Houston Has A Problem

February 22, 2007 – 12:57 am by Ryan Phillips

Rumors are running rampant that the Houston Texans are fed up with David Carr and are furiously looking for a new quarterback. And according to Pro Football Weekly, No. 1 on their wish list is Jake Plummer.

OK people, it’s officially intervention time in Houston.

When they hired Dom Capers to coach the team, it was amusing, when they passed up Reggie Bush for Mario Williams, it was hilarious but this … this is just sad.

I realize David Carr has had a rough time in his five-year career, but that tends to happen to quarterbacks who are forced to run for their lives constantly. The Texans’ O-line opens up wider than Paris Hilton’s legs after 3 mojitos. He was sacked 41 times in 2006, and that was an improvement over the previous few seasons. Since he’s been there, that sieve the Texans call an offensive line has given up 49.8 sacks per year, or roughly 3.3 per game. I’m surpirsed Carr is sane at this point, let alone able to play football.
For a taste of what it’s like to be David Carr go here. (Sorry for the lame, long ad at the beginning, just wait, it’s worth it.)
The sad part is, Carr’s career numbers aren’t that bad.
He had a career best 68.3% completion percentage in 2006, and maybe with the No.8 pick in the draft, management could get him some help. Like maybe Adrian Peterson (they’d probably need to trade up to get him) or Penn State offensive tackle Levi Brown. Building an offensive line or running game? What a freaking novel concept.

So rather than work with their 27-year-old quarterback, Gary Kubiak and GM Rick Smith have targeted Jake Plummer as the solution to all their problems. Sigh, can someone get my medication please?

Let’s look at the numbers:
2006 QB ratings: Carr 81.2, Plummer 68.8.
Career rating: Carr 75.5, Plummer 74.6.
Career completion percentage: Carr 60.0%, Plummer 57.1%
Franchises left completely disappointed: Carr 1, Plummer 2.

Only in the Texans’ front office could those numbers add up to Plummer > Carr. What is going on over there, seriously? Have they ever actually watched a football game? I don’t get it. Look, if you want your quarterback to play well, get him some weapons. We like Andre Johnson, but he can’t get it done by himself. First, get a running back and an offensive line, and if Carr can’t get it done then, maybe we can talk. Until then, stick with him because if Jake Plummer is the best you can do, you’ve got serious problems.

Then again, this is the Texans, we shouldn’t expect anything less than mind-boggling.
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  1. 5 Responses to “Houston Has A Problem”

  2. The only way you can make sense of it is to view it as a “mercy trade.” See, they actually like David Carr in Houston. They want to see him do well. They want to see him live into his 70’s without the aid of an iron lung. They know that this will never happen unless they let him go to another team. Jake Plummer, on the other hand, has a hideous moustache. He’s expendable.

    By Nick on Feb 22, 2007

  3. David Carr will not throw the ball unless he is guaranteed a completion. That’s why he has so many sacks and such a good QB rating. He’s worse than Bledsoe in that department. The Texans offensive line improves miraculously when the backup QB, the illustrious Sage Rosenfels, enters the game. Carr sucks. I don’t think Plummer is the answer, though. The perfect QB for that line is Vince Young.

    By Anonymous on Feb 22, 2007

  4. Bravo. You two have managed to sum up exactly my feelings as a Texans season ticket holder since the beginning.

    Imagine my shock when I read on the Houston Chronicle website that allegedly the trade rumor du jour involved the Broncos sending Plummer, Tatum Bell, and their 21st pick for the Texans 8th round pick. How about using your first round pick on an offensive lineman, which has NEVER OCCURRED IN FRANCHISE HISTORY.

    I know that Kubiak is in charge now, and I definately think that’s an upgrade over Dom Capers (whose offensive sequence consisted of HB Dive, FB Dive, Long Pass, Punt), but why Plummer? Besides I was always under the impression that those Broncos teams were great because of their offensive linemen. Which last time I checked, the cupboard was bare. DAMN YOU, TONY BOSELLI!!!

    At least I can take solace in another second place NL Central season from the Astros….

    By El Pavo on Feb 22, 2007

  5. Hey buddy…you ought to watch a few games before you start posting articles like this.

    Yea, anyone can go to NFL.com, look at some stats and say to themselves “hey this guy is better than that guy because he has a higher completion percentage”.

    All the guy does is throw a 4 yard completion or get sacked. Over his career he has probably thrown over the middle fo the field 10-20 times. In 5 years! Watch the guy play before you start putting out these articles.

    The fact is the guy holds on the the ball way to long…then fumbles it. If you are so good at looking up stats how about looking up some of these stats: 16 fumbles last year and 68 (Yes I repeat 68) over the last 5 years. He still has trouble taking the ball off the centers butt in his 5th year as a NFL starter. Last year he threw 12 interceptions and 11 touchdowns. That’s a great ratio don’t you think.

    My point is…do some research before you write these things for god sakes. If you think Carr is a good quarterback maybe you should think about getting a new job.

    By Anonymous on Feb 25, 2007

  6. I never said Carr was a great quarterback, just said his numbers weren’t horrible. I’m simply saying that if Jake Plummer is your other choice take Carr 100% of the time. At least he might get better. Plummer sucks and won’t improve at all.

    By Phillips on Feb 27, 2007

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