The Inagural 2007 Rumors and Rants College Football National Champions

January 9, 2007 – 9:12 am by Ryan Phillips

While watching the best argument for a playoff in college football last night (otherwise known as the BCS National Championship game) someone mentioned to me that if Florida won they might not even win the AP’s National Title. That got me thinking, if so many different media outlets vote for their pick as college football’s national champion, why not us? Sure we’re just a small blog trying to carve out our spot here on the good old internets, but we sometimes know what we’re talking about, we’ve watched tons of college football and we’re certainly opinionated on the subject. So with that in mind, after Florida’s trouncing of Ohio State, I called up McD and asked for his vote (I also called The Baker, but he’s apparently fallen off the face of the earth. An “Amber-Alert” has since been issued).

So with only two voters, there was the chance of a tie or “co-champion,” which is never satisfying. Then I remembered that I run this damn site, I started it, so dang-it, my vote counts for two.

So without further ado I give you the voting for the first ever Rumors and Rants College Football National Championship (First Place Votes In Parenthesis):

1. Boise State (2)
2. Florida (1)
3. USC
4. LSU
5. Ohio State (Last night’s showing ruined them for us)
6. Wisconsin
7. Louisville
8. Michigan
9. West Virginia
10. Auburn

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, your 2007 college football national champions, The Boise State Broncos.

Here’s why our voters (i.e. me) picked them, and I think you’ll find it really hard to argue with their logic:
1.) They’re the only team in Division 1 to finish undefeated.
2.) Boise State won a BCS game in Glendale (just like Florida).
3.) It’s impossible to argue against a team who successfully executed a 50-yard “hook-and-ladder”on fourth-and-18, a halfback pass on fourth-and-goal in overtime, and a “Statue of Liberty” play to win it.
4.) No one on Florida had the balls to throw in a proposal to his girlfriend (who happened to be a cheerleader) after that other bowl game.
5.) The Broncos played in the best bowl game, were fun to watch and their opponent actually showed up to play. Apparently in Columbus a hangover can last 51 days. Who knew?
6.) No one claimed that Boise didn’t deserve to be in their bowl game.
7.) They play on blue turf.
8.) I really want the hordes of Florida fans, who think they did anything but prove that the BCS is a flawed system, to yell at me.
9.) Boise State’s coach, Chris Petersen, has the best winning percentage in the history of the NCAA … go ahead look it up, I’m right.
10.) And finally, the Broncos didn’t lose to Auburn. In fact, they didn’t lose to anyone. The Gators did. Period. End of discussion.

The Broncos didn’t win the BCS title, or any other national title that we’re aware of, but they won the only one that matters, ours. So we hope Urban and the Gators enjoy their lame little crystal ball, the real national title will reside in Boise, Idaho.

If you think this is just a big joke, you’re wrong. We’re actually going to get a trophy made up and everything, then send it to Boise State’s Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier. Stay tuned to the site for updates on what happens with that. We’re looking at designs and plan to send out the trophy within the next few weeks.

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  2. Yes, the Buckeyes shat the bed last night. But it was no worse than USC did against UCLA. And they didn’t have a 51-day layoff before that utter disassembly at the hands of a run-of-the-mill Pac-10 team.

    By Anonymous on Jan 9, 2007

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