. What are the odds these people get together and drink some poisoned Kool-Aid if he falls out of the top 10?

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  1. 19 Responses to “Quinn’s Stock Dropping?”

  2. Quit being such a hater.

    By Anonymous on Feb 14, 2007

  3. I’m not sold on QUinn either, but when you look at the other QB talent available this year, it’s not all that unrealistic to have him among the top prospects.

    Mel Kiper has MSU’s Drew Stanton at #3 for QBs. ‘Nuff said.

    By Dan on Feb 14, 2007

  4. Quinn is very much overrated. He pumps up his stats against Navy, Stanford, and North Carolina.

    By Purdue Matt on Feb 14, 2007

  5. and purdue

    By urban4prez on Feb 14, 2007

  6. Please see last minute drives orchestrated to perfection by Brady Quinn: USC ’05; Stanford ’05; and UCLA ’06. Also see 2nd half of MSU ’06 where BQ needed to play flawlessly to mount the ridiculous comeback and did.

    You can go ahead and bash Quinn and his team for getting taken to the woodshed three times this year but don’t overlook the evidence that BQ can (and has) played quite well under pressure.

    Moreover, almost all good QB’s look quite terrible when their OL can’t block and/or when the other team is way ahead and absolutely knows a pass attempt is forthcoming.

    By Will on Feb 14, 2007

  7. “Seriously, you’d have an easier time locating the missing Watergate tapes than footage of Brady stepping up in the clutch.”

    Hello ADD sport fan. In the ‘what have you done for me lately?’ world we live in, its refreshing to see someone so brazenly file themselves in with that taboo crowd. Sure it was back in 2005, but Quinn did play an amazing game against USC, and score the go ahead (and would be game winning) touchdown. If his DBs make a play on the ball, or the refs call Reggie for the push, maybe Quinn’s legacy isn’t as gloomy as it is today.

    By William on Feb 14, 2007

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    By Anonymous on Feb 14, 2007

  9. Doubt his stock will drop more than Leinart’s did.

    Will his stock drop quicker than the rent payments from the Bush family?

    By Clashmore on Feb 14, 2007

  10. Back on September 2nd of last year was the first time that I got a good glimpse of the over-rated Brady Quinn. It was Week 1 and I was rooting on my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets to defeat the Fighting Irish, whom I’ve always hated (sorry, I hate any team not in the southeast). Since Reggie Ball has NO skills, GT was unable to do anything. The only reason they had a chance to hang with Notre Dame was because of the outstanding play of Calvin Johnson and the terrible arm of Brady Quinn. Brady Quinn missed an open Jeff Samardzija countless times. He couldn’t even complete a couple of dump off passes to him when he was wide open out in the flat. I think I remember one of the touchdowns had Samardzija having to make a great play on a terrible pass. Quinn was aweful in the 14-10 Notre Dame win. Immediately after the game, idiot Lou Holtz was already talking Heisman for the skill-less Quinn. WHAT WAS HE TALKING ABOUT? HEISMAN? DID HE JUST WATCH THE SAME GAME I DID? I couldn’t watch Holtz or Fighting Irish highlights for the rest of the year so that I wouldn’t have an aneurysm. QUINN IS TERRIBLE!

    By Anonymous on Feb 14, 2007

  11. If you take out games Notre Dame played against Stanford and the Service Academies, Brady Quinn’s record is 18-17. Having just above a .500 record, especially when their schedule includes Michigan State and Purdue every year (and both teams have sucked the last few years), doesn’t speak well for his skill set.

    By Anonymous on Feb 14, 2007

  12. For those pointing out BQ’s success vs. USC in ’05, do you honestly believe his success in that game justified his rediculous hype this year and originally being placed as the #1 player in the draft?

    I’m not going to say BQ “never” played well under pressure, because those are the types of generalities spouted by the idiots on ESPN. However, there is NO WAY any non-Notre Dame fan could think his Heisman hype and #1 projected pick status were justified after his play this year.

    BG got run over by OSU in the ’06 Bowl Game, destroyed by a Michigan defense that was later exposed by OSU and USC, and then devoured by USC and LSU. The LSU game, in particular, was enlightening because LSU’s defense is the most like the athletic players BQ will face in the pros.

    Simply put, it’s a lousy year for QBs in the draft. The Raiders absolutely screwed themselves by not taking Leinart or Cutler last year, and now they’re going to end up with jeMarcus Russel, who is talented but by no means a sure thing.

    As for BQ? Sure, he’s the #2 QB (mostly because Drew STanton is a joke), but I still wouldn’t draft him in the first half of the first round.

    By Rob on Feb 14, 2007

  13. Just to update the stat: in the games Quinn played in during his Notre Dame career, his record against teams other than BYU, Stanford and the service academies ended up being 18-19. He also never beat SC and never won a bowl game. Which means either he was way over-hyped or his team was. I tend to think it’s somewhere in the middle.

    By Phillips on Feb 14, 2007

  14. urban4prez…as a card-carrying Purdue hater, your comment made me laugh out loud.

    And as a Dolphins fan, seeing Quinn projected to Miami makes me feel about as excited as when we signed Joey Harrington. Not much.

    Quinn is overhyped, overrated, and will be overmatched in the NFL. Just because it’s a weak QB crop doesn’t mean you have to waste a high-pick and pay top $$$ to someone who won’t make you appreciably better as a team. So please Dolphins, do the right thing and pass on Quinn if he falls that far. We have enough holes to fill.


    By Jock Jarrelson on Feb 14, 2007

  15. Please stop with the team record stuff. Cutler had an awful team record when he played at Vanderbilt. For that matter, Rivers’ record at NC State wasn’t particularly impressive. It’s college. What matters for these guys is not their team’s record against other 20-year-olds. It’s how tall they are, how far/fast they can throw a ball, and how well they’ve learned little fundamentals like stepping up in the pocket and holding the ball behind their ear. Quinn measures very well in those categories, so he’s a top ten pick. You want a guy with a good team record? Go find Jason White.

    By Anonymous on Feb 14, 2007

  16. It’s not just the team’s record, it’s the fact that Quinn never seemed to rise to the occaision and have a game that made him worthy of all the hype he received. We just find it odd that a guy who’s never really won anything or had a great big game performance, got so much press.

    Does he have good measureables? Sure. Here are some other guys who had great measureables: Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller, Ryan Leaf, etc. Football isn’t played in a vaccuum where the most talented guy does the best. The mental side of the game is just as, if not more important. And a guy who has “big game” issues doesn’t score highly in the mental department with me.

    By Phillips on Feb 14, 2007

  17. Brady Quinn is so overrated. How could he not win more big games with that sweet O-line and top-level defense.
    As far as overrated goes, I love how the LSU kid’s stock is so high with the “experts” after beating up on Notre Dame’s defense on national TV. How impressive.
    Remember how good Troy Smith looked against Notre Dame’s defense? And then Florida came along . . .

    By Anonymous on Feb 15, 2007

  18. Brady Quinn never made a play on defense in all his years at Notre Dame. Is it his fault that with no dominant running back and one (maybe one and a half) good receivers each year he couldn’t pull off upsets of really good or truly great teams?

    Willingham recruited about 4 exceptional football players in his tenure as head coach at ND. He forgot that you start with a nasty defense, have flawless special teams players, and then build an offense around it.

    So, Brady Quinn missed an open Jeff Samardzija against GT. Did Jeff S. ever drop a ball thrown by Brady that hit him right in the numbers or hands. McNight? Stovall? Did Darius Walker sometimes not hit the hole his offensive line made for him? Not one of these players ever played a down on defense. The fact that ND was even in some of the losses mentioned by others is a testament to how good Brady Quinn probably is.

    His offensive line was adequate, but never great. I think it remains to be seen what he is actually capable of at the NFL level. I mean draft day means nothing except dollar signs. Joe Montana was drafted in the third round and he won four Super Bowls. Granted, he was not over-hyped as Brady was, but that was because he was not as far along in his development, and also, he played for an ND team that was a national champion. So, in the end, who overhypes Brady Quinn? The same people who are overhyping how bad he is before he ever takes a snap in the NFL.

    I hope Brady Quinn falls deep into the first round and goes to a team that is actually good right now–solid running back and a stingy defense. That way he won’t have to play right off the bat and can hopefully learn from a good offensive coordinator and veteran QB.

    You never know, but I would guess that he won’t turn into the next Ryan Leaf.

    By A.J. Hawk on Feb 15, 2007

  19. Yeah, Rivers’ record at NC State wasn’t particularly impressive — he’s only the winningest college QB of all-time. What’s impressive about that?

    By Tom on Feb 15, 2007

  20. Wow Tom, the most wins in NC State history, I’m so impressed.

    By Anonymous on Feb 15, 2007

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